20 Best Longboards for Cruising in 2021 & Buying Guide

Longboarding has evolved to include several niche styles, all expressions of a rider’s unique search for self-expression. Downhill speedsters and free-ride sliders do their thing but, for some, the enduring theme is simply to cruise. This list of the best longboards for cruising is for the latter type of rider.

Whether you want to ride just for fun or you are looking to turn and carve on your way from point A to point B, a cruiser longboard has much to offer. Typically set up to allow for maximum lean rather than maximum speed, these boards offer a more laid-back approach to longboarding. Make no mistake, though, some of these completes can hang with the fastest longboards on the market. And some of them are ready for the worst most riders will ever dish out.

20. Arbor Pocket Rocket

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The Arbor Pocket Rocket is a purpose-built cruiser and a work of art at once. It is 7-ply maple with a premium top layer, which Arbor’s clear, spray-on grip allows to shine through. The board is 7.75 inches wide and 26 inches long with a 14-inch wheelbase, and Arbor gets the wood for the deck from sustainable resources. The Pocket Rocket has a kicktail that makes carving fun, and small ollies up and down curbs are possible.  

The Paris Street trucks on the Pocket Rocket are 108mm wide with a conventional kingpin design. They have a higher profile than a typical cruiser truck, practically eliminating the need for risers. The urethane bushings are soft and pliable, making for a smooth carve, but lacking the ability to make tight for high-speed runs.

The Pocket Rocket gets Arbor’s Bogart Series wheels, which are part of the company’s Sucrose Initiative renewable-resource product line. They are 61mm and 78a, with a 36mm contact patch, and are offset by 2.5mm. They are made to slide if pushed, but they also have a fair amount of grip for carving. The Arbor ABEC 5 bearings break in nicely, gaining speed over time. They are nothing special, but will provide all the speed most cruiser board riders will ever need or want.

What's To Like?

  • The Artisan-quality deck looks great and rides well
  • Name-brand trucks give a professional feel
  • Arbor wheels are smooth and fast

What's NOT To Like?

  • Spray-on grip will require re-application eventually
  • Bearings are little more than sufficient 

19. Sector 9 Bamboo Lookout Drop-through

sector9 bamboo lookout longboard

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The Sector 9 Lookout is 41.125 inches long and 9.6 inches wide with a 31-inch wheelbase, and is a drop-through design. Sector 9 uses a vertical lamination process for the bamboo layers to produce an artisan-quality look, which the clear grip tape reveals. The bamboo allows some flex, but is strong and resilient. Drop-through designs have no tail, but what they lack in maneuverability they make up for in stability at speed, because the rider is closer to the ground than on conventional top mounts. The taco mold concave is pronounced, locking the rider’s feet into place.

The Gullwing Charger trucks on the Lookout are 10 inches wide and have a reverse-kingpin design. They are designed specifically for cruising, unlike some trucks included with drop-through completes. They have soft bushings, which allow for fast cuts and digging carves. Gullwing has been a respected truck manufacturer since the early 1980s.

The wheels are Sector 9’s Top Shelf urethane wheels, with a 74mm height and 78a durometer. They are smooth and grippy, but they will slide if coaxed. The PDP ABEC-5 bearings are Sector 9’s typical included bearing on completes. They are not terrible, but are lackluster. With an upgrade, this setup can keep up with anything on the street. Sector 9’s ABEC 9 bearings are a marked improvement. Check their current prices on Amazon here.

What's To Like?

  • Bamboo top and bottom are attractive and functional
  • Gullwing trucks are responsive, professional equipment
  • Top Shelf wheels are aptly named, soft yet fast

What's NOT To Like?

  • Having no kicktail eliminates a lot of tricks and riding styles
  • PDP bearings are low grade for such a high-quality setup

18. Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail

yocaher punked pintail

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Yocaher’s Punked Pintail utilizes 9-ply maple construction. It is 40 inches long and 9 inches wide, with a 27-inch wheelbase. The pintail shape is a classic in longboarding, and it mimics the shape of surfboards. It lends itself to long, languid carves more than aggressive slashing and sliding, though it is capable of those techniques. Concave is practically nonexistent on this board.

The Yocaher trucks are utilitarian, but functional. The hangers are 180mm wide, and have somewhat hard bushings that detract from the setup’s maneuverability. The reverse-kingpin design does make for a stable ride, though not the most durable,these trucks will suffice for all but the most aggressive riders.

Yocaher’s Q-Ball wheels are 74mm tall and 52mm wide with a 78a durometer. Though they are not as smooth and fast as some high-end wheels, they are serviceable. The bearings on this Yocaher are a different story, though. Slow upon arrival, they break in inconsistently. Some may become faster, while others will get slower. A bearing upgrade will bring this complete to life.

What's To Like?

  • Pintail shape is a classic, easy-to-learn-on design
  • Cutaways placed to allow more lean angle without wheel bite
  • Flat decks sometimes are better for beginning riders

What's NOT To Like?

  • Requires a bearing upgrade sooner rather than later
  • Industrial-grade trucks lack the feel of precision, pro-grade trucks

17. Gold Coast Bamboo Pintail

goldcoast bamboo longboard

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The Gold Coast Bamboo Pintail is large at 44 inches long and 10 inches wide and has a 26-inch wheelbase. Its length makes it well-suited for commuting and straight-line cruising, but it will not maneuver like its smaller competition. The bamboo layers give it a fair amount of flex, but nothing over the top thanks to its five maple layers. There is a tail, though with no kick, allowing for wheelies and slashing.

The Century trucks on the Gold Coast completes are 179mm reverse-kingpin trucks with 93a bushings, and are responsive and well-engineered. The responsiveness is in part due to quality bushings, which all easy turns but snap back quickly. Century is Gold Coast’s in-house truck, but it handle as well as most aftermarket trucks.  

The Shred Boots wheels are Gold Coast’s most popular design. They are 70mm tall and have a 47.25mm contact patch. At 85a, they are harder than most longboard wheels. Their hardness and their rounded edges lend themselves to massive, barking slides. The ABEC 7 bearings are faster than those usually found on a typical beginner’s cruiser, but they are by no means fast. An upgrade will make the Gold Coast nearly flawless.

What's To Like?

  • Large size and pintail shape go together in that classic, surfy way
  • The extended tail makes this pintail more maneuverable than competitors without that feature
  • Trucks are a hit, unusually well-designed and executed for an in-house truck

What's NOT To Like?

  • Better bearings would be expected on a top-tier longboard
  • A lack of real concave is curious, but some genuinely prefer the flatter shape

16. Landyachtz Maple Chief

Landyachtz Maple Chief Longboard

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The Landyachtz Maple Chief may be a goldilocks shape for some riders. It is 36 inches long and 8.75 inches wide, with a 26.5-inch wheelbase. It is a cambered, rocker deck, meaning it curves downward slightly along its length. This design flexes quite a bit, but its seven plies of maple give it good strength. The Maple Chief is one of the most maneuverable cruisers on this list.

The Bear Grizzly 852 trucks on the Maple Chief are an all-around performer on the street. They are reverse-kingpin trucks with 8.5-inch hangers and 52-degree baseplates. This configuration makes for an agile truck, which will carve and slash as well as anything else on this list.

The Hawgs wheels are 69mm tall with a 78a durometer. They are smooth rolling and fast, with a marked tendency to grip the pavement thanks to pronounced lips on their edges. The ABEC-7 Bear Space Balls bearings are smooth as well, though their built-in spacers are an unnecessary complication that faded out of skateboarding a generation ago. No need for an upgrade right away, but a complete swap out will be required if new spacers are to be used.

What's To Like?

  • Sleek, small(ish) and agile, a great all-around performer
  • A complete package with no need for immediate upgrading
  • Rocker shape is perfect for slashing, ripping carves

What's NOT To Like?

  • Unstable at higher, downhill speeds
  • Bearing design is a one-off, cannot change out just one

15. SCSK8 Blank Natural and Stained SCSK8 natural blank pintail

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SCSK8 makes simple longboards for the frugal rider. The SCSK8 pintails are available in several lengths, including 36 inches, 40 inches and 44 inches. The smaller two are 8 inches wide while the largest one is 10 inches wide. They are all 7-ply maple, and none has a tail or concave to speak of. They are simple longboards, for those who simply want a board.

These boards come with 7-inch-wide aluminum trucks, which are industrial and plodding, but solid. The urethane wheels are 70mm tall and are a bit gummier than other wheels on this list. SCSK8 lists its in-house, Red bearings as ABEC-9. Regardless, they are slow and refuse to break in.

What makes the SCSK8 a great buy is that you get a complete board for less than the cost of many decks on the market. If you are learning to longboard, you can get familiar with the basics and investigate upgrade parts until you know exactly what you want. The SCSK8 deck is worth the price of admission.

What's To Like?

  • Complete setup for cost of some decks
  • Deck is functional and made of maple
  • True beginner’s setup is slow, but upgradeable

What's NOT To Like?

  • Everything but the deck will need upgrading
  • Don’t believe the (bearing) hype

14. Santa Cruz Land Shark

Santa Cruz Land Shark cruiser

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The Santa Cruz Land Shark is another purpose-made cruiser, this time from one of the oldest names in skateboarding. The 7-ply maple deck is 27.7 inches long and 8.8 inches wide, and it has a kicktail for greater trick selection. Its shape is reminiscent of some of the early 1980s skateboards, before the shapes in that sport became homogenized. For all-around cruising and carving, the Land Shark is hard to beat, as you can see in this YouTube video.

The 127mm Bullet trucks are beefy and well-engineered. The 88a, double-cone bushings are snappy and responsive, allowing sharp turns with minimal input and always quickly return to straight. The Land Shark is capable of serious speed, but those who wish to bomb hills may want to consider harder bushings, or even switching to the conventional cone and barrel configuration.

Santa Cruz opts for its Road Rider series on its Land Sharks, the original name in urethane wheels. The modern ones are 65mm tall and have a 78a durometer, both pretty standard fare in a cruising longboard. Santa Cruz has always made great wheels, and these are no exception. The bearings are Santa Cruz’s ABEC-3 bearings, which are the lone sore spot on this setup. Still, they are faster than many lower-grade boards’ ABEC-9s.

What's To Like?

  • A classic shape for all-around cruising and unobtrusive commuting
  • A maneuverable setup that can slash, cut and carve with anything
  • Pro-level trucks and wheels combination

What's NOT To Like?

  • Set up for carving, downhillers will need to make modifications
  • Why in the world is there a bottle opener?

13. Retrospec Zed

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If you’re looking for a stylish cruiser, the Zed bamboo cruiser is a good choice. Coming in at 44inch in length, this longboard has a ton of real estate and room on deck. This means it’s comfortable to stand on and gives you a lot of space to shift your feet. It also means it has a long wheelbase allowing it to have a surfy, stable ride that any beginner will find easy to learn.

Finally, it has large 70mm wheels and reverse kingpin trucks. The wheels provide a smooth ride over different types of roads, whilst the trucks allow for easy to control turning.

Though beginner friendly, it’s large size means the board is slow to turn and may feel sluggish for some riders. If you want something a bit more nimble, the smaller Sola premium is a good alternative. Find out more about the Zed here on Amazon.com.

What's To Like?

  • Stylish design
  • Smooth riding experience
  • Good value

What's NOT To Like?

  • Might bee too big for some riders

12. Volador 40inch Maple

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At 40inch in size and with the drop-through mounting, the Volador makes for a stable to ride longboard. This is mainly because of the drop-through mounting. When trucks are mounted this way, they react less to your input, or as you lean left or right. So as a beginner, this makes for a forgiving ride. You can make mistakes and your longboard won’t react terribly. It’s also harder to get wobbles and allows for easier pushing.

That said, some more experienced riders may not like it because of this. Check out the top mount Zed above if you want more control.

When it comes to components, the Volador does ok. Its 70mm wheels will allow for a decent ride over different pavements. Its trucks aren’t the best but will turn and lean ok. The components could be better, but for the price, you can hardly complain. Find out more about it here on Amazon.com.

What's To Like?

  • Low priced
  • Smooth riding experience for beginners

What's NOT To Like?

  • Cheap components

11. Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser

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At 30.5in in length and 9.75in in width, the Superfat makes for a compact, but comfortable cruiser. Even with its short length, you can still stand comfortably shoulder-width apart on it, but feel alright balancing on it because of it’s very accommodating width. That said, it isn’t the best option for beginners wanting a longboard to learn on.

When it comes to its parts, the Super Fat is decent. The 65mm wheels are tall enough to provide a good ride but are still small enough that some pebbles may be a problem. So I advise you mainly skate this board where the roads are smoother and free from debris.

Finally, the trucks are traditional-kingpin trucks. They are stable and turn good at slow speeds. 

If you’re an adult looking for something compact, this is a good option. It will also make a good option for a small kid as it is a longboard they can handle with ease. Check it out here on Amazon.com.

What's To Like?

  • Compact board 

What's NOT To Like?

  • Not best for beginners

10. The Quest Super Cruiser Artisan 

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Another super long cruiser, this one is in a similar shape and style to the Zed above. What makes it different are the kicktails on its tail and nose. These can be used to pick the board up or can be used to turn through tic-tacing. They add a bit of functionality which is nice.

The deck is made from Bamboo and Maple, this combination allows it to flex and hold weight without breaking. If you want a deck that flexes and has a comfortable ride, this might be the one for you. Finally, the deck also has wheel wells so you can turn deeper without the worry of wheel bite.

When it comes to wheels and trucks, the Artisan cruiser has purple wheels matching its design and scheme. It has 7inch reverse kingpin trucks that provide decent turning and maneuverability. That said, it will turn slow because of its large size, but this is also a good thing for a beginner. Check it out here on Amazon.com. 

What's To Like?

  • Very durable deck
  • Easy to learn on

What's NOT To Like?

  • Cheaper parts

9. Sanview 42inch Bamboo Cruiser

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Another stylish but long cruiser, this one comes in a 42inches in length and 9.5inches in width. It is top-mounted – which means it’s trucks are mounted underneath (or the normal way).

What makes the Sanview standout is its maximum weight limit. Because it uses 7plys of Maple with 1 ply of Bamboo for its deck, it is quite strong. This allows it to carry riders weighing a maximum of 260lbs, which is quite a lot given the affordable price of the board. It’s hard to get such limits from a deck of this price usually.

Finally, the deck has a kicktail which like the Artisan cruiser above allows this cruiser to have a bit more maneuverability.

For the price, this deck is quite good. Its design is also easy on the eyes and has a nice touch with the matching wheels and good bearings. That said, the trucks aren’t that great and will bend especially if you use it as a heavier rider. It’s still worth checking out. Find it here on Amazon.com.

What's To Like?

  • Very durable deck, good for heavier rider
  • Cheap price

What's NOT To Like?

  • Cheaper parts

8. Jucker Hawaii 

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Designed as a high-quality option, the Jucker comes in at a premium price. With its attractive design, it does seem like a good option, but is it worth its cost?

The Jucker has a unique deck construction, it’s made from a mix of Fiberglass and Bamboo. This keeps the deck lightweight, but allows it to be strong and durable – it can take even more abuse than the Maple decks above. This lay-up is also the reason for its expensive cost.

But thanks to this, the lightweight deck is nimble, quick to turn, and easy to carry around. And despite being drop-through, doesn’t feel sluggish to turn like most drop-through do.

When it comes to components, the Jucker is admittedly lacking. For its price, you’d expect it to come with premium brands trucks like Paris or Caliber. That said, the stock trucks will still turn and lean smoothly so they will be good enough for a beginner. The wheels also work well at 70mm. Check out the Landyachtz Drop-Carve below, you might find it to be more worth your money.

Find the Jucker here on Amazon.com.

What's To Like?

  • Easy to turn on
  • Deck – lightweight, but durable

What's NOT To Like?

  • Not great price for the setup

7. Sola Bamboo Premium Complete

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One of my favorite longboards on the list, this one is stylish, affordable and uses decent components. It’s also beginner friendly and easy to cruise on.

Unique to the other options on the list, the Sola complete is a drop mount. This simply means the standing platform for your feet is lower than where the trucks are mounted. It’s similar to a drop-through, but this time the deck bends – it makes more sense when you see a picture.

A drop-mount has its benefits. It doesn’t have the sluggish, ‘hammmocky’ feel that drop-throughs have. A rider feels more in control and on top of their trucks, but still feels stable and has an easy time skating. 

Finally, when it comes to its components, the Sola is comparable to other longboards on the list. It uses similar trucks and has wheels of the same size (70mm). 

Whilst it doesn’t stand out component-wise, the deck alone makes this longboard worth buying. Check it out here on Amazon.com.

What's To Like?

  • Deck offers more control, easier skating 

What's NOT To Like?

  • Components are cheap

6. Krown Sunset Complete Longboard

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This board like many others on the list comes in a classic pintail shape. Whilst the shape doesn’t offer any benefits, it is a popular option amongst riders.

The Krown is fairly basic and might be the worst pintail on my list. The deck is pretty normal and will hold most riders with ease. The only advantage is that it has wheel wells. These prevent wheel bite and are necessary when traditional kingpin trucks (tkps) are used on a board.

Because tkps sit so low, they often give most riders wheel bite when they skate – especially if they have their trucks loose. Finally, to avoid wheel bite, smaller wheels 65mm in size are used. These won’t give the best ride over rough pavement, so it’s best if you limit them to smoother roads. I recommend checking out the Maple Chief if this board doesn’t interest you.

It has a kind of ugly design on the bottom – but fortunately comes with a couple of different graphics you can choose from. Check it out for yourself here on Amazon.com.

What's To Like?

  • Low-priced
  • Popular cruiser deck shape

What's NOT To Like?

  • Very basic
  • Ugly design

5. Magneto Barefoot Mini Cruiser

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One of the smaller boards on my list, this is great for a small rider or an adult looking for a compact ride. It is quite small at 27.5inches in length and 7.5inches in width, so will be a tight fit for bigger feet. That said, some skaters don’t mind and like the Penny like size.

What’s unique about the deck is its griptape. Whilst most grip is made from sandpaper, this one is made from EVA foam. This was done to allow riders to skate this board barefoot. The foam is soft and damps a lot of the normal rough road vibrations. So even if you aren’t barefoot riding, this is a nice feature to have for added comfort.

Finally, the trucks and wheels are decent. They aren’t high-quality components but will work well for it’s given purpose. All in all, this is my favorite mini-cruiser on the list. I think the EVA foam is a great addition that will pay dividends in comfort the more you ride the board. Check it out here on Amazon.com. 

What's To Like?

  • You can skate it barefoot
  • Decent components

What's NOT To Like?

  • Small in size

4. White Wave Bamboo Longboard

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Another affordably priced mini-cruiser, this one works great for those with small feet. Adults can also ride it if they are up to the balancing task.

At 28inches in length and 8inches in width, the deck on this is wider than the Magento above by 0.5inches. It’s more comfortable to skate but will still be as maneuverable and compact. 

The White Wave cruiser has a deck made from Canadian Maple and Bamboo. Giving it a clean but stylish look. White Wave even used clear sandpaper grip up top to avoid ruining the design. 

The components used are decent. It has tkp trucks and 60mm tall wheels. The TKP trucks are nothing special, but with the price of this complete, you can’t expect much. The bearings are also not that great but will work decently for a beginner. 

The main let down of this board is the undercarriage. It limits it to smoother roads as it can’t tackle large debris and cracks without potentially stopping. Anyway, check it out here on Amazon.com for more info.

What's To Like?

  • Maneuverable & compact size
  • Decent components

What's NOT To Like?

  • Cheap parts

3. Playshion Drop Through Cruiser

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Similar to the Volador above, the Playshion comes with the drop-through mounting style. What’s different about it is the deck. The deck is slightly shorter, has a smaller wheelbase, and has ‘kicktails’.

The slightly shorter wheelbase means it will be more maneuverable than the Volador, though not by much. And the kicktails allow it to be more versatile, but again not by much. You can use the kicktails to kickup the board – which is nice especially for everyday riding as you don’t have to bend down to pick it up.

Finally, the deck of the Payshion is flexible. This means it flexes under your weight and provides a bit of bounce and shock absorption as you ride around. This is nice as it can make rougher roads more bearable to skate. And paired with the tall 70mm wheels, this board can handle most city roads easily. If there’s one bad thing about this complete, it’s its trucks. The trucks are cheap aluminum and though they skate ok, could be better. 

Find out more about the Playshion here on Amazon.com.

What's To Like?

  • Has a kicktail
  • Flexible deck

What's NOT To Like?

  • Cheap trucks

2. Landyachtz Drop Carve

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One of the best drop-through longboards on my list. This one comes with premium parts but doesn’t break the bank too much. It could fit most budgets if they’re stretched a little bit.

The Drop Carve comes with a drop-through deck. This means its a great option for beginners as it will be easy to push and stop, whilst giving a forgiving ride. To add to this, the deck has moderate flex. This allows it to bounce when a rider goes over unstable ground, providing a bit of comfort and absorbing the bumpiness of the ride. Finally, because it is made from bamboo and fiberglass, it will be lightweight and strong.

When it comes to the trucks and wheels, the Drop Carve doesn’t disappoint. It has Hawgs wheels and Bear trucks -both high-quality parts. The trucks provide a smooth but nimble turn, whilst the wheels roll fast and smoothly. It has Bear Spaceballs bearings which are pretty good too. 

Potentially the best board on my list, check out the Drop Carve here on Amazon.com for yourself.

What's To Like?

  • Premium brand
  • Great parts

What's NOT To Like?

  • A bit pricey

1. Loaded Omakase

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From one of the OG longboard brands, the Omakase is Loaded’s take on a short, stable cruiser.

Coming in at 33.5inches in length and 10inches in width. The Omakase is compact but will be stable and comfortable to ride. It has a functional design and features a kicktail you can use to do tricks or simply turn. Its deck has a unique concave that cradles your feet to ensure a comfortable feel.

The deck is made from a combination of Maple and Fiberglass/epoxy, allowing the deck to be very lightweight but strong.

Component wise, the Omakase comes with premium parts. Featuring Paris trucks and 75mm tall Orangatang wheels. This combination ensures a nimble but stable ride that can skate over all types of pavements. The Paris trucks are one of the best trucks a cruiser can use.

All in all, this is the best cruiser on my list, it’s well designed and uses premium parts. That said, it is also the most expensive option on my list. Check it out here on Amazon.com. 

What's To Like?

  • Premium brand
  • Great parts
  • Best cruiser on this list

What's NOT To Like?

  • Most expensive cruiser on the list

Buyer’s Guide

When your search for a longboard begins, the limitless choices can be daunting. If you’ve made it this far, you have likely decided that a cruiser longboard is for you. If you’re into carving, you’ve made the right choice.

The best cruising longboards allow for you to play at the other niches — to bomb hills and to slide heelside till your heart’s content — but they excel at expressive skating through urban terrain. Let’s look at a few criteria that make for a great cruiser longboard.

Pick The Righ Shape!

cruiser longboard shapeThe correct shape of a cruiser deck comes down to personal taste, but there a few options that perform better for certain aspects. If you will be going fast in a more-or-less straight line, a drop-through or pintail will be fine, and you may even prefer their look.

The pintail lends itself to a more mellow, sweeping carve, reminiscent of surfing. The drop-through is most stable at speed, but isn’t exactly designed to carve up the concrete.

Longboards with a kicktail offer the most skateboard-like carving and cruising experience. The reason is that the kicktail allows the rider to easily lift the front wheels, making sharper, slashing cuts possible. They can also be used to hop up curbs, even if ollies are not in your bag of tricks. Again, they are not a requirement, but the kicktail opens up a range of possibilities that other shapes do not.

What’s The Perfect Size?

Sometimes it seems like any longboard that doesn’t fit into the other niches is classified as a cruiser, but do not be fooled.

A tiny plastic board may allow you to cruise, but it doesn’t allow for creative carving and pumping like a purpose-built cruiser does.

The large, 40-inch-plus models allow for mellow, languid carving lines, and there is nothing wrong with that. But if you want agility, you will need a shorter board than that.

Boards like Arbor’s Pocket Rocket and Santa Cruz’s Land Shark offer the most versatility in maneuvering and both mellow and aggressive carving, while also being great for simple transportation. Their smaller size makes them easier to stow away in offices or class rooms as well.

You Get What You Pay For!

cheaper longboardsThis is the sticking point for many riders, especially new ones. It is an inescapable fact: quality longboards cost more money. The reason completes can be so expensive is because the components are expensive to produce or procure. But, as is often the case, you will get what you pay for.

Better quality trucks offer a carving experience cheap knock-offs cannot aspire to, and quality urethane makes for smooth-riding wheels and slick-turning bushings. Quality bearings will get better with age; broken-in bearings are not available on the market.

If you elect to go cheap at first, understand your purchase will be open-ended. There will be the added cost of upgrades as you replace broken or poorly performing parts.

Cheap bearings start out slow and get slower, and poorly designed trucks will never get better.

If you must start out with a cheaper board, which I did when I began, try to at least get a quality deck. The wood is usually the most expensive thing to replace, but good bearings are a simple upgrade.  If you’re new to longboarding, check out this YouTube video for a carving tutorial.

I’d suggest also to look at our top premium longboards list, to get a sence of what you can get with a little more spending.

Your Turn!

Whether you are in it just to get to the store, the bar or class with the least effort, or you want a ride that thrills, there is a longboard out there for you. The cruiser class is the most open to manufacturer’s interpretation and experimentation of all the longboard niches, and it offers the most opportunity for self-expression in the sport.

Be mindful of your needs and your knowledge of components when searching out the best cruiser longboard for you. Some of these completes require nothing in the way of upgrades, so you can just grab it and go right off the shelf.

William Thaddeus Baker

My name is William and I’m boardsports enthusiast. I’ve been skateboarding streets since I was about 9. Also I’ve experimented with longboarding & downhill. As to this site my goal is to help beginner riders to find the right equipment. Everything that I write here is my own opinion…