How much should your longboard cost?

When I first got into longboarding, I was overwhelmed by all the boards available. I didn’t know which was good for what. Worst of all, I wasn’t sure which prices were appropriate for some boards.

With that in mind, today’s article will be a simple guide to which boards you can get for different prices. After reading it, you’ll know which boards are right for you.

What types of boards are there?

There are many types of boards for longboarding. There are many different shapes, sizes and all of them come at different prices. But whilst they may look different and have different designs, they can be categorized according to the riding they are good for. They’ll have certain features that will make them better for one type of riding than another.

Below, I’ve mentioned some of the types of riding you can do. There are a few more categories of riding and they all have their different boards. However, the ones I’ve listed are the main ones.


This is simply going from point a to b in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. Typically, a rider isn’t in any rush and is simply enjoying the ride. 

When it comes to boards you have a lot to choose from. From those that are big (40inch in size) to those that are small (28inch in size). The bigger ones are typically the most comfortable to ride.

For a beginner, a board around 9inches in size and 36inches in length is appropriate. It will be comfortable, easy to ride and stable. The board can also be flexible for a smoother ride. 


Longboard dancing is described as doing fancy footwork and steps on your longboard. A rider typically uses their whole board and does cross-steps, pirouettes and peter pans from the tail to the head. Because of this, they need long decks. A dancer is typically 40-45inches in length.

For a beginner, a board that is 45in long would be best for dancing. They’ll have plenty of space to practice and get their steps right. The board should also be flexible, giving the riders some bounce when doing steps.


Freestyle is a style that mixes all other types of skating. Dancing, sliding, downhill, trick skating, you name it.

Riders typically use decks that are 36inches to 40inches in width, with twin kicktails. This type of decks allows them to do tricks like ollies and kickflips. But also gives them enough space for dancing.

For a beginner, any board with kicktails and that is around 38inches will be good. The board should be a bit stiff so the rider isn’t bounced off when landing tricks.

Freeriding, downhill, and sliding

Freeriding and downhill are the high-speed categories of longboarding. Riders go down hills, take corners fast and do all sorts of slides.

For this discipline, riders use stiff boards around 33 to 38inches in size. The boards need to be stiff so the riders have accurate control over their trucks – this is one of the things that helps prevent speed wobbles.

For a beginner, a board around 36inches in length and 9.5inches in width would be good to start with.

How much should a board cost?

Boards come in all sorts of prices. You have boards costing $50 to boards costing over $300. It is tempting to get an expensive board and simply call it a day, but as I mentioned above, there are many different disciplines and they all have their boards. Finally, the price isn’t an indicator of the quality, so you need to be careful about what you get.

What you can get for around $50

Types of boards you can get: 

  • Cruisers, 
  • budget boards, 
  • mini-cruisers.

$50 isn’t a lot of a skateboard. It is very little. So for this price you typically get boards that are of low quality and that come from brands who just want to make a quick buck. The boards they make are cheap, aren’t fun to ride and use low-quality components. 

However, you can pick up mini-cruisers that are sort of ok in this price range. They will be ok for kids learning to skate and if you’re on a tight budget.

For example, the Losenka 27inch cruiser is a good option within this price. It’s not the highest quality board, but it will be decent to ride. It comes with 60mm wheels, 5inch cast Aluminum trucks, and super high-rebound bushings. It’s bearings aren’t the best so need to be replaced. It comes with its tool too, which is nice. Check out the Losenka here on  

What you’ll get for around $100

Types of boards you can get: 

  • Cruisers, 
  • mini-cruisers, 
  • budget dancers,
  • budget downhill boards.

At this price point, you start to encounter boards that are of decent quality. A lot of companies still use low-quality components but tend to only cheap out on the trucks. The decks and wheels in this range tend to be solid and decent quality.

You can pick up a cruiser of decent quality here.

For example, the Slendor longboard is a good example. It fits around the $100 price range. It comes with drop-through mounting, a length of 42inches and a width of 9inches. It will provide a comfortable, easy ride for any beginner. However, the trucks are knock-offs and use cheap bushings. If you can replace them, you’ll have a board 

Type of boards you can get for around $150

Types of boards you’ll get: 

  • High-quality cruisers, 
  • mini-cruisers, 
  • budget dancers, 
  • decent quality downhill boards.

At this price point, you start to get companies that sell complete skateboards with high-quality components. If you want a cruiser that will feel good to ride and that will last a long time, this is the sort of price range you should look into. 

You can also get budget dancers in this price range. They won’t be the best but will be good to start with. But if you can stretch your budget to $200, you’ll get something more worthwhile.

For example, the Landyachtz Dinghy fits well in this price range. The Dinghy is one of the best cruisers in the market. It comes with high-quality parts. It has Bear trucks, Spaceball bearings, Bear bushings, Hawgs wheels, and Landyachtz griptape. It’s built to be great to ride out of the box. If you want a great cruiser, it’s a good option. Check it out here on

What you’ll get for around $200

Types of boards you’ll get: 

  • Good-quality dancers, 
  • high-quality downhill longboards.

At this price range, you start to get completes that are good quality for downhill and dancing, from great longboard brands. These completes also come with high-quality components like trucks and wheels from brands with good reputations.

For example, the Landyachtz Stratus fits perfectly within this price point. It is a beginner dancer that has high-quality components but doesn’t break the bank. It has Hawgs wheels and Bear trucks. They’ve made it so that it is perfect for dancing without you needing to switch out any parts. Find out more about it here on

What $300+ boards will get you

When you start looking at boards in this price range, you find that they are made with unique materials. For example, a deck might be made with carbon and fiberglass and is vertically laminated. This doesn’t make them any better than the boards above but will make them lighter, easier to carry around, etc. 

This type of budget only makes sense for people who have skating experience and can appreciate something high-quality.

A good example of this is the Loaded Dervish Sama. This board costs over $300. It has been vertically laminated and uses bamboo and fiberglass for its construction. It does come with high-quality components, so you are getting good parts.

What do you think? What price can you work with?

Price isn’t an outright indicator of quality, but it is a good one. When you understand how types of boards are priced, you can start to get an idea of what’s good at certain prices.

If I had to pick one price point as being the best, it would be the $150 one. Within that price range, you will have a lot of decent quality boards with great components available to you.

William Thaddeus Baker

My name is William and I’m boardsports enthusiast. I’ve been skateboarding streets since I was about 9. Also I’ve experimented with longboarding & downhill. As to this site my goal is to help beginner riders to find the right equipment. Everything that I write here is my own opinion…