Can you use surf wax for skateboarding?

We all know that skate wax can get a bit pricey and running out can be such a hassle. Now you are thinking about an alternative that you can use and surf wax seems to be a viable option. You are probably curious to know if surf wax will work; are they really the same thing but with just a different name or branding? Let us go into detail to know if they really are similar.

First, let us talk about the kind of wax used for skateboarding. This article will also help you decide whether to get surf wax or stick with the more traditional skate wax.

What kind of wax is used for skateboarding?

Skateboard companies use a paraffin wax and beeswax combo, this makes for a nice skate wax that is easy to apply and does not cake or become encrusted on surfaces. Today, pretty much everyone in the skateboarding industry uses this combination which has become pretty standard when making skate wax.

Can you use surf wax for skateboarding? 

The short answer is: no. Surfboard wax (or surf wax) is usually made of natural or synthetic wax designed to be used on surfboard surfaces. It creates a layer of wax or “bumps” on the surface that provides riders the grip they need to maintain control of their boards.

Considering its general purpose, surf wax is used to create a layer of grip on a surfboard. If you use it for skating it kind of defeats the purpose of using it as a skate wax. Using it on ledges may result in a sticky surface due to the way the wax is formulated. You definitely do not want to stick to the ledge you are sliding on because that’s just bad news and can lead to a nasty wipe out. Having said that, it is best to stick with skate wax.

How to pick a good skateboard wax? 

The skate wax’s purpose is to create less friction between your board and the surface you are grinding.

A good skate wax will give those ledges or benches a smooth buttery feel that will help you execute those gnarly slides and grinds, it also protects the deck when it comes into contact with the surface you are sliding. 

Back to picking your skate wax, over the years skateboard companies have perfected the skate wax not only do they last longer (than a DIY skate wax), but they also spread better and prevent chunks on the surface you are applying it to. 

These skateboard companies have created the best skate wax available in the market today. They are popular among veteran skaters and is usually what we use in the park:

Shorty’s Curb Candy Wax:

Dubbed the “forbidden soap” due to its shape, Shorty’s Curb Candy Wax comes in 5 per pack. This soap shaped mini wax is great if you regularly lose your wax at the skatepark, they also fit well in your pocket and do not bulge out much. Quality wise, the Curb Candy wax does what a skate wax is supposed to do: make the surface smooth for that frontside 5-0 slide.

Get Shorty’s Curb Candy Wax here: View item on Amazon

Dimebag Hardware Slick Skateboard Wax:

If you’re looking for a wax that will last and will not break apart when you apply it, then Dimebag Hardware’s Slick skateboard wax is just the one you need. They come in fours which is more than enough to last you for a week of hardcore skate sesh.

Get Dimebag Hardware Slick Skateboard wax here: View item on Amazon

Shake Junt Skateboards Curb Wax:

Shake Junt has been making skateboards since the 2000s, their bearings and hardware are designed to handle extreme stress and force, they are amongst the best in the industry. Their skate wax is no exception, it’s very easy to apply and doesn’t crust on surfaces. I definitely recommend it.

Get Shake Junt Skateboard Curb Wax here: View item on Amazon

Toy Machine Skateboard Wax – Purple:

Who doesn’t know Toy Machine? They’re a big name in the skate scene and have always produced the best looking skateboard decks (in my opinion). They are the go to brand of skaters due to the quality of the products they make, with their fun skate wax shapes who wouldn’t get one?

Get Toy Machine Skateboard wax here: View item on Amazon

Bones Rat Skateboard Wax:

The OG’s themselves, Bones is one of the first companies to ever produce quality bearings for skaters. Over the years they have explored other products such as wheels, hardware, bushings and skate waxes. Their wheels and bushings have become a standard for skaters, the Bones Rat Skateboard Wax is also a pretty decent skate wax.

Get Bones Rat Skateboard Wax here: View item on Amazon

Is surf wax a good alternative?

Surf wax is the exact opposite of what a skate wax does. Surf wax provides you with the grip you need on a surfboard while skate wax helps you slide across a surface better by creating less friction.

In conclusion, skate wax will always be the best option. The recommendations provided above are from my own opinion and are based on my experience using them. Most of the items I recommended are the popular choice and are usually seen in skate parks. 

Skate wax comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. For me, it is just a matter of personal preference. A good thing to remember when buying is that a good wax doesn’t cause chunks on the surface and doesn’t break easily when you apply it.

William Thaddeus Baker

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