22 Best Skateboard Trucks in 2021 (That are Lightweight & Durable)

These days, getting the right trucks feels a lot harder than it should be. There are so many choices and shapes out there that most beginners get confused.

This week’s article is on the best skateboard truck you can get. I’ll be covering almost every skate discipline I can think of. So after reading this, you’ll be confident in picking the right truck for yourself.

22. Independent Skateboard Stage 11

Starting off our list are the Independent Skateboard Stage 11 trucks. These trucks come in various widths between 139mm to 169mm. This means they have trucks you can use for either cruising, pool or street skating, there’s an option for most skaters.

What makes these trucks so great is they are made from aluminum. Aluminum is a great material because of how strong and lightweight it is. You’ll find that most skate trucks are made from it. 

The above said the Independents are known for being quite heavy. Still, though, I’d say they’re the best skateboard trucks for beginners and have the reliability to back it. Check them out here on Amazon.com.

21. Independent 139 Forged Hollow Trucks

Even more lightweight and durable than their counterparts above. The Independent Forged Hollow trucks are a great option if you are looking for ultimate performance.

What makes these trucks different is their manufacturing process. Because they are forged, the hangers and baseplate can be made lighter (hollow) as they need less material to maintain strength. This superior strength means they can also hold up against abuse well.

In short, they are both lightweight AND very strong.

Finally, these trucks are pretty great if you want a lightweight setup for street skating and doing flat-ground tricks. Check them out here on Amazon.com.

20. Independent 149mm Forged Titanium Trucks

If you’re looking to squeeze every bit of performance out of your trucks, these are the best options on the market. Weighing only 344g, these street trucks are 15% lighter than the normal Independent trucks and are the lightest in the Indy lineup. These are the best trucks for riding bowl.

These trucks are similar to the forged indys above but are different because of their hollow kingpin and titanium axles. Titanium is a lightweight and strong material, but is quite expensive so isn’t used on a lot of trucks.

Finally, as you may have guessed, these trucks don’t come cheap. Check them out here on Amazon.com for yourself.

I think the standard Independents will work just as well as these, but if you want to experiment, these are a great option to go for. 

19. Tensor Lo Mag Light 5.5

Weighing only 231grams per truck, the Tensor Lo Mag lights are by far the lightest truck on the skateboard market. 

Using materials like magnesium and aluminum, these trucks go the extra mile for weight savings. They have a magnesium hanger and baseplate – meaning the trucks will be a strong as steel, but weigh a lot less. Finally, they also feature a hollow axle and kingpin.

If you want real weight savings and an improvement in performance, these are the trucks I recommend – they’re great for both pool skating and vert. Check them out here on Amazon.com. 

18. Thunder Trucks 149mm Titanium Lights III

The Thunder Titanium Lights maybe the best, light, skateboard trucks for heavy riders? I say this because whilst they are the second lightest truck (second to the Tensors above), they feel a lot stronger.

The Tensor trucks are strong, but the forged aluminum hangers & baseplate of the titaniums lights make them more reliable.

Paired with the titanium axles and hollow kingpins, the lights are a truck that will be a bit heavier but remain strong.

Thunder has so much faith in their product, they’ve placed a lifetime warranty on it. I highly recommend you check it out here at Warehouse skateboards, especially if you’re a heavier rider.

17. Royal Truck Co. Standard Black Skateboard Trucks

Founded in 1999, these trucks are often seen on Chocolate skateboard decks. A bit lighter than the standard independents above, Royal trucks don’t have the best reputation in the industry. The skateboard community believes they break easily and don’t last very long – which I think isn’t entirely true.

Given the materials they’re made from (aluminum), these trucks remain lightweight thanks cut-outs on certain areas. Perhaps the reason they break sometimes.

Matching the style of their team riders, these trucks are more suited for technical riding. The trucks are especially nice for grinding and a ton of skaters like them for that, and their price isn’t so bad either. Check them out here on Warehouse skateboards.com. 

16. Venture Trucks Polished V-Lights 

Another street truck made with a combination of hollow kingpins and forged baseplates. The Venture V-lights is a good option for skaters looking for a truck to support their technical ability.

Unlike the trucks above, only the baseplate of this truck is forged with a hollow kingpin. The hanger and axles are both standard.

Because these trucks are ‘lo’, I recommend you use them for technical skating and flatground. Over skating transition and vert to avoid wheelbite. However, you can always just get risers to get ride of the bite. Check out the trucks here on Amazon.com.

15. Venture Polished Low Skateboard Trucks

In comparison to the V-lights above, these are ‘standard’ trucks of the Venture line up. Coming in at 5.25inches in width, Venture trucks are as reliable as they come. With the standards weighing 357grams, these trucks are some of the cheapest and lightest options you can get.

Whilst not as light as the others (lighter than the standard independents) these are the best if you’re on a tight budget. 

Finally, because they are ‘lo’ these trucks are stable and best for flatground, technical skating, and hill bombing. Avoid using wheels bigger than 54mm if you want to avoid wheelbite too! Check them out here on Amazon.com.

14. Destructo D1 Black Mid Trucks

Not as well known as other brands, Destructo makes an affordable truck that costs less than $40. Destructo trucks are good if you’re looking for a lightweight truck on a budget, and are a good alternative to the Venture trucks above.

Though made in China, I believe these trucks are of decent quality and hold up well against abuse. But that said, some skaters say they aren’t as durable as brands like Independent, Thunder, Tensor or Krux. Which I believe is fair, especially given these trucks price …

Finally, because these trucks are ‘mid’, they work well for pretty much all types of skating. That said, they feel a bit tall for technical skating. Check them out here on Amazon.com.

13. Krux Trucks Standard Silver Polished Skateboard Trucks

Krux is one of the most reputable brands in the industry (their trucks are made by the same distributor as Independent). The cheapest truck on my list, you’ll get a ton of value for money through these.  

These trucks are as standard as they come with no fancy features – just an ugly hole in the middle of their hanger haha. They are a few grams lighter than the Independents.

Though these trucks are quite simply, they are the best option if you’re on a budget and need a high-quality skate truck. Find them here for yourself on warehouse skateboards.com.

12. Thunder Polished Team Skateboard Trucks 

These trucks are as standard as they come, but are known for having some of the best turning on the market. Coming from Thunder, these guys are well respected in the industry. They are known for producing a reliable product – they even come with a lifetime warranty too.

Built with a cast aluminum hanger and baseplate, and featuring a Chromoly axle and kingpin. It seems Thunder was chasing reliability over weight savings. But even with that consideration, these trucks aren’t too heavy, weighing less than a standard independent.

Cost-wise, these trucks leave a bit to be desired. For their price, you could pick up a hollow Independent. Take a look at the price here on Amazon.com.

11. Bear Trucks Polar Bear Black Skateboard Trucks

Straight out of Canada, these trucks are made by a company that is well known for its cruisers.

So whilst not as popular for ‘traditional skating’, I think these are the best skateboard trucks for cruising and carving. They weigh only 380grams but are really beefy. They might be the best skateboard trucks for heavier riders.

Coming in at 155mm, the Polar bear has been designed to be stable and smooth turning. With their background in making RKP (reverse kingpin) trucks, Bear seems to have perfected the formula in their TKP truck. The truck comes with larger than standard bushings made from high-quality urethane. 

Even though these are best for cruising, they should hold up to traditional skating well too. Check them out here on Amazon.com.

10. Bullet Skateboards 150mm Black Skateboard Trucks

Another affordable option, Bullet trucks are made by the same distributor as Independent and Krux. Some skaters say that Bullet trucks are like a Chinese clone of Independent trucks. So whilst they will perform similarly, I don’t believe they will be as durable in the long run.

The above said they weigh 28grams less than the Indys at 357grams. So are a tiny bit lighter.

Finally, as much as these trucks are affordable, I would rather a skater went for something more reliable. Like a Krux, Thunder or Independent truck. You can check out this truck for yourself here on Amazon.com.

9. Theeve Tiax Hollow Raw Skateboard Trucks 

Known for making titanium trucks, this brand had a rocky start but has turned around to produce a high-quality truck. At 329 grams, the Tiax trucks are considerably lighter than trucks like the Independent Standard (but cost a lot more too).

To make these trucks as lightweight as possible, Theeve developed a unique titanium alloy for them. Theeve also made the hanger as thin as they could and carved out a lot of unnecessary material. Leaving only a small space for the axle – which is made from Titanium too.

Finally, Bones bushings come standard in these, making their price a little bit more justifiable. Check it out for yourself here on Warehouseskateboards.

8. Gullwing Pro III 9.0

The most unique looking trucks on my list, the Gullwing Pro III 9inch trucks are perfect for a ver skating, a wide pool deck, cruiser or longboard. Gullwing is a company that has been around for ages (since 1976) and has been making reliable skate products.

The Pro III is a throwback truck that you’ll see on a ton of cruisers.

This truck won’t feel right for grinds. The groove in the hanger locks in your truck during grinds (which is nice), but means the kingpin wears down too. And because it’s so wide, it may not be the best for technical skating. Find the Pro II here on Amazon.com.

7. Paris V3 165m 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks

A bit different, these trucks are perfect for cruising, carving, longboard dancing and freeriding. 

Coming from Paris Trucks, this USA based brand has a good reputation for producing high-quality longboard gear. I think the Paris V3 are the best longboard trucks.

The Paris V3 trucks aren’t exactly ‘lightweight’. Made from aluminum, the trucks have been reinforced with a beefier hanger. These trucks can withstand tons of blows, flips and hold up a heavier rider without bending (a common longboard truck problem). 

So whilst a bit heavy, they can get away with it – don’t think these trucks will be used much for ollies. Check them out here on Amazon.com.

6. Paris Savant 165mm 50°

The ‘older’ brother of the Paris V3 above, these trucks will be lightweight and strong. Like the forged Independents above, these are made with a forging process which beats the aluminum into the shape of the hanger.

Though the baseplate is cast, that doesn’t affect performance much. 

These trucks are three times as expensive as the V3 above, why? They have been through a CNC.

This means they have precision axles, precision bushings seats, and a precision pivot. This won’t make much of a different cruising but makes the truck turn more precisely and feel stable at speeds over 40mph. 

Find out more about the Paris Savant here on Amazon.com.

5. Caliber Trucks Cal II 44° 

Similar to the Paris V3 above, Caliber trucks in comparison feel more stable and easier to control at speed.

They are my recommendation if you’re looking to bomb hills and do a lot of downhill skating. P.s these were my first downhill skate trucks.

At 44*, they are more stable than the 50* Paris trucks. They also come with two-barrel bushings that allow the truck to have a more consistent and smooth lean. This also means more stability at fast speeds as your truck won’t wobble as much. 

Finally, because they are affordable, they are worth the purchase. Check them out here on Amazon.com.

4. Bear Kodiak Forged Precision

Similar to the Savants above, the Bear Kodiaks are also forged. Again like the Savants, they are also lightweight – at least when considering longboard trucks.

And again like the Savants, they are also quite expensive.

That said, these trucks are what an advanced downhill skater should be looking to get. They feature tall bushings, a tight bushing seat and a rakeless geometry. In short, this makes them stable for going fast. Team rider Dillion Stephens took them up to 80mph and was stable the whole way (skill probably played a factor too). So yeah, pretty badass trucks.

Check them out here on Amazon.com. 

3. Aera Skateboard Precision Trucks 180/50

The most expensive trucks on my list, these cost more than $400. But why does that price make any sense?

Well, these trucks have been CNC’d out of a block of aluminum. In short, a machine curved them out of metal. But why would anyone still buy them?

Because they were cut out by a machine, companies have control over how every inch of the truck is. And the more ‘precise’ the truck is, the better it performs

I don’t think precision trucks are worth it. But being customizable, they are a good option for a hardcore downhill skateboard racer looking to get the perfect set up. Check out the Area trucks here on Amazon.com.

2. Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder II

The most unique truck on my list, this double TKP from Gullwing has been designed for skaters who are looking for A LOT of turn from their truck.

This truck is unique as it has a double joint or double kingpin.

A picture illustrates it best, but it looks like two base plates stacked on top of each other. So practically, as you turn, the second kingpin dives in and allows you to turn a lot more than normal TKP trucks can. You can carve tighter with this truck than any other on the market.

I would recommend this truck for slow speed carving. It can start to feel a bit unstable as you pick up speed, so you should keep things mellow. Check it out here on Amazon.com.

1. Gullwing Reverse 10.0/47

Perhaps the most underrated trucks on my list. The gullwing reverse is one of the best all-around reverse kingpin trucks.

Whilst the Paris and Caliber trucks are good at either cruising and downhill, the Gullwing can do both.

Surprisingly, it can also be used to do grinds as well as the kingpin sits much lower than the top of the hanger.

This truck comes ‘raked’, which makes it turn a bit better for slower speeds. Then it can be flipped upside down for more stability at higher speeds. 

Finally, because it comes with two-barrel bushings, the truck will have a smooth consistent turn straight out of the box.

Check them out for yourself here on Amazon.com.

How to choose the best skateboard truck

Does truck weight matter at all?

Before we choose the trucks we are gonna use, we need to understand how weight affects the performance of our trucks. 

  1. If your truck is too heavy, it won’t be very easy to ollie with and it won’t respond to your inputs and turn very quickly.
  2. If your truck is very light, it will be slightly easier to pick it off the ground. Technical tricks will also feel a tiny bit easier.

I don’t think truck weight matters in all situations. This is especially true when the difference in weight is only about 50grams. To put it into perspective, 100 grams is about the weight of your average lemon. Having ‘this’ lemon off or on your board probably wouldn’t make it feel too different right?

I think most skaters should just worry about getting a high-quality truck, and forget about the weight issue. Though that said, the only real justifiable reason for getting superlight trucks is if you’re a technical skater.

What type of skating are you gonna be doing?

Another big factor in the truck you choose is the type of skating you’ll be doing. 

For example, if you use RKP trucks in the skate park, it will feel awkward and they will just get in the way of your skating. The same goes if you use TKP trucks to go super fast down a hill – you’ll probably get bad speed wobbles.

You have to pick the right truck for what you’re doing. 

In a nutshell, TKP trucks are best for technical skating, skating in parks, vert, pool and skating transition. RKP trucks are best for cruising, dancing, doing slides and skating fast. You’ll have to research what in particular the specific truck you want is good.

What’s your budget and skill level like?

We all come from different backgrounds and have different resources. The truck you pick should fit within a price range you are comfortable paying.

There’s also no need to buy a super expensive truck if you are a beginner. It is tempting to want to get the ‘best’, but as a beginner, it is hard to appreciate what makes a given truck high-quality. Just go for something average 

However, try to not be too cheap. If possible, I recommend saving up and getting something of at least decent quality.

Which trucks suit you best?

With so many options, it can be hard to choose. I think beginners should keep it simple and go for a truck like the Independents or Krux trucks if they’re on a tight budget.

If they want to cruise, cast trucks like the Paris V3 will work well too.

I think experience plays a factor when it comes to picking the best trucks for your needs. As much as you can read my

William Thaddeus Baker

My name is William and I’m boardsports enthusiast. I’ve been skateboarding streets since I was about 9. Also I’ve experimented with longboarding & downhill. As to this site my goal is to help beginner riders to find the right equipment. Everything that I write here is my own opinion…