9 Best Longboards for dancing in 2021 – for every wallet size

Longboard dancing has blown up over the last couple of years. From Instagram to kids dancing in your local park, you see it everywhere. Naturally, I thought it necessary to make a guide to the best longboard for dancing. Check it out below, you might find the right longboard for you in my list.

1. Loaded Boards Tarab

First, we have the Loaded Tarab. One of the best dancing decks that money can buy. It was designed by the best longboard dancers in the world. Lotfi Woodwalker dances on this board. It also comes from the best brand – Loaded Boards.

The deck itself has impressive construction. It is vertically laminated and uses bamboo and basalt. This keeps it lightweight, slim, but still allows it to hold a lot of weight.

Finally, it has urethane sidewalls and rails for durability. This allows it to hold together even if it smashes against a curb. 

For wheels and trucks, it has high-quality Orangatang wheels and Paris trucks.

In summary, this board is built to be durable and long-lasting. However, it is quite expensive. The complete alone costs over $400. If you’re just starting, it might be too much of an investment. It’s best for riders with experience who know what they want (the Rayne below is more beginner-friendly). Find out more about the Tarab here on Amazon.com.

2. Moonshine MFG Hoedown Soft 2018 

At 48in, the Moonshine Hoedown is a great dancing deck. It is built similarly to the Tarab above but is cheaper by $100.

The deck itself is great. It is vertically laminated, using bamboo and fiberglass. It comes with urethane sidewalls and rails. This protects it from impacts and increases its durability. It also has urethane truck mounts. These absorb road vibrations, impacts, and allow for a smoother ride. Finally, the deck is completely waterproof! 

For trucks and wheels, the Hoedown has Arsenal 50* trucks and 70mm White lightning wheels. The Arsenal trucks provide a deep lean and turn. They will allow you to hold turns easily for a long time. The wheels are a bit tall at 70mm, but they will hold their speed and provide a smooth ride over most types of pavements.

Altogether, the Hoedown is a pretty great deck. It is a bit on the stiff side, so I recommend it to heavier riders. Check it out here on Amazon.com.

3. Rayne Whip dancer

An affordable but, high-quality option. The Rayne Whip is a dancer in more traditional construction.

Like the Loaded and Hoedown, the Rayne is made from Bamboo, fiberglass, and is vertically laminated. It doesn’t have urethane sidewalls to keep its total cost down.

Rayne uses environmentally friendly processes to manufacture and make its decks. They use bamboo because it is flexible and environmentally friendly. Allowing them to limit their environmental impact.

The deck is designed to support riders between 130lbs to 220lbs who want a medium flex dancer. The 41in will be better for freestyle and the 47in for dancing.

Though, this option is for the deck alone. You can pick up an affordable set of trucks and wheels for less than $100, for a total cost of about $200. That’s a great price for a high-quality complete. Paris trucks and Blood orange wheels would work well with the Whip. 

It’s hard to choose between this or the Landyachtz Stratus below. Check out the Rayne Whip here on Amazon.com.

4. Landyachtz Holofoil Stratus

Costing a lot less than the Tarab above, the Landyachtz Stratus is one of the best dancers you can buy. At 45.5in, it’s good for dancing and a bit of freestyle.

The board is pretty basic. It’s made from Canadian maple, has medium concave and CNC wheel wells. Still, it is flexible and can support riders up to 250lbs. 

Beneath the Stratus, you get a cool holofoil graphic. It’s the only deck I’ve seen that has this.

For trucks, it has Gen 6 bear trucks. The trucks will lean and turn smoothly. They are also very lightweight, but remain strong and will last a long time. For the price you pay, you couldn’t get anything better.

The wheels are quite good. The Stratus has high-quality Fatty Hawgs wheels, 63mm in height. These will accelerate quickly and be easy to pick up for tricks.

The Stratus is a great longboard. For the quality of its parts, it is quite cheap. Honestly, the best dancing longboard for beginners. Check it out here on Amazon.com.

5. Magneto Longboards Bamboo

The Magneto is a good option for those on a budget. It is built similarly to the high-quality options above. However, it uses lower-quality components to help keep costs down.

The deck itself comes in at 46inches in length and 9 inches in size. It is made from Bamboo and fiberglass. It has moderate flex and can hold riders 200lbs+ in weight. The deck is where this complete shines.

It uses Paris style trucks. These aren’t Paris trucks but are built similarly. They are knock offs so they won’t be as strong or durable. That said, they will give a similar riding experience. They will lean and turn smoothly.

It comes with 70mm wheels. They will have good momentum and will hold speed well. But won’t be easy to pick off the ground.

The Magneto is a good option as an entry dancer. It is affordable and will fit most budgets well.

But if you can stretch your budget a bit more, the Landyachtz Stratus above will be better. Check out the Magneto here on Amazon.com.

6. WHOME Pro Design 44 Inch

Similar in price to the Magneto above, the Whome is a bit short and has a unique shape. It is different from what regular dancers look like. Its shape makes it stand out. Some riders may find it ugly.

At 44 inches, the Whome will be good for dancing and freestyle. It has twin kicktails and mellow concave.

The Whome is made from 7 plys of maple. It will be stiff. A lot stiffer than the other options on my list. If you’re heavier or want a ride with more feedback, the Whome is a good option. It can hold up to 350lbs. Though, the stiffness means the ride will be uncomfortable over uneven surfaces.

It comes with 65mm, 80a wheels, and Whome special trucks. The trucks are cheap Chinese knock offs and so are the wheels. Still, the wheels come in an appropriate shape and size. They will hold up decently for dancing. And at the affordable price, you can’t complain about the trucks. 

Find out more about the Whome here on Amazon.com.

7. Rimable longboard dancer

Coming In with a traditional shape, the Rimable is an affordable dancer. It is 46inches in length and pressed out of 8plys of maple.

It has a stiffer flex thanks to the 8plys of maple. This makes it good for heavier riders and makes it durable. Even if you smash it against a curb, it won’t chip or break easily. However, this makes it heavier. It won’t be easy to pick up for freestyle tricks. This extra weight is ok for dancing though.

The trucks aren’t too great. They are cheap aluminum Chinese knock off trucks. They are 7inches in width. They won’t turn too smoothly and won’t feel the best when riding. I recommend replacing them.

The wheels are pretty good. At 70mm in height and 51mm in width, they will roll fast and hold their speed.

Altogether, not a bad longboard for the price. Still, the trucks could be better. If you want something similarly priced, but a bit better, the Magneto above is a better fit.

Check out the Rimable dancer here on Amazon.com.

8. Playshion 46inch dancer freestyle longboard

This dancer is great for those on a tight budget,

The Playshion cuts corners at every turn. For the price, you sacrifice the quality of the trucks and deck. The trucks are Paris knockoffs. However, they use cheap bushings, bearings and are made cheaply. They will still lean and turn, but won’t feel smooth. They will also bend with time. Some heavier riders could even break them. I recommend you replace them asap. The wheels are ok at 70mm in height. 

Finally, the deck seems ok. It is made of bamboo. It is flexible and can hold a max weight of 250lbs. For the price, it does seem suspicious and might not last long.

I only recommend this complete if you want a taste of longboard dancing. Just be ready to buy a newer high-quality board if this one fails you. Something like the Rayne Whip above would be better.

Check out the Playshion on Amazon.com. 

9. Volador 46inch Maple Dancer

One of the most affordable options on my list, the Volador is great if you’re on a budget. But the price makes me question its durability.

The deck is made from 8plys of maple. It has a stiff flex, it’s great for heavier riders. Unlike the Playshion above, this won’t break easily even though it is cheaply made.

It has cheap aluminum 7inch trucks. These aren’t very good. They won’t lean and turn as smoothly as high-quality trucks. If you can upgrade them, please do so.

Finally, it has 70mm wheels. These will be ok for dancing.

For the positives, the Volador has a stylish griptape on top and a beautiful graphic on the bottom. A head-turner for sure. 

Altogether, not a bad skateboard. If you can replace the trucks and wheels, you’ll have a decent board. Still, it won’t perform as well as a high-quality option like the Landyachtz or Rayne above.

Find out more about the Volador here on Amazon.com.

How to pick the right longboard for dancing

What is longboard dancing – is it different from freestyle?

Strictly speaking, longboard dancing is when you step on your board in various ways. It’s often confused with Freestyle. Freestyle is when the wheels of the longboard leave the ground, often when a rider is doing a flip or some type of trick. Most people mix both styles and don’t limit their riding to either. 

That said, some boards are better for the different disciplines. I explain which are best for which in the “What size deck ..” section below. 

For a good example of what longboard dancing is, check out the video below. It features Hyo Joo. You’ve probably seen various clips of her dancing floating around on Instagram. She also has quite the resume and has been featured on Vogue too. Pretty crazy!

A good example of longboard dancing and freestyle is shown in the video by Lotfi Lamaali below. He is one of the best around. He mixes both styles with ease and flows beautifully. Check it out below.

What type of deck should you get?

You should aim to get a dancing longboard deck from a reputable brand. Such brands have been in the business for a while have experience manufacturing great decks. Landyachtz above is a good example. Their years of experience in the game has allowed them to manufacture a deck that is high-quality, but relatively affordable … I wonder what their secret is…

Check out my list of good longboard companies if you want to know which other brands are good too. 

What length deck is best?

If you want to do more freestyle, you should try to get a deck that is around 40inches in size. This will allow you to be able to pick up the deck easily. It will also make tricks where you rotate the deck easier to pull off. No comply, ollie, tiger claws, etc. will feel more natural on such a board.

If you want to primarily do dancing, the length doesn’t matter too much. As long as the board is 40+in, you’re good.

That said, some beginners may enjoy the extra room big 47in boards will provide. The 47in boards will also be more stable and slower to turn too. It will be easier to do cross-steps on them without feeling like you’re gonna fall off your board.

In summary; a 40inch board is good for freestyle, 45inch+ is best for dancing and anything in between is good for both. You can do either on either length of board, but it is recommended to get the advised length.

What is the right deck width?

For beginners, you should aim to get the 10inch wide decks. These will give you a lot of room to stand and do cross steps on.

Narrower decks will turn quicker, be more nimble and won’t feel as smooth. Some experienced may be able to handle them, but they will feel too twitchy for beginners.

For freestyle, any deck above 9.5inches in width would be good. You aren’t doing as much footwork, so you can get away with something narrower. Still, if you want to mix both styles, 10inch decks are best.

In summary; decks around 10inch are best for beginners (and all riders really). Width typically isn’t something to worry about. You’ll rarely find a dancing deck narrower than 9.5inches.

What flex should you go for?

Flex is something of personal preference. That said, most dancers prefer “softer” flexes. In other words, more flexible boards. So this is what a beginner is recommended to go for.

When a board is flexible, it allows you to do deeper carves. It reacts less to your input, and your trucks don’t turn as much. Because of this, you can stand on the center of your board, lean to one side and you won’t turn all that much. This is what makes cross-stepping, peter-panning, and all the footwork tricks easy to do. You can do a lot of footwork without your board changing direction too much.

On the other side of the spectrum, freestyle riders like stiffer boards. Stiffer boards don’t bounce as much. When you land a trick, they aren’t likely to rebound you off. They allow you to have a bit more control.

The flipside is that they reduce comfort and the ability to do those graceful carves. So it’s best to find a midpoint of flex if you want to do both dance and freestyle. 

Finally, stiffer boards are better for heavier riders. They will be able to hold you up better and give you an appropriate feel. 

In summary: for dancing, a flexy board is best. For freestyle, a stiffer flex is better. That said, you can probably freestyle decently on a flexy board, but can’t dance all that well on one that is too stiff. So go for the flexy one.

Are trucks important?

Trucks are important. They will determine how your longboard will lean and turn. A smooth lean and turn are key. It gives you the best control over your board.

If your trucks aren’t good, they will make your board feel uncontrollable. You won’t be able to hold a turn well. Tricks like G-turns and manuals may even feel impossible as balancing will be too difficult.

Finally, not only is the size and angle of the truck important, but also the bushings and pivot. I always recommend trucks from high-quality brands because they have high-quality parts. Cheap brands usually have plastic or cheap, rubber bushings and pivots. These don’t allow your trucks to turn smoothly and they don’t feel controllable. High-quality bushings allow for a smooth, consistent turn, that feels controllable and good underfoot. 

Remember bushings are like the suspension of your board. With bad suspension, you can expect an awful ride.

Which trucks are best?

Trucks that are 50* are best. They offer a lot of turn and don’t lean too much. Other options are the 43*. These might tip over too quickly and feel too sluggish. 50* trucks are best and are the option for most dancers.

Trucks that are around 180mm wide are best for dancing. They turn just right. Because they are so wide, they have a smooth turn in either direction. They also turn “slow” so they need a lot of input before they change direction. This is a good feature if you want to lean a lot in one direction, before leaning and turning into another.

That said, some riders like 165mm wide trucks. They turn quicker and react to input more. They would be too much for beginners though. 

In summary; trucks that are 50* and 180mm in width are the best. They turn slowly, smoothly and carve deeply. They are my recommendation for beginners.

Finally, don’t skimp out and get cheap trucks. High-quality trucks will always be better.

What about the wheels?

Wheels are maybe the least important part of a dancer. That said, you should be careful to not buy those that are too big or too wide.

The best wheels for dancing are those that are 70mm or 65mm in height. At this height, they will be easy to push and will hold their speed well. They will also roll smoothly over most surfaces and provide a decent ride.

For freestyle, wheels that are 65mm (and even 60mm) in height are best. They will be lighter, quicker to accelerate and easier to get off the ground. It doesn’t seem like much, but they make a big difference. 

Finally, some freestylers like even narrower wheels. This allows them to easily slide them for flashy sliding tricks. 

P.s if you want to slide your wheels, go for the ones with round lips. If you want a bit more grip when carving, the sharp lipped ones are best.

Do bearings matter?

Bearings don’t matter much in dancing. That said, you can replace your set if they feel a bit cheap. Cheaper longboards tend to have bad bearings, so it’s often a good idea to replace them.

Usually, though, bearings aren’t an issue.

What safety gear should you get?

A helmet is important. It’s easy to think you don’t need one because you are going slow. However, it is easy to mess up on your footwork and trip yourself. If you’re experienced, you can probably catch yourself with no issue. But beginners will probably fall badly, and may even hit their head. 

I highly recommend a helmet when you start learning. The Triple Certified Sweatsaver is a comfortable helmet you should check out. It is fully certified from the relevant safety organizations and has pretty great colors too. Check it out here on Amazon.com

I would also recommend wrist pads. You will inevitably catch yourself with your hands when you fall. Wrist guards should protect your wrists and hands from harder impacts. I know some skaters who have shattered their wrists from bad impacts so it’s not a bad idea to get some. And let’s not talk about the skin countless skaters have lost on their palms …

Dakine has got a stylish and affordable wrist guard. It is low profile and comfortable to wear.

You can easily wear it under your sleeves if you wear long-sleeve clothes. I recommend checking it out here on Amazon.com. It’s worth looking at if you’re considering buying a wrist guard.

If you want to be completely safe, elbow pads will be a good idea too, but that might be overkill in my opinion …

What do you think? Which dancer is your favorite?

Longboard dancing is just like any other type of skating. You need to pick the right sort of equipment if you want to have a good time. I hope my article has been helpful.

If you’re on a tight budget, it is hard to go wrong with the Magneto dancer. You might be tempted to go cheaper, but then you’re sacrificing a lot for boards that aren’t all too great.

Finally, the best all-around option is the Landyachtz Holofoil dancer. For the price, you’re getting one of the best dancers with high-quality components. I think Landyachtz knocked it out of the park with that one. I recommend it to skaters of all levels.

William Thaddeus Baker

My name is William and I’m boardsports enthusiast. I’ve been skateboarding streets since I was about 9. Also I’ve experimented with longboarding & downhill. As to this site my goal is to help beginner riders to find the right equipment. Everything that I write here is my own opinion…