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Arbor Longboards Review – Are They Suitable for Beginners?

 Having been around in the industry for a longtime, Arbor has a wide range of boards for multiple disciplines. However are they worth your interest? Conflicted about whether you want that Landyachtz or that Arbor skateboard? In our Arbor longboards review, we will take a look at what Arbor has to offer. Board Range  Arbor […]

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Arbor vs Sector 9- With which should you go?

BOARD BEST FOR AVAILABLE Sector 9 Lookout   Beginner riders Current price on Arbor Highground Advanced riders Current price on Today we will be pitting two large skateboard companies against each other comparing who they are, their history, missions and using a  couple of their available boards to make comparisons. To give you […]

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Naked Truth: SCSK8 Longboards Review

SCSK8 produces affordable skateboards and longboards aimed beginners. Many of these boards eschew graphics, leaving the bottom of the boards naked and saving money in the process. This SCSK8 longboard review will focus on those naked boards, as well as serve as the Heelside Chill SCSK8 trucks review. Interested riders also have the options of […]

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Rimable Longboards Review – Are They Any Good?

When I started skateboarding, I was flying blind. I only knew I wanted to skate. I saved up my allowance and bought a generic, off-the-shelf complete board. But I soon realized that I needed better gear, so I replaced it one piece at a time. I began with better wheels and bearings. They made a […]

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