9 Best skateboards for 5-8 yr old kids (that they will love)

Getting your kid a skateboard is one of the best things you can do as a parent. It’s a hobby that is fun, athletic and rewarding. (It also keeps the kids busy allowing you to have some peace of mind).

With that in mind, today’s article is a simple guide to some skateboards that are great for kids. Check out the skateboards I’ve picked below, you might see something your kid will like.

9. Magneto Mini Cruiser

Starting off our list we have the Magneto Mini cruiser. This board comes in a size great for kids and might be the best skateboard for 5-year-old on my list. At a length of 27.5inches with a 7.5inch width, this deck will feel comfortable under the small size of feet kids have. 

Finally, the best part of this board is the double kicktails. Whilst it functions as a cruiser, the double kicks mean kids can do some tricks, kick turns and simply adds a bit of functionality and flair to the deck.

The deck features high-quality components and comes in a few styles. You can choose between a bamboo or maple board with different graphic options for the maple. The trucks and wheels come in at appropriate sizes. The trucks are 5inches wide and the wheels are 60mm tall, great for cruising and will handle various terrain well. Find out more about the Magneto cruiser here on Amazon.com. 

8. Sanview Mini Cruiser

Coming in at 22inches in length and 6inches in size, this skateboard is one of the smallest on my list. But this is what makes it stand out. At its small size, this skateboard will have good turning and will be easy for small kids to handle. 

Because this skateboard is made from plastic, it’s overall weight will be quite low. This means it will be easy for kids to carry it around when they aren’t skating. Finally, the plastic also means the deck will be durable. Whilst other components like the bearings will wear and be affected, the deck will be able to withstand a lot of abuse. It’s not uncommon for a kid to leave a skateboard out overnight, and whilst a maple one may get damaged by the freezing weather, this one will withstand it and won’t be affected. Check it out here on Amazon.com.

For an alternative option to this cruiser, check out the Rimable complete below.

7. Element complete skateboard

An actual skateboard, this complete will be great if your kid is interested in doing tricks rather than simply cruising around. That said, they can also use this board to cruise around too, (but a cruiser like the Magneto above will always be better for that).

The Element deck is high-quality and is one of the best around. The other components are of decent quality too. The trucks will get the job done and the 52mm, 99a wheels will roll smoothly and feel good.

The Amphetamine bearings will roll smoothly thanks to the light synthetic oil they use. That said, if you had to replace one component, I’d suggest the trucks when your kid feels ready to try something new.

Finally, the deck comes in at 7.75inch in width and 31.5inches in length. Whilst length is fairly standard across most skateboards, this width is narrower than average. This will be great for kids and their smaller feet. Check out the Element complete here on Amazon.com.

6. Rimable 22 inch complete

Similar to the Sanview mini-cruiser above, the Rimable is a good alternative. Both are quite similar, with the same price and very comparable components. But what should make you choose one over the other?

The Rimable complete comes in a handful of colors and designs that you can’t get with the Sanview complete. For example. There are a few Galaxy designs unique to the Rimable. There is also a great looking flower design that is quite stylish that some people might like. For the price as well, it’s great value. Check it out here on Amazon.com.

The Rimable has a flexy deck. This is a great feature, as it will allow the deck to absorb some road vibration as you skate, making it feel more comfortable to ride. However, it might feel a bit too flexy for heavier riders though – the Magneto above might be more comfortable if you’d like a stiffer ride. 

5. Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser

One of the bigger cruisers on my list, this Kryptonics will be great for older kids. I think it is the best skateboard for 8-year-olds and above. Check it out below.

Coming in at 30.5inches in length and 9.75inches in width, this skateboard is both long and wide. These features generally mean that it will be comfortable and easy to skate. In short, this complete will be a good starter board for skateboarding beginners.

It comes with average-sized 65mm wheels and 6inch wide aluminum trucks. These components will give a smooth turning and riding experience. It also comes with tall risers, which provide a bit of absorption of road vibration and to also prevent wheel bite.

All in all, this is a pretty great cruiser – especially when you factor in the price too. For kids 8 and up, it’s a good beginner board. That said, it might fit the taste of every kid. Still, I think it is worth checking out. Find it here on Amazon.com

4. Enjoi Whitey Panda r7 complete

One of the best all-around skateboard completes for beginners. This one ticks all the boxes. It is affordable and of decent quality. It is comparable to the Element complete above, so if you don’t like this one, it’s a good alternative option.

The deck is the most high-quality part of this complete. It comes from Enjoi, a well known and reputable skate brand. Made with 7plys of maple, it will be durable and won’t break easily.

For this deck, you can choose between various widths from 7.75 inches to 8.5inches. Typically, the wider options will be easier to skate and to do tricks with, especially for 10-year-old kids and those older. They will have bigger feet and find it more comfortable.

The trucks are so-so. They aren’t the highest quality, but will still be good enough for a beginner – I recommend upgrading them in the future. The wheels will be a bit soft at 92a but will be more comfortable to ride outside a skatepark. Find out more about it here on Amazon.com.

3. Landyachtz Drop Carve complete

This is the best skateboard for kids looking to progress their skills. This is a premium longboard, from a premium brand. I only recommend getting it if your kid has experience and knows they want to continue skating. Because of how costly it is, it’s quite an investment.

If you want something cheaper, check out the Playshion below, it is a decent alternative.

The complete itself is high-quality, with all the parts coming from name brands. It has a Landyachts deck, Bear 852 trucks, and 63mm Hawgs wheels.

All these work together to provide a great riding experience. You can feel the difference through how stable and comfortably the complete rides. 

Finally, the deck itself has drop-through mounting and a bit of flex. This keeps it low to the ground and aids in making it more stable.

You can choose between three lengths of boards. The 33inch option is the best option for kids IMO. Find out more about it here on Amazon.com.

2. Playshion 39 Inch complete

Similar to the Landyachtz above, this complete has comparable features at a fraction of the price.

The complete comes with a drop-through mounted deck. This simply lowers the center of gravity of the board, making it more stable and easier to push. It also comes with big soft 70mm wheels which provide a comfortable ride over a variety of road surfaces. This is the skateboard to pick if they don’t have a smooth place to skate.

Finally, it comes with 7inch wide Aluminum trucks with soft bushings that allow for smooth controlled turning. Altogether though, whilst these components are of decent quality, they aren’t the best and won’t ride as well.

That said, it is quite long at 39inches. Whilst this will make it more stable, it may be difficult for kids too young and too small to handle. I recommend kids 10years and older use this board. Find out more about it here on Amazon.com.

1. White Wave Bamboo Missile

Similar in size and style to the Magneto above, this board is quite similar. Its components aren’t as high-quality as the Magneto’s, but the price is reflective of that. It is a good complete if you’re on a budget of less than $100.

The White wave missile comes in at 28inches in length and 8inches in width. It features 60mm tall wheels, with 5-inch wide aluminum trucks. The deck itself is made from a mixture of composite and maple, giving it a beautiful finish. This is one of the best looking decks on my list.

The bamboo on top remains exposed thanks to the use of clear griptape.

Though the overall complete is good, of course for the price there are some drawbacks. The bearings aren’t the best and you might need to replace them. As well, the trucks use cheap bushings, which if replaced, can give smoother turning and control.

All in all, I would still say it is still quite ok for a beginner. Find out more about it here on Amazon.com

How to pick the right skateboard for a kid?

Make sure they like the design

It’s easy for us adults to pick something because we think it’s cool. But the reality is, our taste isn’t the same as what a kid would like. It’s important to get something the kid likes. If they don’t like it they may refuse to skate it and use it altogether. I.e, don’t buy a girl a pink skateboard just because it’s a ‘girls color’. Find out what they like.

That said, this might be quite a bit difficult if you’re buying the skateboard as a present. You might get around it by being sneaky. You can ask siblings, close relatives or friends, what style skateboard a kid might want. 

It needs to be the right size

Have you ever tried to wear a shoe that is too big? It sucks right. It doesn’t fit right and makes walking feel a lot more difficult. Forget even trying to run.

It’s kind of the same with skateboards. Whilst you can ride a skateboard that is tiny or large, if they are too much of either, they become too uncomfortable to use. Getting one that is the right size typically gives the best results.

So for bigger kids, you can get them bigger skateboards and vice versa for smaller ones. 

In general, avoid getting a kid a longboard longer than 40inches. And a skateboard wider than 8 inches (they won’t be very good for doing and learning tricks).

Don’t get one just because it’s cheap

Whilst it won’t suddenly break or anything like that – skateboards tend to be quite tough. If a complete has cheap materials, it will simply suck to ride. It won’t roll properly, it will be hard to push and it will be unstable if it picks up even the slightest amount of speed. 

If you don’t feel comfortable and in control of your vehicle, chances are you won’t want to use it.

Cheap components simply suck use. That said, if you upgrade the bushings and bearings, the complete will perform better but with limited results.

In short, a skateboard that is too cheap may not perform all that nice. Getting something high-quality or within the medium to expensive range may be best. Not something as expensive as electric skateboards – whilst fun, they do set you back quite a bit.

Make sure it’s the right type of skateboard

It’s easy to look at boards and think they are all the same. I mean, they do work the same, but not quite. You can split them into a few categories:

  • Skateboards.
  • Cruisers,
  • Mini cruisers,
  • Longboards.

When buying longboards for kids, make sure you know what they want to do first. If they want to do tricks, a skateboard is appropriate. It’s been designed with that in mind, and they’ll be able to learn tricks like ollies and kickflips.

If they simply want to cruise around the neighborhood, then a longboard (or cruiser board) will be the appropriate purchase).

If you get them the wrong board for what they want to do, I guarantee that it will simply sit in the corner of your garage until the end of time. Whilst you can kinda use either board for either discipline, they aren’t exact substitute for each other.

Don’t forget about the safety gear

Beyond keeping you safe from injuries, safety gear gives you the confidence you need to get better at skateboarding. For a kid, this means they won’t worry about scraping up their knees or elbows. They can simply cruise with confidence, or push themselves to learn tricks.

Whilst some safety gear does look dorky, you can always find something stylish and low profile if you look around enough. This is important because kids might refuse to wear their pads because they stick out too much and look ugly. Some helmets for kids have been designed with a stylish look so kids feel cool when wearing them.

Another good example of low profile protection is the G-form pads. They are a sleeve that uses Kevlar and special technology to provide good impact protection. They can be worn under clothes without any visible signs that they are there – out of sight out of mind.

There is no G-form substitute for a helmet though, so make sure you get one with a cool design that they will like.

Which board do you think your kid will like?

For me, skateboarding is the best thing that has happened in my life. From simply a hobby that I liked doing when I was younger, to a tool that helps my mental health and social life today. Skateboarding has done a lot more for me than I ever expected. And it’s fun too!

I think it’s worth considering getting your kid a longboard. If you’re still on the fence, the Magneto is probably the best all-around option. If you’re still unsure it makes for a pretty good option.

William Thaddeus Baker

My name is William and I’m boardsports enthusiast. I’ve been skateboarding streets since I was about 9. Also I’ve experimented with longboarding & downhill. As to this site my goal is to help beginner riders to find the right equipment. Everything that I write here is my own opinion…