Best Backpacks for Electric Skateboards

As someone who commutes on their “esk8” everyday, I thought nothing could make the process more comfortable until I got a backpack to hold my board. It allowed me to free both my hands when I needed to. Anyone who skates has experienced the struggle of holding a grocery bag in one hand, and then trying to answer your phone with your skateboard in the other hand – not easy. So the bag was a game changer for me.

Today I will be talking about electric skateboard backpacks. These are super convenient when you are traveling or going around campus/the city. Some of them are better suited for different purposes and wallets, but after reading my guide you will be well informed.

Slick Revolution Electric Longboard Rucksack

With this bag, you can carry boards up to 94cm/36in long. It comes in a slim shape with space laid out for the wheels and trucks. The rucksack has adjustable carry straps so it can be worn on your back. It has padded material for extra protection to shield your board from harsh falls and it has a small interior pocket where you can place things like remotes, t-tools, and your electric skateboard chargers. You could also squeeze an extra battery in the bag.

The height and width are compliant with the luggage size regulations set by airlines. You can take this on a flight (you’ll probably have to check it in) with no problem. You could also use it on trains and buses.

It completely encloses your skateboard so no one will know what it is, increasing the aspect of safety. However, it can only really fit one board and not much else, you can’t put a lot of clothes or books in with it. Its only practical to be used for travel and not much day to day use.

For the price it is reasonable and it reflects the cost of an item to be used once in a while. This board is one of a kind and more suited to traveling than the other two below. You can check it’s current price on here.

Volcom Unisex Substrate Backpack

This is a basically a standard backpack with adjustable straps that allow you to carry your boards.

Coming in at 42cm high and 32cm wide, this bag will allow you to carry your books, laptop, and other accessories comfortably, whilst also allowing you to carry your board. It is made from 100% Polyester so it is also machine washable.

The straps are fitted to the top and bottom of the bag. You are required to loosen the straps and then slide the board into them. You’ll have to then tighten the straps to secure the board.

The straps can be cumbersome to open and close all the time, but you’ll probably be carrying your board in your hand to most places you will go. Having the option to put it on your back is great. Within the price point, this bag is affordable and I would recommend it if you want something to carry your board, but that you might not use all the time.

Its affordable, simple to use and it allows you to carry your board, what more could you ask for? If you have a bigger budget, I recommend the Unity bag. You can see the price on here.

Unity Skateboard Backpack

This electric skate bag is super unique and uses a new technology to carry your electric skateboard.

Created through a Kickstarter campaign, this bag comes in at 17in tall, 10in wide and 6in in depth. It has enough space and added padding for a laptop, iPad, books, your water bottle, and other accessories.

The bag uses industrial strength velcro to stick your board to the bag. That’s right! No straps are used, just velcro. It comes with a velcro sticker sheet for you to apply to your board. Once you are done riding, you simply have to place it on your back and it holds! Genius design I think.

Its super convenient, allows you to quickly access your esk8 and uses no extra parts. You can carry really heavy boards with this too as the velcro is strong enough to hold. However, you need to be careful with the velcro on the deck, eg. if you step in mud and then step on the velcro, it will impair the velcros ability to stick. And it won’t be easy to clean either.

Compared against the Volcom, this bag out does is very effective and is easy to use, it does cost a bit more but it performs better. You can check the price on here.

How to Choose a longboard backpack?

It has to be comfortable

If you have a huuge/heavy board. Small bags with straps on the back may not be suitable and may be uncomfortable to use. It might not even be healthy to have a heavy board on your back. It could strain your muscles and cause spine problems. If it’s for a short while I’m sure it’s ok. The most comfortable and easy to use is the Utility Backpack.

Pick the right bag for traveling!

When you are flying, a bag like the Slick revolution one is recommended. You will most likely have to check in your esk8. Having a bag like this allows you to be more discreet, very few people are going to know that you are carrying an electric skateboard. This is an important point for safety because you don’t know who will handle your bags and whether they are trustworthy. The same goes for buses and train stations.

For going around town, to your college for classes etc. I would recommend the Utility Backpack.

It has to be easy to use!

If you have to constantly use your bag, then you need one where it’s easy to put the esk8 on it and take it off. Such a bag is the Utility Backpack. With the Volcom, you’d have to take it off and fiddle with the straps. If ease of use isn’t important, the Volcom works well.

If you are gonna have more than one task in the day, you shouldn’t get a bag that can only perform one function (like the slick revolution), the other two backpacks would suit you. They can carry most things you need like your laptop, books etc.

William Thaddeus Baker

My name is William and I’m boardsports enthusiast. I’ve been skateboarding streets since I was about 9. Also I’ve experimented with longboarding & downhill. As to this site my goal is to help beginner riders to find the right equipment. Everything that I write here is my own opinion…