Blind skateboards – honest review

Today’s article should help you learn more about Blind skateboards. I’ll be talking about who they are, the type of products they make, and if they’re a legit brand. Check it out below.

Blind skateboards, who are they?

Blind skateboards is actually a really old brand. They were founded back in 1989. Whilst not as popular and widely known today as Powell Peralta or Element, their products are just as good.

Though Mark Gonzales did found the brand, he eventually moved on. It’s now owned by Dwindle Distribution. Dwindle also owns Almost skateboards, Tensor trucks, Enjoi, and a bunch of other companies. It’s owned by Rodney Mullen and Steve Rocco, and they are a well-respected brand. Much of skateboarding’s success can be attributed to them. 

How was Blind Skateboards started?

Similar to how other brands started, Mark Gonzales started Blind as soon as he left the team at Vision skateboards. At the time, this was a risky and ballsy move. The biggest companies were Powell Peralta and Vision skateboards, and they had a knack for eating up and pushing out smaller brands. 

But within a few years, Blind was one of the biggest skate companies, competing with those same brands who seemed too big to be messed with at the time. And the competition was fierce – which really helped Blind’s success and notoriety.

What made Blind successful?

Blind was named “Blind” as a dig/tease towards Vision. They would also make pro models of boards with knock-off versions of the art used on Powell Boards – as a response to how Powell would attack and make fun of smaller brands. 

And in a similar way to how Mayweather and McGregors beef made McGregor an absolute superstar. Going to “war” with Powell would make Blinds popularity sky-rocket. And because skaters loved to hate bigger brands, many of them sided and chose to try out Blinds products.

Finally, they started to accumulate a really strong pro-team because they paid a higher percentage of royalties to their riders. A lot of pro skaters leave other skate teams with the intention of joining Blind. Soon, this all snowballed into Blind being one of the biggest brands of the 90s.

Are they reliable? Do skaters like them?

Yes, Blind is a reliable brand. They’re run by skaters and have a strong pro team. They’re well respected in the industry and you can’t go wrong with any of their products.

Some of the pros on their team are:

  • Jordan Maxham
  • TJ Rogers
  • Kevin Romar

 Though a bit more toned down in their marketing and aggressiveness in comparison to how they were in the 90s, these guys are still a very likable brand. Most skaters do like them today.

What type of products do they make? 

Blind primarily makes skateboards, wheels, and other soft goods. Their skateboards are some of the best quality you can buy. Back in the 80s, they started as both a skate and jeans brand. But as they grew, they incorporated other soft goods. They now sell Sweatshirts, grip tape, wheels, and pins too.

 Their jeans are pretty great. They’ve been made with skateboarding in mind, so they are stretchy and comfortable. They’ll still be as durable as classic jeans, but more suited to skating. If you need a trendy set of jeans for skating, you can’t go wrong with them.

Are their boards any good?

Like other board brands owned by Dwindle, Blinds skateboards are high-quality and reliable. Blind has their boards pressed individually. So are blind complete skateboards good? I would say yes.

How are the boards made?

To save on manufacturing costs, some brands press more than one board at a time. This often leads to boards chipping or delaminating easily and having bad pop. Whilst it saves on production costs and time, it results in boards that suck to skate, and that doesn’t last a long time.

By individually pressing, you get a really solid board. It will have good pop, will be durable and will last a long time before breaking.  

Finally, most of Blinds boards are a bit thicker. Blind uses 8plys of maple, as opposed to the traditional 7plys of maple most boards, are made with. This results in durable boards that can take a beating. However, it does make them a bit stiffer and heavier. Worth the trade as it allows for more durability and shock absorption. It’s a good idea to get one if you can handle the extra bit of weight. 

That said, their Youth and resin series for kids has decks with only 7plys of maple. But because they are for kids, they’re ok. They’re also made much shorter and narrower, so they are more appropriate for the young ones.

How does the concave feel?

The concave used on Blind boards is very mellow. It’s comfortable and you can stand on it for a long time without getting cramps. If you don’t like the boards with the steep concave like those made by Toy Machine, these would be a good alternative. The boards do have a steeper kick on average too.

What are some good boards by Blind Skateboards?

Blind Skateboards Reaper Dagger complete 

Coming in at 7.75inches in width and 31.2inches in length, the Dagger is a board that will be good for all skill levels. Its small 7.75inch width will make it a great option for younger riders. Though it might be a tad bit small for older beginner skaters.

The Reaper Dagger comes as a complete from Blind. It features Slant trucks, 52mm Blind wheels, Blind bearings, and standard hardware and griptape.

The deck is 7plys, a ply less because it’s targeted towards kids. Though it won’t be as durable as the 8ply, it will feel and work as well as other 7ply boards on the market. 

Finally, the components are pretty decent. The Slant trucks will work well, lots of skaters like them and they’re great beginner trucks.

Check out the Blind Reaper Dagger for yourself here on

Blind Skateboards Mark Gonzales Old School deck

In an ode to the 90s, this deck is a limited edition re-issue of Mark Gonzales pro model. It comes with screen-printed graphics and has a bigger size and shape compared to today’s skateboards. It comes in at 9.87 inches in width and has a 31.9inch length.

Because it is bigger than most boards today, it won’t be the best for flip tricks and stuff like that. You can do them, but the wide size and shape will make it harder. This deck will be good for cruising, vert, and pool.

Like all Blind boards, this one is also made with maple, this time with 8plys unlike the Reaper dagger complete above.

This deck will make for a comfortable cruiser. If paired with the right set of trucks, it will provide a smooth, stable ride. Find out more about the Old school Blind board here on

Blind skateboards Premium complete

Slightly wider than the Reaper Dagger complete above, this complete will be better for older beginners, or riders who want a wider board. It comes in at 31.5inches in length and has a width of 8inches.

Again, it is made with 7plys as opposed to the normal 8plys of maple Blind uses. Though it doesn’t have the Youth tag, this one has been designed with lighter/younger riders in mind. It has a slightly smaller shape than the traditional boards. It also comes with softer bushings, which allow the board to turn easier. Normal bushing might be too hard for light riders to turn and control the board comfortably.

It comes with good components. With 92a, 52mm tall wheels, and tensor trucks.

So if you have a younger rider who wants a wider board, this is a good option. In this blind skateboards review, I would say this is the best board. For just under $100, you get a high-quality board. Find out more about the Blind skateboard complete here on

Are their products fairly priced?

I would argue yes. They are fairly and competitively priced in comparison to other skateboards on the market. Depending on the skateboard you choose, you’re looking to pay between $60 to $80 for a board.

Finally, the products aimed at younger skaters are much cheaper. You can buy one for less than $40. This makes them great beginner boards for younger skaters. Parents often buy kids skate toys, instead of actual boards. Because these are so cheap, Parents have no excuse not to get them.

What other brands are good alternatives?

If you want a board that is guaranteed to be high-quality and lasts you a long time, you can easily choose a product from any of Blind’s sister brands. Dwindle owns the following brands along with Blind. They all make good skateboards that are reliable:

  • Almost skateboards,
  • Enjoi skateboards,
  • Darkstar skateboards.

If you need an alternative option for a kid, this Santa Cruz complete here on will be a good option. It comes in a similar size to the boards above. It is 7.87 inch wide and 31.5 inches long. Great for younger riders. 

If you want to go with another reputable brand, Toy machine makes reliable decks too. Check out this Toy Machine complete here on

A lot of skaters comment about how tanky and durable Toy machine decks are. They’ll be as durable as the Blind boards.

What do you think? Are Blind boards right for you?

Blind skateboards are fairly priced and are of great quality. They are well made and riders the world over consider them to be reliable. Unlike a lot of other brands, they specifically cater to younger riders, with complete skateboards tailored made with them in mind. 

 If you’re looking for good boards that won’t let you down, you can’t go wrong with their products. 

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