Benchwheel dual 1800w & 1000w electric skateboards review

Today I will be reviewing two offerings from Benchwheel. They have a diverse line up of esk8’s and seem to be trying to hit the market from every angle to satisfy each customer’s needs.

This means that you can definitely find what you like from their line up. For example, some individuals would like an esk8 that is easier to carry around, more nimble and easy to store.

The Benchwheel penny would do well to satisfy those needs.

In the paragraphs below I will go into more depth about the strengths and weaknesses of some of the Benchwheel esk8’s, what else they offer as a brand and guide you into getting the best esk8 for your requirements.

Something for everyone: Benchwheel electric skateboards

Benchwheel currently has 3 esk8s available in their line up. A short board setup and 2 longboards that vary in shape and size.

The two longboards use the same wheels, trucks, battery, and motors but their deck are different. One has round edges and the other has large wheel cutouts. These changes are mostly cosmetic and it’s really up to you to decide the shape, you want (I think the Benchwheel B2 is pretty cool).

The benchwheel penny board is really nice and unique. Its have the size of the other two longboards and offers a lot of other advantages that they do not. I go into it in depth below.

 Benchwheel Penny Board 1000W Electric Skateboard 

Now, this, in my opinion, is the perfect esk8 for endpoint mobility. It is small so you can store it anywhere you go, be it under tables, desk or between your legs on a bus. It is nimble so you can maneuver between people really easily. Let’s take it apart and see how it performs:

The setup – Weighing only 4.8kg. This board is on the lighter side of most esk8s. Making it easy on the muscles when you have to carry it around.

The deck – Made from bamboo and maple, it will be lightweight and not super stiff. It will not provide a lot of dampening but it will still be kind to your feet. The deck also has a small kicktail so you can use it to turn or kick the board up to hold it.

Battery pack – As expected a small board such as this has a modest mileage of 7 miles, with the battery charging in only 1.5hrs. This enough to quickly zip you across town, from your office to your bus stop and probably enough juice to get you back home.

Motor – The motor is fortunately brushless. This means you can push the board and the motors won’t have any resistance. It will freeroll like a normal skateboard, so if you run out of battery you can push it easily to get where you need to go. Brushless motors also mean smooth acceleration, which is necessary for a board of this size.

Wheels – They are 80mm tall and 78a hard. Wheels like this will roll over cracks, twigs, pebbles you name it, and paired with the soft 78a formula, they will absorb a lot of road vibration to produce a really comfortable ride.

The wireless remote – It is simple to use and lasts a whole week on a single charge. It has two-speed settings for energy saving and speed.

However it does not indicate how much battery you will have left on the esk8, this could catch you off-guard and leave you in a bad spot. You have to look at the battery itself for that.

Check its price,  pictures and reviews on here.

Rewarding for those who can handle it:

  1. The small wheelbase means you will be able to take tighter turns and your trucks will be more reactive to your input. It means you can skate on sidewalks and dodge people comfortably, this is for the best cause it keeps you off the road away from cars.
  2. If you can learn to handle it, it’s the best choice for mobility.
  3. It is also a great present for kids. Huge longboards would be difficult to handle and turn, but this one will work just fine.

Not beginner friendly:

  1. However, that being said some disadvantages include it having a short wheelbase. Though it has a maximum top speed of 15.5mph. Not everyone will feel comfortable at those speeds and some people will wobble – pro tip keep most of your weight on your front leg, wobbles come from lack of balance + too much weight at the back.
  2. Even experienced skaters could find it to be a bit of a challenge, someone who has never skated will definitely be spooked. You will get used to it, but that will take some time and determination.

Benchwheel Dual 1800w Electric Skateboard C2 

This is the standard esk8 by Benchwheel. This is for those who don’t mind something big (or the standard industry size) and want something strong, stable and that has great braking and acceleration.

This board is all about straight line speed and is acceptable for longer distances. It uses the same wheels and remote as the Penny so you can read more about them in its review.

Let’s break it down and see what makes it good:

The deck – Made from a bamboo and fiber-glass mix, this board is going to be light but also stiff thanks to the use of fiber-glass. This reduces the board’s total weight and it comes to 6.8kg in total.

Battery pack – The bigger battery allows for mileage of 12miles. You can go further and use it multiple times without charging. Though this means it takes 3hrs to fully charge it.

The esk8 also has regenerative braking so you can recover some energy as you go downhill or slow down.

The motors – Using two brushless motors on each wheel producing 1800w. You get a max speed of 18.6mph and smooth but fast acceleration. The brushless motors are very efficient and only use the power they need to overcome resistance.

The two motors will allow for enough to torque to climb hills and carry momentum through.

Check its price,  pictures and reviews on here.

Beginner friendly and easy to use:

  1. Given how long it is, this board is very suited towards beginners. Its length and width add to its stability so you can go very fast and feel stable. The motors also allow smooth acceleration so it will not jerk to a start as other esk8’s will.
  2. Its cost effective and gives other more expensive brands like Boosted good competition. It will outperform the Boosted and even uses some similar parts.

The parts may not last:

  1. A lot of feedback from buyers is that the parts give out or cause problems after a few months of riding. This is an issue of durability but it affects only a handful of buyers.
  2. The trucks used aren’t the best and if you are heavy they may bend with time.

Which one will you get?

I think Benchwheel has done well. Each esk8 compensates for the other’s weaknesses. so if you don’t like the one you can get the other. Or if your wallet is big enough you can get both and have a quiver that cannot fail you.

Personally, I would love the penny, but if you want something stable and aren’t worried about maneuverability, the longboards should do fine.

William Thaddeus Baker

My name is William and I’m boardsports enthusiast. I’ve been skateboarding streets since I was about 9. Also I’ve experimented with longboarding & downhill. As to this site my goal is to help beginner riders to find the right equipment. Everything that I write here is my own opinion…