Falcon boards 1200W electric skateboard review

When it comes to electric skateboards, everyone initially thought it was a fad, but it seems they are here to stay. They have found a place in many people’s heart, popularised by many a vlogger (*cough* Casey Neistat *cough*). Even businessmen in Singapore use it as an easy way to get around the city.

These skateboards are the perfect end point mode of mobility. Easy to maintain, easy to carry around and maneuverable.

In today’s article I’m reviewing the Falcon electric skateboard and finding out why it’s so good (or bad) to ride.

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4.5 out of 5 stars

You’re getting high quality-purpose built parts

Behind the power – The skateboard is powered by Oxygen tech motor, producing 1200w of power and allowing it to reach speeds up to 20mph/ 30kmh.

The Oxygen tech motor uses brushless motors. In theory, these motors only use the necessary amount of energy needed to overcome whatever resistance they are facing, meaning they are great at conserving battery. In the end, they are more durable and efficient than traditional motors. They also allow the board to be more compact and lightweight.

Long lasting, easy to charge 8AH lithium battery – This battery allows for a maximum cruise range of 18miles/30km. This range is a lot higher than other more expensive electric longboards, almost double that of the Boosted board.

The battery fully charges in 2hrs, which is a reasonable amount of time. Eg. if you are getting lunch, 1-2hrs of charging time would be more than enough to get you anywhere you wanted to go.

A stable, maneuverable and smooth riding setup – This skateboard has narrow 7-inch trucks, 83mm tall and 53mm wide wheels. The small trucks will allow you to slalom between objects (or people) and the long wheelbase will keep things (even at the top speed) stable.

The (really) big wheels will allow you to roll over almost anything. Pebbles, twigs, sticks, sidewalk cracks and even small curbs won’t stop you. This is great as there is nothing worse than getting thrown off your skateboard at high speeds. If you have never ridden big wheels, you’re in for a treat. The wheels are of 80a hardness. This is the perfect balance between enough rebound for fast acceleration and momentum (to keep speed), and soft enough to absorb road vibration.

The board itself is flexible and strong. The flexibility allows it to absorb vibration from the road making it feel even more comfortable, and the strength means even heavier riders are accommodated.

The Bluetooth remote –  Using a 2.4ghz Bluetooth connection, this remote allows you to control the acceleration and braking (which is pretty sharp btw) of the board and finally shows you how much battery the skateboard has left.

However, the remote is made of plastic so you will need to be a bit careful. Don’t go dropping or throwing it around.    

Main Pros to this board

  1. The range – This allows it to be used for more than simple quick commutes across the city. You can use it to go pretty far and this opens it up to other uses. You could probably use it the whole day without having to charge it again.
  2. The weight – The skateboard comes in at about 5kg. This isn’t too bad, so in case you run out of battery, there is the option of pushing home.
  3. Performance – Setup with the 7-inch trucks and 83mm tall wheels, this board is going to produce a super smooth ride that doesn’t compromise on stability. This makes a big difference in day to day riding. If you ride a skateboard with a rough ride every day, feet cramps, tight calves, and sore ankles will be common, most of all you will hate riding it. Having a smooth ride, in my opinion, is a key feature of a good skateboard. If you are riding in a city with loads of rough roads, a board like this is the one for you.
  4. Single motor – The decision to use a single motor allows this remote control skateboard to have smooth performance and ‘free-roll’ that makes it feel like a regular longboard. Other electric skateboards within the same price range struggle to provide a balance such as this. They are either all power and feel stiff, or lack enough power.
  5. Easy maintenance – The fewer parts make it easy to maintain and service. The parts aren’t proprietary so should be easy to find and therefore replace.

Boosted, Evolve or Falcon?

Against other popular esk8 boards like the Boosted board and Evolve skateboards. This board focuses on performance where its necessary and doesn’t inflate the cost for the users.

For eg. The Boosted board can costs more than $1000 and only has a range of 7miles and reaches a similar top speed of 22mph.

The Evolve one esk8 costs upward to  $1100, only has a top speed of 22mph and weighs a heavier 7kgs. The board also takes 3.5hrs to charge though has a greater range than the Falcon skateboard.

This board outperforms its competitors. If we are honest the Boosted board is more of a fashion statement.

Some things to be aware of

However, in the slim chance that there is something wrong with the board, the company that sells might be hard to deal with, there is mixed feedback on this. That being said they don’t have any warranty information and it’s safe to assume you might not get one.

This isn’t too big of a deal – I have maybe used a warranty once or twice for the hundreds of products I’ve used. It’s up to you to decide how important it is.

The trucks aren’t as good as they can be. For ordinary people, these will be okay but for the price, you pay it would be nice to have higher quality trucks. The difference would be a better feel when turning and stability at higher speeds. You might need to tighten the bushings on this board to get similar stability.

If you are heavy you might not get the indicated top speed. The more you weigh (and taller you are) results on a greater load on the drive train and the board can’t perform as advertised. This is a let down on the companies part during R & D.    

Should you get this board?

The falcon electric skateboard is a great esk8 for the price. However, to remain accessible and affordable, the company has cut a few corners to keep the price low. This doesn’t majorly affect the performance of the board but leaves something to be desired.  The esk8 excels where they have invested and done proper R & D.If you are on a tight budget this is a great esk8 and I recommend it to you.

William Thaddeus Baker

My name is William and I’m boardsports enthusiast. I’ve been skateboarding streets since I was about 9. Also I’ve experimented with longboarding & downhill. As to this site my goal is to help beginner riders to find the right equipment. Everything that I write here is my own opinion…