Best Electric Skateboards Under 200$ in 2020

When Henry Ford designed the model t (the first car), everyone around him thought that they were simply a fad and would not last a long time. Looking around today you can see they very were wrong.

It’s not for me to decide if electronic skateboards aka “esk8s” are a fad or not, but one thing I am certain of is how fun and useful they are. Honestly, that’s all the requirements anyone needs to use them. Everyone should be given a chance to experience one and as such, today I’ve chosen to write about electric skateboards under 200 dollars.

These options use the bare minimum to provide really great experiences and can even compete against the more expensive options (a lot of them simply use gimmicks and inflate the cost.) A lot of new users may not be able to tell quality apart and can be given a raw deal, but after reading this you should be armed with enough information to make an informed purchase that will leave you stoked 🙂

5.SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1

First off, I just love the name of this esk8 and it already makes it stand out. Coming in at 32in, this board is shorter than the average electronic skateboard (36in). This length makes it more maneuverable. It has convenient cutouts to let you carry it around. The deck is 7pls of maple which allows for a reduction in weight.

The trucks used are traditional kingpin (tkp) and are more than suitable for the modest speeds you will be going. They are easy to maintain and be can upgraded at your local skate shop.

The wheels are standard polyurethane, they are not sooo tall, so you will get a bit more feedback from the road.

The remote is simple and lets you know the how much charge you have left, with two options –  one to let you control the speed freely and the other a “cruise control” fixing it one speed.

The single motor and 24V LPF battery produce a modest 11mph max speed, taking you as far as 10miles. This range makes up for the slow charging time of 3hrs. Altogether the skateboard weighs a modest 10 pounds/4.5kg. The low weight makes it even more desirable for commuting and use on a day to day basis.

Some users have mixed feedback and report that the ride stops working after a few months. Though the Swagtron customer service has resolved these problems There is also a one year warranty. You can check it’s current price on here.

This board is suited for lighter riders, kids, and beginners. It is easy to use and friendly on the wallet, not bad for an electric skateboard under 200. If you want something suitable for smaller kids, the veeko or anfan are the choices for that.

4.Anfan Electric Skateboard

One of the smallest and cheapest models on my list. The Anfan electronic skateboard is a small and portable. It is suited to those who want something they can stash under their desk, carry around with ease and use to quickly dash across town.

At 26.5in and 7.4in wide, the deck is pretty small. People with big feet will be uncomfortable and you won’t be able to ride it for very long. For reference it’s about the size of a Penny Nickel.

The deck has a cutout to allow for convenience when carrying it. It uses 70mm tall wheels which are good for cruising around and will roll over a lot of things. The trucks are tkps. A deck this small is already maneuverable so the tkps add some balance.

It has a maximum range of 6miles and top speed of 9mph, which are more than enough for a board this size. The battery charges in a reasonable 2hours and the single motor produces smooth acceleration.

It weighs a total of 3.5kg so lightweight and easy to carry. The remote is ergonomic and simple so no one should have an issue using it. This esk8 is a great option for kids. It is small enough for them to use as bigger boards are harder to control and thusly kinda dangerous for them. At this size, if someone has big feet (like an adult) they can suffer and find it uncomfortable to ride for long periods, if you want something a few inches bigger go for the Swagtron. It can be found on here.

3.Veeko Electric Skateboard

The Veeko electronic skateboard is super similar to the Anfan but is slightly bigger. It is 28in long and 8in wide. The increase in length makes it slightly more stable and 0.5in increase in width makes it more comfortable to stand on. If you have bigger feet and want a small esk8, this will be the one for you.

Everything else is pretty similar. It has a range of 6miles, a single motor with the output of 200w and a maximum speed of 9.3mph. Its battery also charges up in 2hours.

The deck is made from 7layers of Canadian maple and is sturdy enough to carry up to 120kg. The wheels are the same. At 70mm tall they are a good balance for rolling over things and being easy for the motor to accelerate. No need for huge wheels the motor can’t push.

This esk8 will be more comfortable over long distances in comparison to the Anfan. This makes a difference in day to day riding. The remote is easy to use, with back and forward options. It has two-speed settings – advanced and normal mode, and finally, throttle control with a brake option.

This board is a good option for bigger kids or for people who want that compact size but don’t want to sacrifice comfort. You can read more reviews and buy it on here.

2.Dynacraft Surge Electric Skateboard

The cheapest option on our list under $100. This esk8 can run for 5miles at speeds of 6mph. It uses a simple skate deck as the standing platform, however, this could negatively affect performance as the trucks and wheels don’t completely fit under the board.

The deck is only 31in long and 11in wide. This is a good size and should be a comfortable fit for all.  Its battery isn’t very good and it takes about 12hours to charge … which is a very long time.  The remote is simple to use and comes with 3-speed options so its perfect for a child beginner. They go from 2mph to 4mph to 6mph, all relatively slow and safe speeds.

It has a max weight of 145lbs or 70kg, so most adults are already eliminated from using this. The wheels are small but have a large core. The core adds to the stiffness of the wheels and this allows them to roll faster.

So whilst its the cheapest option, it definitely reflects the quality of the parts you get. This is more of a toy than an esk8. I only recommend this if you really want one and even then it might be better to save up and get something like the RazorX.

If you have a kid that wants an electronic skateboard but they are prone to break things or lose interest. This would be the best option. It’s cheap and easily replaceable. Find it on here.


I personally think this is the best option on this list. Coming in at 30in long and 10.6in wide, this setup will be comfortable to stand on but remain compact. Its the perfect proportions for a cruiser. The deck is only 5plys but can support up to 220lbs.

Its got rkp trucks and huge 80mm, 80a wheels – I believe the biggest on my list. These wheels will roll over everything and are the perfect option for an esk8. They will hold momentum and help you get a higher top speed.

It has a “kickstart” motor that takes you as fast as 10mph for 40min (about 6miles). Which is reasonable for something costing as little as this.

All together it weighs a light 10.5 lbs. I believe this is an effective budget esk8. It has all the fundamental features down. In comparison the Anfan, this esk8 will easier and more comfortable to ride for longer periods of time.

With the big wheels and big standing platform, this thing is geared for comfort. However, the motor and battery leave something to be desired … but for how cheap it is, it is such a bargain! Check it’s price on here.

The buying guide: How to pick an electric skateboard?

Can you get a decent electronic skateboard for this price?

Now with electric skateboards this cheap you need to figure out what you want from them. There will be corners cut in the name of cost saving. Identifying what you want will make it easy to pick one with the features you want. You can get a decent board but don’t expect something amazing. If nothing suits you check out the guide on electric boards under 300.

Below I’ll highlight the parts that can be of lesser quality and those that have to be of decent quality to ensure an affordable but also good riding experience.

Features that are desirable:

  1. Big wheels – Wheels taller than 75mm produce a really smooth ride as they roll over cracks, gravel, pebbles, up curbs and twigs. This will be a godsend for your feet and they won’t feel strained or hurt after riding the esk8. Wheels that big also hold a lot of momentum so once they start rolling and going fast, they keep that speed. However, they will be harder to get rolling but a push start might help. The quality of the wheels doesn’t really matter beyond the height in this context.
  2. Decent battery – Something that needs to last you day in and day out will be a priority. Most of the batteries available for these prices only last about 6miles. Don’t settle for anything less because at this price the esk8 should be able to atleast go that far.
  3. Decent motor – For this price, getting a decent motor will be a hard task. However, if you can find one then you are on the money. It will be consistent and not reduce the top speed as you use the esk8.
  4. Deck space – This is an underrated feature of comfort. Riding a small deck day in day out is super uncomfortable and painful on the feet. However, if it is wide enough (9+in ideally), it will be super easy to ride. 99% of decks will be suitable if you have enough of a standing platform.

What you can sacrifice on:

  1. Trucks – These are used to turn the board. Most users will not demand a lot from their trucks and will only use them casually. With an esk8 you’ll mostly be going in a straight line and these cheap models aren’t too fast so you don’t need something high-end for extra stability. Thusly you can get trucks that are on the cheaper side of things and they will still perform adequately. Generally, they use rkp trucks which turn better, but tkp trucks are just as adequate.
  2. Deck material – Most boards are generally the same if we are honest. Some have differences in flex but those are on the higher end and cost a lot more. The others are basically the same either being made from bamboo, 7plys or 8plys of maple. It’s not that big of a deal honestly.
  3. Top speed – Here is a secret, very few people actually ride their boards at top speed and even if they did it is very hard on the equipment. A moderate speed is better and will help your gear last longer too. Speeds faster than 13mph are too fast and most people can’t handle it.
  4. The remote – Most remotes are usually made out of cheap plastic. They have a really easy job so don’t require expensive parts. However, you should be gentle as they are probably brittle and will break if dropped.

Realistic expectations:

For the price you’ll pay, one cannot expect these esk8’s to compete and be as good as the ones costing $500 or more (at least by my list, most of them have inflated the cost). Some of those doBest Electric Skateboards Under 200$ cost that much for a reason and I recommend saving up a bit more if you want an esk8 to use every day.
Under $200 you should expect more of a toy than anything else. Indeed some of these exceed expectations, and beginners (and even experienced users) can definitely enjoy and make the most of them.
If you wanna get serious about esk8ing, save up and invest in a more expensive one.

Are you buying it for a beginner?

The boards on this list are more than suitable for beginners. Especially for kids who simply want an affordable esk8. They could easily save up and buy this themselves … or their parents could buy for them as presents. None of them are ridiculously fast and they are all easy to ride. Perfect for young kids and beginners.

Choose your weapon!

A lot of these are suitable for beginners, low impact on the wallet and easy to ride. Especially if you just want to test the esk8 market, no need to go all in on an expensive esk8 only to find you don’t like that much.

The electric skateboard that really stands out is the Razor X. I would recommend this to everyone and if you are undecided it is the one to get.

William Thaddeus Baker

My name is William and I’m boardsports enthusiast. I’ve been skateboarding streets since I was about 9. Also I’ve experimented with longboarding & downhill. As to this site my goal is to help beginner riders to find the right equipment. Everything that I write here is my own opinion…