7 Best Skateboard Helmets 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Skateboarding Helmets are priceless. That’s it I said it. I know you see PRO skaters out there skating without them, doing gnarly tricks, jumping stairs etc. etc. But… they are PROs for a reason.

Injuring your head can be a life-changing event (in the WORST way) and whilst PRO’s can get away with not riding with helmets, beginners certainly need them.

Today I’ll be going over the best skating helmets available these days. I’ll talk about what features make them safe and what things you need to look out for. After reading this, you should be able to pick the best helmet for your needs.

 Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet

Coming from a brand that mainly specializes in safety equipment. This helmet is classic, affordable and is great for those looking for a no-fuss purchase. It has everything you need in a helmet, an easy to use a strap, a decent fit (if you get the appropriate size, there are many available from x-small to xx-large) and eps foam for shock absorption. It has great ventilation so it will keep cool during long sessions or when it gets really hot.

This helmet is also certified and meets the American ASTM 1492/1447 certifications, the European CE EN1078 and CPSC 1203, and finally the Australian and New Zealand AS/NZS 2063:2008. You can guarantee that your head will be protected from any hard impacts with this helmet on. You can check it out on Amazon.com.

It doesn’t have as many color options and you’re stuck with a few basic ones. It doesn’t look really stylish either. If you want a helmet with more options and a better finish, check out the Triple 8 Gotham helmet. If it is too costly, the Flybar is a cheaper certified option.

Protect has a good line up of other safety gear, you should check them out if you want to protect your elbows.

Triple Eight Gotham Helmet

This New York-based company also specializes in safety equipment and has an extensive line up of pads, helmets, hip pads etc. You should check them out if you’re looking to get some knee pads.

The Gotham helmet takes an on a stylish and comfortable approach to helmet safety. Of course, it has all the relevant certifications and complies with U.S CPSC bike and the F-ASTM 1492 skateboard certifications. So safety is guaranteed.

This helmet looks really great and stands out in comparison to the other helmets. In my opinion, it is the best skateboard helmet. There are loads of color options available and it’s easy to get one that matches your liking.

It only has 3 different helmet sizes, from XSmall/Small to  Large/X-Large, but features an adjustable fit dial system. This means you can actually adjust it to be a tighter or looser fit, this is super useful if you’re going to grow your hair out. Having more hair actually changes how your helmet fits. So this is a great feature! You can check the helmet out on Amazon.com.

However, it is a bit on the costly side. If you can afford it, it’s a great option but if you have a tight budget, the Flybar helmets are more affordable.

 Flybar Dual Certified Helmet

The Flybar helmet has all the required helmet certifications (the ASTM 1492 and CPSC certifications) and would thusly make a great bike and skate helmet.

It has the same adjustable fit dial system as the Triple 8 Gotham helmet. Meaning you can get the perfect fit, or even adjust it so you can fit a beaning or a hat under it.

The helmet has great ventilation with 12 vents on the helmet. This is a great feature if you live in a hot climate as it will help keep your head cool. It will also prevent moisture from building up in the helmet.

This affordable helmet has a lot of aggressive color options to choose from. More than most of the other helmets provide. It has some helmets with graphics on them and some that simply have plain colors, there are loads to choose from. You can check them out on Amazon.com.

The helmet is reasonably priced and should fit in most budgets. However, there are no options for kids with their smaller heads. I recommend you take a look at the Protec Classic helmet if you want a helmet for a kid. But this helmet does make a great skateboard helmet for an adult.

Pro-Tec The Bucky

First things first, this helmet does not have any certifications so it will not protect your head from any medium to hard impacts. It’s even illegal in California, where only helmets that have passed the CPSC or ASTM certifications can be sold. However, if you just need a helmet because you want to skate in an area where it is needed, this will do. It will not offer true protection, but it is a helmet.

This helmet has a soft and moisture wicking liner. The soft liner will make it super comfortable to wear and the moisture wicking liner will absorb any sweat quickly. The quick moisture absorption properties also mean that it will dry super quickly and stay odor free. Also, thanks to not using eps foam, this is a pretty light skateboard helmet.

This helmet is perfect for use in hot climates, especially somewhere it is really humid. It has loads of vents for cooling. You can see more of it here on Amazon.com.

As I said earlier,  you won’t get true protection with this. For proper protection, check out the Protec Classic. It’s in a similar price range and comes from the same company.

Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Helmet

Best for those looking for a cheap helmet, this option is affordable and it offers all the necessary protection. It has passed only the US CPSC safety standard but not the ASTM standard. This means it will provide pretty good protection and be good enough for most people to use. However, a helmet with both certifications is best.

This helmet has a lot of color options available, allowing for a bit of personal customization. I think the bamboo print makes for a pretty cool looking skateboard helmet, I would probably get that for myself.

The helmet is very snug so it’s important to measure your head size accurately. Especially if you have a lot of hair. Some have complained that is too tight, but it is easy to get used to.

It is also a bit heavier and bulkier than other helmets. So it will make your head look kinda big when you wear it haha. The bulkiness comes from the EPS foam used, so you know impact protection is truly guaranteed! Check out this helmets thickness here on Amazon.com.

This helmet is decent, affordable and is great for most uses. It easily competes with the Flybar and JBM helmets. However, if you want the best of the best. Go for the T8 Gotham helmet or more affordable Protec Classic.

JBM Skateboard Helmet

Another affordable skateboard helmet option. This helmet is pretty basic, it features all the elements you need for a good helmet with a few basic color options you can pick from.

It has the CPSC and ASTM certified EPS foam, a chin strap buckle, adjustable straps and finally soft sweat liners for comfort and moisture absorption. It is basically a more affordable version of a Triple 8 helmet, but won’t be as comfortable to wear.

Though it gets the job done, some of the brighter color options look like they have a cheap finish to them. I suggest you go for the duller colors, or simply black or white for a classic, good look. You can check more of this helmet out on Amazon.com.

However, this helmet is also bulky like the Critical cycles one (which has better color options by the way) and can be a bit heavy for young kids. I recommend it for teenagers and adults mostly. The Triple 8 Gotham has great helmets for kids if that is what you’re looking for.

I think this is a great helmet if you’re on a tight budget and need something to protect yer’ brain.

TSG Superlight

Last, on my list, this helmet is said to be the lightest skateboard helmet. It is unique as the EPS foam is placed into the impact resistant polycarbonate outer shell. This helps make the helmet lighter. Fewer materials that are high quality are used.

The helmet also sits lower than the others, providing the best protection to the lower back of the head. Whilst most helmets already provide good protection, this one clearly goes the extra distance.

TSG makes this helmet in one size only. You can adjust the sizes by adding or decreasing the inner padding provided. This is okay for most but eliminates children being able to use this helmet. The helmet would be too big for their heads.

It is the only helmet on this list EN 1078 certified. This means it’s passed the European safety test for skate and bike helmets. It also has the US CPSC certification. I suggest you take a look at this helmet on Amazon.com.

This helmet is on the costly side, but it spares no expense in safety. If you want the best protection, go for it. TSG also make other great safety gear and has featured on my list of longboarding helmets.

Why are helmet certifications so important?

These certifications are what guarantee to you that the helmet you are going to wear will protect you from an impact should you bop your head pretty hard. Otherwise, without regulations, any company could sell you a helmet with any old material and say it will protect you when it won’t actually. That’s why they are really important.

Different regulatory bodies have different requirements for helmets. By far the best one your helmet can have is the ASTM one. The others (CPSC, EN 1078) are great and ensure your helmet will be protected. However, the ASTM one is more strict and requires helmets to protect from higher impact forces and from the smaller impacts that might follow. Eg. if you fall and then your head bounces twice.

So if you want maximum safety, the ASTM certification is the best a helmet can have.

Definitely get a new helmet if you fall and hit your head in one.

What other gear might you need?

So now that you’ve got the helmet of your choice, you need relevant matching gear to maximize safety. Especially if you’re a beginner or if you want to try a new type of skating. Check the gear you can get below:

  • Knee pads – These protect your knees from hard impacts and stop them from getting scraped up if you fall when going fast. Super useful for beginners because they are going to fall a lot and falling on your knees is the safest way to do so.
  • Elbow pads – These ones protect your elbows and absorb any force if you land on them. Elbows are vulnerable points on your body and they usually get scraped up. It’s not super necessary but it’s nice to have them protected.
  • Wrist guards – These prevent your wrist from getting sprained and your palms from getting painful injuries. I highly recommend them. Getting hurt on your palm really sucks.
  • Hip pads – These padded shorts protect your bum and your hip. They are really underrated and they go a long way when you have them. Having a bruise on your bum/injury on your hip can be really uncomfortable and painful. I also highly recommend them.

Which helmet works best for you?

There are definitely a lot of options to choose from. For me, quality always dictates what I buy, especially when it comes to something as important as a helmet. If it’s gonna protect the most important part of my body, it better be good. Also, if I’m gonna be wearing it all the time, it better be comfortable.

If you’re undecided, the Triple 8 Gotham is great if you have the money or the Flybar if you have a tighter budget.