5 Best Electric Skateboards for Kids in 2020 & Buying Guide

When I first saw Marty McFly and his hoverboard in Back to the Future , I immediately got hooked on skateboarding. Most parents who grew up in the 80s can relate to this. That said, our kids are luckier than us… they can experience that feeling on a real electric skateboard..

Thankfully, some recent advancements in technology have made electric skateboards (‘esk8’s) safer and easier to use. As a parent, I finally feel comfortable purchasing and allowing my daughter to control one.

I’ve compiled a list of the best electric skateboards for kids below, with a buying guide following. After reading my article, you will know how to pick the best esk8 for your kid.

Swagtron Swagboard NG-1

The Swagboard NG-1 is a mid-sized electric skateboard for kids. It’s 32in long, 9in wide and weighs a lightweight 10 lbs or 4.5 kg in total. It comes in at an affordable price too. You can find its current price on Amazon.com here.

The longboard deck has cutouts to make it easy to carry around when not riding it and it’s only made from 7ply’s of wood, making it stiff but lightweight and a bit flexy. A light person might not have enough weight to make it flex, but it does have a max loading weight of 176lbs, so heavy riders don’t try and test the flex too much.

The esk8 has a maximum speed of 11mph and range of 10miles, which is about an hour of riding if you are going full speed. Road surface and rider skill may have this range increasing or decreasing. Sadly, after depleting the battery you will have to wait 3 hours for it to fully charge.

The remote control has two speeds options. The first allows you to cruise at a steady speed, without having to balance the throttle. The other allows you to freely control the speed through how much pressure you apply to the trigger. The remote is not very beginner friendly, but with a bit of practice, it becomes easy to use.


Blitzart Mini Flash 28”

The Blitzart mini (link to Amazon.com) is a small electric skateboard. At a tiny 28in and 9in width, it’s perfect for short teenagers and children. It weighs 12lbs, which is reasonable and will be easy to handle.
It’s made with 5plys of Maple, sandwiched between 2plys of Bamboo, giving a balance of flexibility and stiffness. Surprisingly, it supports a maximum weight of 250lbs. Whilst I wouldn’t recommend a tiny board like this to heavier riders, they are still able to ride it. However, if you got a big kid, I can recommend the boosted board.
It has fantastic speed and range of 12mph and 8miles respectively. These are great numbers for a board this size. The battery charges up in a decent 2 hours.
The wheels are 70mm tall, so they will provide great roll speed and a smooth ride. They won’t be too heavy and will be easy to turn.
The wheels are connected to a hub motor. The hub motor is lightweight, efficient and is used appropriately here. It works best with lighter riders.

The hub motor also allows the esk8 to be used as a regular skateboard and pushed with ease. Other motors provide too much resistance to do this. If you want a slightly bigger board, I recommend you check out the Swagtron or if you want a smaller one, check out the Altered Fantom.


Altered Fantom Electric Skateboard

At only 23in long, the Altered Fantom is the smallest esk8 on my list and the smallest that I have ever come across. It deck tapers towards the front and has a kicktail at the back, with its widest point being 7.5in. This deck is really tiny. However, the heavy trucks and belt motor adds to its weight, making it heavy.

Its deck is made of 7plys of maple, this makes it stiff for lighter riders but a bit flexible for heavier ones. However, it has a maximum weight of 120lbs, strictly for lighter riders and smaller kids.

It is extremely affordable being one of the cheapest options on my list. Perfect if money is tight or if you have to buy something for more than one kid. You can check out its current price on Amazon.com here.

The trucks used are different than regular ones. They are torsion trucks and are designed to be very nimble and quick turning, but with no speed wobbles whatsoever at high speeds.

The tall 80mm wheels will provide a super smooth ride. The height also allows them to smoothly roll over things like cracks in the road, gravel, sand and even pebbles.

The skateboard uses a belt motor. Whilst this adds a bit of weight, it also increases how much torque it will have and how fast it can take off. Belt motors are also the best at climbing hills.

The battery leaves a lot to be desired and only allows for 40min of action and takes up to 8hours maximum to full charge up. A board like the Maxfind or Blitzart are both compact and have better charge times. They cost more though.


Maxfind 27″ Waterproof Electric Skateboard

Weighing a tiny 7.7lbs, this super lightweight esk8 is from Maxfind has the least weight on my list. It is 27in long and 9.4in wide with the board tapering towards the back and front, but allowing for plenty of standing room. For more light esk8’s, check out my article on lightweight electric skateboards.

I think it is the best electric skateboard you can get for a kid. Its waterproof deck is both durable and lightweight. It is on the pricey side (current price on Amazon.com here) but it is worth the investment. A cheaper board with similar specs is the Blitzart.

It has a maximum weight of 176lbs, most children fit within that criteria.

The wheels used are 70mm urethane ones. They will roll good enough and the hub motor will have no problem making them rotate.

The trucks the board uses are traditional kingpin trucks (tkp) these aren’t great for speeds higher than 15mph, but work well  The board has a maximum speed of 10mph, a range of 6miles and it takes only 1hr to fully charge up. The battery used is premium and comes from a Samsung, a reliable company. The remote control has two options, the first for beginners and the second for pros. Allowing kids to take it slow as they figure out how to ride it.


Boosted Board 2nd Gen

Probably the most well known and expensive board on my list (Price on Amazon.com can be seen here). The Boosted board is an extremely high-quality electric skateboard. It is an electric longboard with lights on the remote that tells you how low the battery is on both the esk8 and the remote.

It comes in at 38in long and 11in wide. Plenty of standing platform if one has big feet or simply prefers a wide stance. It weighs around 20lbs, so I highly recommend this one to teenagers as they’ll be able to handle it better.

It uses two belt motors, that take it up to a fast 22mph and as far a 6-7miles. The belt motors also allow it to have really great climbing power and it can climb 25% grade hills.

This is where most of the weight comes from. The wheels are huge at 80mm in height. They have a large core which helps reduce weight and stiffen up the wheel, They roll fast and aid that top speed.

The deck is made from a bamboo and triaxial fiberglass layup. Making them really light but also strong and flexible. Absorbing road vibration as you go along for a super smooth ride. If you have the money to spend and are buying for a bigger kid, this is the board to pick.
If you are looking for more affordable boards, you might want to check out my article electric skateboards for less than 2 benjamins.


How to pick the right skateboard for a kid

It has to have the right size

In terms of length and width, an electric skateboard for kids must be small enough for their height and weight. This will allow them to comfortable stand shoulder-width apart and comfortable place their feet on the board.

Having a longboard that is too narrow or too long will be uncomfortable to stand on and control, and this could lead to instability at faster speeds, or simply a poor riding experience.

A board that is too narrow can lead to uncomfortable riding and be too hard to balance on. Electric skateboards for teenagers are inter-changeable with those that are for adults. They are almost similar in size so they can have the same requirements.

Don’t pick something that’s super heavy

Imagine a child driving a truck that has no power steering, scary right? That’s what it’s like to ride a skateboard that is too heavy to handle. It’s important to pick something easy to ride and manageable according to what you can handle. A weight of 10-15lbs is manageable. Any less is amazing and anymore is probably too heavy. The heaviest parts of the skateboard (that are easily changeable), are the motor, the deck, and the wheels.

There are two types of motors available. A hub and belt motor. Both have their good and bad points, but in this context, the hub motor is the best option. It uses fewer parts and is thusly lighter.

A deck is a place a lot of weight saving can be made. Typically most decks are made from 8plys of wood, which makes them very heavy. Board makers use plastics, fiberglass, composites, and bamboo to help lower weight. They use fewer materials but achieve the same outcome that you’d want with 8plys of wood. However, they do mean that the board will be more expensive.

Finally, 5-7plys of wood would also be suitable for kids. The goal with 8plys of wood is to make the board stiff, but given how light kids are, 5 plys would be enough to provide stiffness with a reasonable amount of flex. This is a cost-effective option.

Wheels with large cores help save a bit of weight. The large cores weigh less than urethane (what a wheel is made of) and even helps improve a wheel. This is important for wheels as tall as 80mm. Wheels that are 70mm are smaller and thusly weigh less. They also save more weight if they have a large core.

It shouldn’t be too fast

If your kids are anything like I was when I was when I was younger, then they are always pushing buttons, flipping switches, testing the limits of their toys, how fast they can go down a slide etc. I can 100% guarantee that they will try and go as fast as they can on their electric skateboard if you aren’t there to supervise.

I recommend buying an esk8 with a top speed of 10-13mph. It is a bit quick yes, but it’s not crazy fast, it is reasonable. Longboards faster than 15mph are way too fast and should be avoided for kids.

It’s a good idea to buy safety equipment

The most critical safety gear is the helmet. You can easily heal from a bruised elbow, a scraped knee, but a concussion or any other brain injury is a bit more complicated. In some cases, they can lead to permanent damage. Helmets are extremely necessary to wear.

You can tell a good helmet by which certification it has. They are certified by relevant health & safety organizational bodies. The best certification for skateboard helmets in the USA (and around the world) is the ASTM F1492-08. Do not buy a helmet if it is not certified and does not have this sticker.

Recommended Helmets:

Other safety gear I recommend is knee and elbow pads. These will cushion a fall and prevent you from scraping your knees or elbows. Some of them even have special foam or are made with special materials, so they can absorb most of the force of the fall. It will be like falling on pillows.

Some of them are ultra light and super discreet, like the G-form pads. I think they are the best for kids. For more information on Knee pads, I suggest reading my knee pads for skateboarding guide.

Which board best fits your needs?

From the list above, I think the best is either the Blitzart for young children, the Swagtron for older kids/teenagers and the Boosted for teenagers if your budget will allow.
I think an esk8 can be a great gift or vehicle that a kid can use to commute to school, use to pay with their friends in summer and just generally use to get around.

William Thaddeus Baker

My name is William and I’m boardsports enthusiast. I’ve been skateboarding streets since I was about 9. Also I’ve experimented with longboarding & downhill. As to this site my goal is to help beginner riders to find the right equipment. Everything that I write here is my own opinion…