Enjoi skateboards – honest review

Enjoi has been around since the 2000s, putting out some of the best skate media and best-looking decks. But are they a legit company? In my review today, I’ll be talking about everything you might need to know about enjoi. Check it out below.

Enjoi skateboards, who are they?

enjoi is one of the more colorful skateboarding brands. All their products are instantly recognizable because of their cartoonish and colorful design. As a brand, enjoi stands out from the rest. Their logo is iconic (often confused for the WWF one) and their style is unmistakable.

Also, their name is always spelled ‘enjoi’, with a lowercase ‘e’. If you use the normal uppercase E, some skaters might think you’re a poser haha. However, no one will lynch you for not using a lower case.

Started in the 2000s, they were started by Marc Johnson and Rodney Mullen. Both great skaters in their own right. They kept things going for a while, but they both parted ways and went on to start other brands. Rodney Mullen started Almost and Marc went on to start Chocolate skateboards. Matt Eversole replaced them both and is now running the show.

Similar to Blind and Darkstar skateboards, enjoi is owned and has its products distributed by Dwindle distribution (who are owned by Highline Industries).

Enjoi is very much a core skate brand. Their goal is to enjoy skateboarding and life to the fullest. Their marketing and style truly reflect that.

What do skaters think of enjoi?

A lot of skaters like the enjoi brand. They are popular amongst most skaters and have some of the best graphics in the game. They also have great marketing, good quality boards, and a respectable skate team. Some of their pro team are:

  • Ben Raemers
  • Caswell Berry
  • Louie Barletta

Some skaters don’t like them because they think Dwindle boards aren’t that good. Dwindle boards are pressed and made in China. Naturally, some skaters believe they are low-quality, “Chinese-crap”. However, a ton of board companies get their stuff made in China, it’s just cheaper. If you can get a good manufacturer, your boards can be as good quality as those made anywhere else.

I think enjoi is one of the better beginner-friendly brands. Other skate brands can be seen as serious, hardcore, and rebellious. Always trying to maintain that “skate or die” image. For example, Thrasher. 

Enjoi is a lot more light-hearted and less serious. A lot of skaters find themselves more in line with this thinking and find it easier to pick up enjoi boards because of this.

Finally, enjoi has pretty good skate movies and parts. With 3 full-length skate movies available. They’ve won a handful of awards for their skate films too.

Does enjoi make skateboards only?

enjoi mainly makes skateboard decks. But, they also make wheels, hardware, bearings, griptape, and other soft goods like clothes and stickers. They have a distinct brand and image, which I think helps them sell apparel too. It’s a modern, colorful rebellious sort of style and it’s popular amongst skaters and non-skaters alike.

Whilst their clothes are great, the other stuff is fairly standard. Their bearings are ok and won’t be as good as those from brands like Bones or Zealous. Their hardware is quite nice though and comes in 5 different colors. Different colored bolts can help you differentiate the tail and nose of your board, so apart from looking good, they can be quite useful.

Are enjoi decks good quality?

Similar to Blind and Darkstar, enjoi is owned by Dwindle. And like both brands, they have the same high-quality production and manufacturing. Dwindle presses only one board at a time. Other brands and manufacturers can press up to 5 boards at a time.

This helps save costs, but it can severely affect the shape of the boards. Because of flex and flexibility between the plys, some boards may not be pressed into the desired concave shape. You’ll get boards that feel differently. Finally, the glue and plys may not bond properly, so some decks may have bad pop and might delaminate.

By pressing each deck one at a time, Dwindle ensures that they get the desired concave and quality from the deck. It also ensures the glue and plys stick together so you get good pop and a durable deck. So in short, enjoi decks are of good quality.

They’ll be able to last you a long time and have consistent performance. Paired with the R7 technology (Resin-7 epoxy), you get a lighter board that is more rigid and delivers more pop. Some riders have even said that the pop can last for over 2 months, even after heavy skating. enjoi boards also have pretty mellow concave, so they will feel good under most feet.

However, the above said, other skaters, say that decks from enjoi often get pressure cracks and break easily. Though it seems that only a small number of skaters have had this happen to them. So generally speaking, enjoi decks are good. Check out my enjoi whitey panda review below.

Lastly, some skates have said that enjoi decks are quite heavy. But again, this only seems to come from a minority.

So are enjoi decks good for street skating? I would say yes.

What skateboards from enjoi are good?

enjoi Skateboards Whitey Panda Complete

Made with their Resin 7 construction, the enjoi Whitey Panda is arguably their most popular and recognizable board. The resin 7 construction means the board is soaked with resin glue instead of a water-based formula. Ensuring for a strong bond between the plys and a longer lasting pop.

The board comes as a complete. It comes with TGM wheels, bearings, hardware, and core trucks. Whilst these aren’t premium components, they will work well enough for a beginner though. Core trucks are pretty decent quality and the 99a, 52mm wheels will roll smoothly in the skatepark. To learn more about the Whitey panda complete, check it out here on Amazon.com.

enjoi Beer Run cruiser

If you’re looking for a cruiser, this is one the best you can buy. It is affordable, has a great design, and has premium components. Despite its shape, it will also be good for pool, vert, and mild trick skating. At 8.5inches wide and 31.5inches long, it will be good for those wanting a wider, more comfortable board.

It comes with Tensor trucks, and 55mm tall, 95a Enjoi wheels. Softer than the average skate wheel, these will absorb road vibration a bit better and will have a smoother ride.

However, because of the small 55mm height, they won’t feel so great on asphalt. They also won’t handle cracks and pebbles easily. But that aside, the components are good.

The complete costs a bit more than $80 so you get good value for money, you’d pay a lot more for the parts individually. Find out more about it here on Amazon.com.

If you’d like a more traditional complete, the whitey panda above will be a better option.

enjoi Skateboard complete Barletta Brain Waves

One of the more affordable completes on my list, this is a great option if you’re on a budget. It is less than $70 and has decent components. It will be a good intro to skateboarding and will work better than those cheap completes at Walmart or other supermarkets.

Coming in at 32inches in length and 8.25inches in length, this deck is a bit on the wider side. It won’t be too good for riders with narrower feet but will be perfect for those with wide ones.

Or rides who just want a more comfortable feeling deck. Like all other enjoi decks, this one is high-quality too. It’s made with the same resin 7 construction so it will be durable and strong.

The trucks and wheels are similar to the Whitey panda complete above. The deck is what is different. It is also a pretty good option. 

How much do enjoi boards cost?

You can get enjoi decks from anywhere as little as $50 to about $80. Whilst there isn’t any real difference in quality – as the decks are made the same. The graphic on the deck might make the board cost more. Finally, the cost of the board might depend on when you buy it. Old stock might go for cheaper, and newer boards with fancier graphics will be more.

In summary, expect to pay about $60 for an enjoi board.

Alternative brands to enjoi skateboards

Some alternative brands to enjoi are Baker skateboards, Element, Chocolate, or any other brand owned by Dwindle. All of Dwindles brands make good boards and have the same standards of manufacturing.

Though not owned by Dwindle, Element makes some good boards too. This Element skateboard complete here on Amazon.com.

It will be a good alternative to any of the beginner enjoi completes above.

Another good enjoi alternative would be this Baker board. Take a good look at it here on Amazon.com.

Baker boards have a bit more concave than enjoi boards and last a bit longer. Though, they do feel a bit heavier.

What do you think? Are enjoi the brand for you?

Like all of Dwindles brands, enjoi are high-quality. They have excellent manufacturing practices and produce skate decks.

Out of all the brands I have reviewed, they are by far my favorite. I think it’s easy for most brands to make skate decks, but it isn’t easy for them to have a good brand and marketing. enjoi has managed to do both and that’s why they’re fast becoming one of my favorite skate brands.

William Thaddeus Baker

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