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Fireball Dragon Precision Bearings Review

Fireball says the Dragon Precision bearings are exactly what you want. They say they have tight-tolerances, a high-quality finish and are designed to last a long time. But are they actually any good? To answer that question I’m going to break down these bearings in today’s article. I’ll be talking about whether they perform as […]

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Fireball ‘’Tinder” Wheels Review

Fireball has been around for a while and are known for making some great longboard gear. Recently, their Tinder wheels caught my eye and I’ve been dying to make a review about them. So today’s article will be a quick look at these wheels and how they perform. After reading my review, you’ll know what […]

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Zboard 2 Review

There are a lot of electric skateboards (“eskates”) out there, but none as interesting to look at as the Zboard. This eskate simply stands out, looking both futuristic, rustic and like a mini monster truck at the same time. Quite the combination. The company behind this board boldly claims it to be the most advanced […]

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BoardUp – The Foldable Longboard Review

I doubt there’s a short distance mode of transport that can beat longboarding. That said, longboarding can be limiting in some ways and can be bulky. Today, I will be writing an article on a unique longboard that sets out to deal with these issues. The Boardup longboard was developed after a successful Kickstarter campaign […]

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Swagtron Swagboard Review

Electric skateboards are becoming more and more popular. However, not everyone wants to waste money on uber expensive options such as the Boosted board or Inboard M1. People want something that is decent, good quality and easy on the pocket. I have picked out a skateboard that meets these requirements. Named most appropriately, the Swagboard […]

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Maxfind dual motor electric skateboard review

So when it comes to electric skateboards, everyone is always concerned about the power, speed, and range that an esk8 has available. In my opinion that is the wrong way to go about it. Simply looking at numbers might get you a super fast board that can go far, but honestly, that’s more of a […]

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Falcon boards 1200W electric skateboard review

When it comes to electric skateboards, everyone initially thought it was a fad, but it seems they are here to stay. They have found a place in many people’s heart, popularised by many a vlogger (*cough* Casey Neistat *cough*). Even businessmen in Singapore use it as an easy way to get around the city. These […]

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Penny Longboard Review – Is It Any Good?

Penny is well known for making the famous tiny “Penny Board”. They have decided to break into the longboard market and have brought forth the “Penny Longboard”. Its confusing as they now have loads of options to choose from. Today I will be discussing this, I shall highlight its strengths and weaknesses, so you can see […]

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Penny Nickel Skateboard Review : Brand Matters!

Skateboarding has come a very long way since its earliest days. In the 1970s, as the sport began to resemble what it would eventually evolve into, one little toy was ubiquitous. The little plastic banana board was on every other driveway back then, usually with some small child aboard with a smile from ear to […]

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