5 Best Long range Electric Skateboards in 2020

If you’re like me and hate traffic, electric skateboards are a great way to skip ahead of the crowd and get anywhere on time. They are easy to use, comfortable and can get up to pretty decent speeds. Anybody could ride them.

However, some of them are limited by their operating range and are not comfortable for skating over long distances. In my article below I have compiled a list of long-range electric skateboards that have great range and are reliable. Also following is a buying guide to help you understand what features make a board great. After reading my article you should be able to confidently pick out the right skateboard for your needs.

Liftboard 39”

The Liftboard is an affordable electric longboard with great range, arguably the best on my list. It has a range of 16 miles and a super fast top speed of 16mph. If you’ve got bike lanes in your city, this skateboard is perfect to blast through them, you’ll get to work in no time. It comes in at a light 14.6lbs, with a deck made from 7 plys of wood. This deck will be strong but also a bit flexible and comfortable to ride. Combined with the big 80mm wheels, it will provide a smooth, enjoyable ride. You can find this board on Amazon.com here.

It uses only one belt motor to achieve its fast top speed. However, the 900w motor has got a lot of power. Be careful of causing the wheel to spin when you take off. Lighter riders should be wary.

The wheels are big at 90 mm in height, these are great and will roll over cracks and pebbles super easily, providing a smooth ride.

The longboard has a large wheelbase and rkp trucks. The Rkp trucks add to the stability of the board and the large wheelbase too. Combined together you have a great board for high-speed long distance riding. If you want a smaller longboard, check out the Dakott. For more info on affordable es8s, check out electric skateboards under 300$.

Yuneec E-GO2

The Yuneec electric skateboard (‘esk8’), is a board set up for comfortable long-distance travel. It’s on my list because it has an amazing range of 18 miles. This distance is pretty huge and should be more than enough to take you anywhere you need to go and back (… probably). It has a moderate top speed of 12.5mph and charges up in 3-5 hours. The charge time is pretty reasonable because the battery pack is huge.

The motor used is a belt motor. The belt motor will have a lot of torque, you’ll be able to accelerate quickly and even climb up some small gradients.

The wheels are tall at 90mm these will have great roll speed and produce a super smooth ride. A smooth ride is ideal over long distances, as even small vibrations over a long time can make your feet sore.

The trucks used are reverse kingpin (rkp), these will have good linear turn and be stable at high speeds. They will be comfortable to ride and provide decent linear turn.

The remote is beginner friendly and has two riding modes. One for going fast and the other for going slow (around 6mph). You can also connect your phone to the remote and board, allowing you to get updates on battery life, esc temp etc.

The board is a bit on the pricey side but for one on the cheaper side with similar specs, check out the Liftboard.


Dakott Electric Skateboard

The Dakott is the shortest and most compact board on my list. However, this does not hold back any of its specs. It has great range and speed, with a 20 mph top speed and equivalent 20 mile range. This is crazy coming from a board only 23 inches in length, 9 inches in width and only weighs 11 lbs.

If you want a board with long range that is easy to store and carry around. This is the one for you. However, the tiny length means a tiny wheelbase and this board will be unstable at the top speeds, especially for inexperienced users. If you tighten down the trucks and skate slowly as you get used to it, you’ll get by fine. For a more stable longboard, read the review on the Liftboard.

The deck is made from 9 plys of maple and the trucks are rkps. The wheels are 83mm tall and will provide that smooth roll that is necessary for traveling long distances.  The boards’ power comes from a single belt motor that outputs up to 1200w. This thing is powerful and will climb hills with ease. The charging time is also great and only takes 2 hours.

All together you have a great board, but it is a bit more expensive than others. For more on boards like this, you might want to read our guide on light and portable electric skateboards.

Skatebolt Electric Longboard

This is the only board with 2 hub motors on my list. It has a mid-range price and parts that are reflective of that.

It has a decent range going as far as 15.5miles. It definitely puts those two motors to work and has the fastest top speed of 25mph and the ability to climb up to 30% grade hills. The charge time is mid ranged at 2-4 hours and it has led lights on the back to alert drivers of a longboard, providing that extra level of safely.

Though it has really fast speeds, the remote has two modes for beginners and pros allowing people to skate safely.  The deck is made of 9 plys of maple, so will be stiff for the best control at those high speeds. Paired with a long wheelbase and rkp trucks, this electric skateboard will be stable and great.

However, if it is too quick for you, you can simply take it easy or check out a board like the Liftboard, it is affordable, well rounded and has good speed. The wheels will provide a super smooth ride at 90 mm in height. All in all this board is great for fast riding, it doesn’t have the best range, but 15 miles is pretty great and should suit most needs.

Pure Energy Electric Skateboard

Last but not least, the Pure energy is an electric longboard that goes fast and far. It has a 21 mph top speed that varies with weight and an 18-20 mile range. I’ve heard of heavier riders complaining that they aren’t going as fast as 2 1mph. If you’re a heavy rider, check out the  Skatebolt for a more consistent top speed.

The longboard has a long wheelbase for extra stability at those speeds and wide trucks for slower turning, adding to that stability. The trucks will still turn nice and smoothly when you are cruising at slower speeds.

It has tall wheels for a smooth and consistent ride. They will work better over rough and uneven ground than smaller wheels. Perfect for inconsistent pavement along your commute. The motor used is a belt motor. You won’t be able to use the skate as a regular one and push it, the belt motor will provide a lot of resistance but you have no fear with that huge range. It does feature regenerative braking so you’ll probably go further than the advertised 20miles.

It is priced high and definitely, gives all the others a run for their money (you can view the current price on Amazon.com here) However, it does not look as sleek as them. (This only a cosmetic feature and I recommend it otherwise).

A quick buying guide for long distance electric skateboards

The most important thing is the range of the longboard. Boards must have a range upwards of 15 miles. Thats a lot of ground to cover on an electric longboard and is pretty decent and should cover majority of the distances people will need to go.
The charging time doesn’t really matter, if you are gonna be committed to going that far, you’re probably gonna stick around for a bit.

Comfort and stability matter. When you are going to be skating over a long period, your feet will get tired. You want something that is easily stable and that you won’t have to fight to keep balanced for long period of riding. This is achieved by having a long wheelbase (distance between the trucks) and wide trucks. For comfort, a slightly flexible board (7 plys or lower) will be a great idea. It should also be wid e (9inches +) for easy balancing and a comfortable standing platform.

Does the motor matter? Not really … The belt motor will climb hills better than the hub motor, but the hub will allow the skate to act like a normal board and roll normally. Useful if the battery ever runs out. Boards like the Skatebolt, they have electric motors, aka the hub motors.The speed does matter though, no point in having a longboard that goes very far but takes a long time to do it. I agree that speeds over 20mph are pretty scary and fast when you’re commuting in the city. They could potentially be a lot of obstacles like cracks, rubbish and sewer graters in your way. However, if there is a bike path, then the top speed doesn’t really matter. You can probably go very fast and be safe doing so.

Lastly, one quick tip, the longer you are on the board the more likely you are to fall. I recommend wearing a helmet and even a reflective vest if you will skate during the night time or in low light conditions.

So which board will you pick?

My favourite option from the list is the Liftboard. It is affordable and an all round great longboard. If you are having trouble deciding you can’t go wrong with it.

Otherwise the Yuneec or Skatebolt are decent options as well.
I genuinely believe that electric skateboards are the best transport available over short distances. They help with decongestion, are easy to carry and are sustainable modes of transport … sounds like the future to me.

William Thaddeus Baker

My name is William and I’m boardsports enthusiast. I’ve been skateboarding streets since I was about 9. Also I’ve experimented with longboarding & downhill. As to this site my goal is to help beginner riders to find the right equipment. Everything that I write here is my own opinion…