5 Cheap Off Brand Penny Board Alternatives in 2021

Sometimes you really want to buy something but simply can’t afford it. This is true with the Penny board. While it is a classic and a great board, it is not wallet friendly. People ideally want the best cheap penny board.  Companies have decided to fill that gap with off-brand penny boards at lower price points. These boards work surprisingly well within their price points and have all the same features as Pennys. Today I will talk about their strengths, weaknesses and how they stack against penny boards.

  1. Stereo Vinyl Cruiser – Premium board from a trusted manufacturer.
  2. Ridge 27” Cruiser – A larger board for a bigger person.
  3. Skatro Mini Cruiser – Premium quality board, really flexy.
  4. YouTruth 22inch board  – smaller, colorful board, great for a kid.
  5. Rimable 22” skateboard – affordable low-cost board, that doesn’t flex that much.

Ridge 27″ Glow in the Dark Cruiser

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This board is Ridge’s answer towards the Penny Nickel.  Ridge are a reliable UK brand that builds all their cruisers from scratch. They have loads of different boards to choose from, and they definitely know how to make them. The ridge penny board comes in at 27in long and 7.5in wide, around the same size as the nickel. The size makes it slightly more stable and comfortable to ride than Penny sized boards.

It has 59mm, 78a wheels which are perfect for cruising and pushing around. The deck is plastic, making it waterproof, durable and sturdy.  The trucks are custom and developed by Ridge themselves. This ensured they could design them to work PERFECTLY with their boards and turn the way they were needed to.

The board has a few weak points. The bearings have metal shields and can’t be cleaned. You’ll have to buy new ones once these get old. However, the Skatro mini cruiser (below) features bearings with rubber shields. Easier to maintain and clean.

Skatro – Mini cruiser

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This mini skateboard comes in gangsta colors! I personally really like the various color combination available. Coming in a 22in long and 6in wide. This setup has 59mm wheels and 3in lightweight aluminium trucks. The wheels will be able to roll over small pebbles and branches. Also being small and lightweight makes it easy to push, turn and carry around.

The deck itself undergoes a proprietary/unique manufacturing process for optimal flex. And boy does is this thing flex. Its also strong, heavier riders can ride this and be confident it won’t snap.
This flex is useful for absorbing road vibration and increasing comfort, but not everyone will like it. If you can handle flex go for it, if not, the Rimable complete is good low flex option.

The setup itself requires a bit of a breaking in period, and you might have to tweak how tight it is. Fortunately it comes with a bonus skate tool (in a matching colour) so you can set it how you like it.

Rimable 22″ Skateboard

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Rimable are a China based brand. They make skateboards, scooters, toys and other gear. This micro skateboard is one of the most affordable one our list. It is basically a copy of the Penny.
It is 22in long and 6in wide. It has 3in trucks and 59mm polyurethane wheels. The deck is made from plastic and has a weight limit of 198lbs (90kgs). It is available in various colors and color combinations. You will be able to find one that matches your style (or get one for every style in your closet). The deck being plastics makes the board waterproof.

This board is a durable, cheap penny alternative and will get you started skating. Unfortunately its not suited to heavy riders, the other two options on our list have higher weight limits and will accommodate that. We also recommend you replace the bearings as they are not fast and limit the smoothness.

A Micro-skateboard (Penny) or a Longboard?

penny componentsPenny boards are basically micro-skateboards. They are tiny, easy to carry around, store and travel on. You can wear them on a backpack, store them under your desk or in your locker.
They are purpose driven to be the ultimate compact commuting board. Some features they have are maneuverability, lightness and nimbleness. They also happen to be the perfect size for children to learn on.

Longboards are designed to be stable, comfortable and looong… There are various types out there so its difficult to pinpoint a general single use and they come in the different shapes to fit the different riding styles and needs of riders.  In a way, you could also consider a penny as a longboard However in general longboards are bigger and wider. They have bigger wheels and wider trucks. They have various uses such as commuting, dancing, freeriding etc.  They are typically made of wood making them heavier than Pennys.

You can look at a penny board as board designed around the purpose of getting around AND compactness. Longboards are the same but designed for comfortability and stability.  If you research enough, you can probably find one that has the best of both worlds.(If penny size is to small, go for the Nickel size boards, like the Ridge 27in).

Will they be as good as the real ones?

To be honest, in terms of price/performance, the boards mentioned above are better than Penny boards. They are similar in quality, with the Penny being slightly better.  However, the price makes the boards more attractive in my opinion. It is understandable to still want to buy a penny board though. You’re not just buying a board, you also pay for their famous brand name and in a way become part of a lifestyle.

I personally are in favour of these boards. They can cruise, turn and feel the same way a Penny does AND cost cheaper. If you ever need to upgrade a part (as you still will with Penny’s) you can do so without ever meeting the cost of a Penny. Lastly, you won’t feel as bad if your board runs into a curb (happens more frequently than expected) or if it breaks, you can always get another 🙂 This is especially useful if you have kids.

Your Turn

For me I believe the most important thing is simply skating. These boards help you do that and keep costs low whilst delivering quality. Do not let stigma prevent you from trying out these boards. My favourite board from the list is the Ridge 27”. Its compact but also wide enough for it to be comfortable. After getting this as your first board, I recommend going for a Penny. You will be able to appreciate the difference.

William Thaddeus Baker

My name is William and I’m boardsports enthusiast. I’ve been skateboarding streets since I was about 9. Also I’ve experimented with longboarding & downhill. As to this site my goal is to help beginner riders to find the right equipment. Everything that I write here is my own opinion…