Loaded Longboards Review – Worth it?

Like long time running Landyachtz and Sector 9, Loaded have been in the skate game for a while, and could be considered one of Longboarding’s classics. Carving out an identity associated with longboard dancing, freestyling and cruising.

That said, are they worth your money? How do their range of free-ride and downhill decks compare to other companies? Read on to our Loaded longboards review to find out.

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5 Best Loaded Longboard Completes for 2017

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1.Loaded Icarus  – Great for Cruising and Longboard Dancing

2.Loaded Dervish Sama Flex 2  – Among TOP Boards for longboard dancing

3. Loaded Vanguard Flex-3 – High-quality cruising longboard

4.Loaded Tesseract Double Kick – One of TOP downhill setups out there

5.Loaded Poke – A Versatile Cruiser


Board & Part Range

Loaded provide a small range of models compared to the giant range of decks from companies such as Landyachtz.

However Loaded still have a variety to choose from here for different styles of skating. Whilst there is a greater emphasis on producing decks that have cruising, freestyle, dancing and lower speed free-riding in mind.  

There are still some race inspired and downhill decks to be found. Deck lengths range from 32 to over 45 inches. With widths ranging around “8-8.6 to 9”.

Construction in Loaded decks usually consist of mixes. Consisting of bamboo and fiberglass, which in turn makes them flexible and sturdy

Style wise, most of Loaded’s graphics take form in simplistic abstract shapes, etches and artistic imagery, sort of like their trademark.

Depending where you get your complete, it usually includes Paris V2’s or Caliber trucks, both of which are high quality.

Completes also include high-end wheels – any variation of Orangatang, such as Durian, Moronga, Stimulus, and others. 


Cruising, freestyle and dancing range

Loaded have a wide range of boards to suit those looking for something to cruise, dance and freestyle on. There are drop-through mounted boards such as the Tan Tien or the popular the Icarus.

As well as top-mounted options such as the “Chubby Unicorn”. Features to be found include kick tails, concave, as well as trucks such as Paris V2’s and included Orangatang wheels.

All boards are well made. For example “Icarus” includes a drop through deck with flex and a combination of fibreglass and vertically bamboo for its construction. Which could be the perfect combination for dancing boards.

There are models with different flex options. Such as “Flex 1” or “Flex 2”. They are categorised to respective weight categories.

Best Loaded Cruising Boards

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1.Loaded Icarus Flex-2 – Great option for cruising and dancing

2.Loaded Tan Tien Flex-1 One of the most popular Loaded cruising boards

Down-hill and Free-ride

Some of Loaded down-hill and free-ride orientated decks include the “Cantellated Tesseract”, and “Truncated Tesseract” .Loaded have a limited range of decks suitable for downhill and fast free- riding.

Most decks in this category are top mounted. Most are made from a combination of bamboo and fibreglass.

Other features such as rocker, wheel flares, concave and graphics will be found in amongst decks of this nature. They are stiffer compared to other decks from loaded.

Here is an example of one of the decks that suit this type of riding. Include the “Truncated Tesseract”.

Best Loaded Downhill Longboards

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1.Loaded Tesseract –  Among our Top Recommendations for downhill boards

2.Loaded Cantellated – Full assembled Downhill board, ready for shredding.

Buying Guide

Loaded Boards Are Great Value

While expensive, Loaded boards come with good value. With high quality decks and advanced construction and features. Most Loaded decks are found consisting of construction made from Bamboo and fibreglass. Giving durability and keeping them lightweight.

Features also to be found include concave, flex, and rocker. As well as different mounting options. Since there are boards with top mount designs and drop-through mounts.

Loaded boards also come with precision skate bearings such as “mini-logos” rather than lower rated generic skate bearings. Giving a better roll speed. Completes also come with Orangatang wheels and some with Blood Oranange wheels.


Wheels for the most part are suitable for the style of board and its intended use. Trucks and necessary hardware are also included.

Trucks are of good value as they are high quality aftermarket trucks rather than generic ones. They are usually suitable with the board as well. Trucks included are usually Paris V2’s, suitable for carving, cursing and free riding as well as Callibers.

If you decide to purchase directly from Loaded you have the benefit of choosing trucks, and wheels with an extensive list of options. Boards also come with included grip tape in a variety of shapes depending on the board. Making them eye catching.

Their Decks Are Durable

Since Loaded uses bamboo and fibreglass construction in a lot of their decks, their decks are light, easier to carry. Compared to boards made from common maple construction. They are also less prone to chipping and getting waterlogged.

Many Options for Cruisers & Dancers

For those who like to cruise, dance or freestyle, there is a decent range of decks to choose from. As their brand leans towards more this type of crowd. This is because there are boards with kick tails, drop –through mounts, (better for pushing and more stable) and wide foot platforms. Providing a large amount of foot room to work with.

Here is a video to check out some dancing on a Loaded “Bhangra”.

Trucks Are Top Notch

The usual included trucks such as Paris 180mm V2’s are suitable and of good quality. Paris V2’s will suit a lot of loaded decks as they are a good option for carving and cruising. They provide a lively and responsive ride.

Although they might not be the truck choice for downhill and fast free riding on their website have the option to choose trucks such tucks some examples are Paris Savants/ Bear Grizzly trucks. Some boards come with Caliber’s which are also a decent truck. This helps you choose something more towards your preference from the start.

Wheels – Great for Rougher Pavements

Most decks come with large and appropriate aftermarket wheels. Such as the “Kegel” that comes with the “Icarus”. Its large diameter, ensuring good roll speed, combined with its contact patch and durometer will make it great for rolling over rough pavement as well as good grip. Therefore a good downhill riding wheel as well.  

Another example such as the “Tan -Tien” comes with included “Stimulus wheels”. Its hard durometer (86a) and decent diameter (70mm) make it suitable and great for cruising, sliding and commuting. There are plenty of wheels to choose from giving you range and variety. Wheels can be bought separately and are colour coded to their respective durometers.

Here is a video showcasing the “Kegels”.

They Can Get Expensive

Since the prices range from mid to high, it’s going to be a bit expensive for some. Especially for those on a budget. However If you are looking for a good quality and durable board that you won’t out grow in skill quickly. Then loaded has enough features and value for you to consider it an option.

At least when it comes to dancing, cruising, commuting or freestyling. If you’re a beginner who is trying to learn and progress towards racing, downhill and free riding then it might be worth considering a cheaper brand to start out with.

Since you are likely going to make mistakes or might not decide that longboarding is what you thought it was. For intermediate riders, you will most likely be able to come to a quick decision whether or not something is worth the money for you here.

Not So Many for Downhill & Freeride

Those who are trying to find something to race down mountain roads or do fast free-riding might find a lack of options to choose from. 

As there are only a few options to choose from compared to brands such as (who has at least a dozen) :

As there are only a few options to choose from compared to brands such as “Landyachtz”. Who has at least a dozen.

The included trucks also may not be suitable as “Paris V2” trucks are more suitable for lower speed free-riding, cruising and commuting. Since these trucks are likely to become somewhat unstable at high speeds. Although you can choose your trucks to something more suitable on the Loaded site.

Bushing Are Not Great

The nipples bushings are generally considered good bushings butt they are not designed to fit every truck out there. This could cause frustration and problems when setting up a board with new trucks and other set ups.

Making it less flexible compared to universal Venom bushings. (Link to Amazon.com) They can also be more expensive compared to other bushings.


A “Loaded Historty Lesson”?

loaded longboard review

Should you go with a new brand that’s popped up in the longboarding scene in recent years, or should you go with someone who’s tried and true?

Describing themselves as a “passion” that had started in the mid 90’s, Loaded have been in the skate scene for a while. Where their humble beginnings start from scavenging skateboard parts.

Mounting them to any old piece of wood or snowboard deck they could find. Having struggled through the 2000’s. Facing an “uphill battle” and being close to “closing up shop numerous times”. They now take pride in being part of the new “renaissance period of design and creativity”, in the skateboarding industry and their quality speaks for itself.

Should You Get One?

Loaded is a good brand to choose if you are looking for a deck that, while expensive will last you a long time and is good value for your money.  They are also among best longboard brands for longboard dancing.

That said, if you are a beginner taking aim for the big hills and speeds you may want to look elsewhere for downhill and fast free-riding orientated decks, since the options here are limited and expensive. For full list of best longboard brands read this guide.

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