BoardUp – The Foldable Longboard Review

I doubt there’s a short distance mode of transport that can beat longboarding. That said, longboarding can be limiting in some ways and can be bulky. Today, I will be writing an article on a unique longboard that sets out to deal with these issues.

The Boardup longboard was developed after a successful Kickstarter campaign which sourced over $15,000 in donations. The innovators of this board set out to make the most portable, easy to carry and easy to store longboard they could think of. They succeeded through the use of a pretty simple solution. Read on below for more.

Regular longboards are bulky and cumbersome to carry around

Regular longboards are pretty great to push around. Their long sizes make them easy to skate, comfortable to push on and really stable when going down mellow hills. However, this size also makes them harder to carry around and store. Anyone with a longboard 36in+ in size knows how annoying this is. They are hard to put in a desk and impossible to put in a locker. You have to carry them upright when walking in a crowd and be actively aware just so they don’t hit anybody. Theoretically, a foldable longboard would solve this issue pretty easily and simply …

And that’s what boardup skateboards has done. They’ve done what none of the other longboard manufacturers has dared to.

You can check out a brief overview of how the longboard works in the video below and you can find the current price on here.

How does the Boardup skateboard fold but remain strong enough to carry a really heavy person?

This foldable longboard is split into two halves. It then uses an aluminum alloy hinge that connects the two pieces together. The hinge can fold or it can lock out to allow you so stand on it. The metal hinge is REALLY strong and can support up to 400lbs (or 181kg), heavier riders have nothing to fear. The use of an aluminum alloy allows the hinge to be lightweight but still strong. It’s the same material used in aerospace applications. If a material like steel was used, it would be waaaay too heavy for normal use.

The hinge is connected to an ergonomic wooden handle that is comfortable to hold and carry the board with. It’s the perfect size for the average person’s hand. The hinge can be operated on by stepping on a pedal located at the rear of the board. Stepping on the pedal causes the board to fold up and you simply bend down and pick it up. It’s that easy.

The first few versions of the folding skateboard had some problems and longevity issues with the hinge. However, the Boardup V3 fixes all these issues and is the best version yet.

However, some people might find that it does not look as good as regular longboards do because of the metal hinge and how it sometimes bend upwards when riding.

It does not compromise on quality

Coming in at 32in in length and 8.25in in width. The board is a good size for stability when pushing and for comfort when riding. The width makes it’s easy to stand on for long period, a nice feature if you’re gonna skate a lot. This size is perfect for a campus cruiser longboard.

The trucks used are traditional kingpin (tkp). These turn progressively towards the end of their lean. They aren’t great for going really fast but are great for slow carving and pushing.

They will turn great and feel nice in the turn.

The wheels are tall at 75mm. This a key feature if you want a board to have a smooth ride. The tall height of the wheels makes it easy for them to roll over rocks, cracks, and gaps in the pavement. Being so tall it will also have a lot of urethane (or be really meaty). This allows it to absorb a lot of the road vibration from skating rough roads. Skating smaller wheels on rough roads will hurt your feet and make them sore. Big wheels maximize comfort.

Finally, the board has riser pads under the truck to raise their height and prevent the kickpad from hitting the ground when it’s used. This also prevents wheelbite and you can have a really deep lean and turn with no worries. All together it only weighs a light 7lbs.

Is it worth it?

This board has a reasonable price (you can check it on here) and can compete easily against other high-end boards. This is surprising given the technology used and the high quality of the parts. They could have easily inflated the cost but they kept it reasonable.

The hinge technology makes it invaluable for commuting and portability. You get the benefits of a big longboard and the benefits of a penny board. The best of both worlds without the limitations of either.

William Thaddeus Baker

My name is William and I’m boardsports enthusiast. I’ve been skateboarding streets since I was about 9. Also I’ve experimented with longboarding & downhill. As to this site my goal is to help beginner riders to find the right equipment. Everything that I write here is my own opinion…