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heelside chill story How It All Started?

It all started with street skateboarding. I remember seeing Eero Anttila part for Jart skateboards video and thinking – man that look really cool, could I do something like that?

After a few weeks of collecting money ( I was still in middle school) I got my first skateboard – a Creature complete. Immediately an addiction was born. Skateboarding became an everyday part of my life.

Skate every damn day. That was the moto.

Years past by and I got better and better at street skateboarding. I thought I’m going to do this my whole life.

Until one day, at a local skatepark, I saw a guy riding in slalom between multiple cones. He’s board was different  – the deck had a unusual form and the wheels were bigger and softer.

I asked him what was that and where does he ride it. Turned out he was a downhill champion at he’s country.

Downhill sounded fun. So I started doing research. Names like Victor Earhart and Cliff Coleman started popping up. In no time I was sucked into this seemingly new form of skateboarding. A new Addiction was born.  It was back in 2009.

Skip forward to today – 30. November 2016.

What’s Heelsidechill All About?

Today I decided to create a website dedicated to my passion – longboarding. My idea is to help someone starting out in this sport as at the beginning things can be little difficult to understand.  I know the industry and there really isn’t a good resource on the topic. (Except Silverfish). My aim is to create super straight forward guides to someone just starting out.

In my website Heelsidechill.com – you will learn everything you need to know to LOVE and fully ENJOY this sport.

My website will have contributing authors, as few of my longboarder friends are also excited about my new idea. I can’t guarantee I will always be making a new profile for them, so at times they might be posting from mine.  That’s just if you were wondering why writing styles don’t match.

William T. Baker