ReVive skateboards review- avoid or buy?

ReVive is a relatively new name in skateboarding. But in the short time they’ve been here, they’ve managed to take up a significant portion of the market, and elbow out bigger, more established brands. Today I’ll be talking about everything you need to know about the ReVive brand.

ReVive skateboards who are the?

Only started 10years ago (back in 2009), ReVive is one of the more recent skateboard brands. Despite being only a couple of years old, they’re quite popular. This is mainly thanks to the fact they were started by a social media personality. This just goes to show you how influential a social media presence can be.

Their products are very affordable but are of decent quality. They charge a lot less than traditional skate brands and have a different approach to making, selling, and advertising their skate products. Finally, ReVive skateboards also own and distributes products for the brands’ Force wheels, 3 Block skateboards, and Amgrip. Despite the small revive skateboards net worth, they are making a big impact.

Who started ReVive skateboards?

ReVive is owned and operated by Andrew Schrock and Bryan Ayms. Andrew is a YouTuber who started off making content about skateboarding. You’ve probably come across his content if you watch skate videos on youtube.

Andrew started ReVive simply because his subscribers were asking for skateboards and products from him. Eventually, he gave in and would finally start selling them, boards. However, each time Andrew would put up a stock of boards, they would all sell out fairly quickly. Naturally, he saw the potential for a profitable business from this. 

Andrew eventually contacted Bryan Arms to help him run the brand. They chose to name their brand “ReVenge Skateboards” and would sell products under this name. They would later rebrand because of copyright issues and would become what we know them today – ReVive skateboards.

What made ReVive successful?

Apart from making decent quality skateboards, you could say the success of ReVIve is mostly thanks to its team riders and social media presence. Apart from Andrew Schrock, some notable team riders are:

  • Aaron Kyro
  • John Hill
  • Sam Tabor

All of them big YouTubers with strong followings. In case you didn’t know, Aaron Kyro is the man behind the Braille skateboarding channel with over 4.81m subscribers. Andrew Schrock (ReVive skateboards owner), also has over 3.27m subscribers. John Hill and Sam Tabor both have over 800,000 subscribers. So whenever these guys post a video, it’s like they’re advertising for the brand. 

Because a ton of the media our generation consumes comes from youtube and other social media, brands are shifting their advertising to be on there. It’s more effective. Audiences are already polarized to like a product based on whatever they are watching, so brands can get to their target market much easier. 

So because these awesome skateboarders are all riding ReVive decks, it’s natural for viewers to want to go out and buy ReVive decks for themselves. 

And ReVive gets all this advertising for free when other brands would pay at least $10,000 per video. This allows them to save a ton on advertising costs.

Is ReVive a legit brand?

Because they are an online-based brand and don’t work like the traditional skate company, some would doubt that they’re legit. Most also take one look at their prices and think they’re way too cheap.

But over time, ReVive has proven itself to be a reliable brand. They make reliable products that are of similar quality to other skate brands. And they use a manufacturer based in Pennsylvania to help them produce their decks. 

That said, some skaters don’t like them because they undercut skate shops. After all, they sell directly to skaters. So some would rather support their local skate shop than some random online brand.

What type of products does ReVive make?

ReVive primarily makes skate decks. Though they also sell some soft goods like t-shirts and stickers. Their sister brands sell wheels, grip and the 3 Block SB brand sells skate decks too.

How much do ReVive boards cost?

Because they do a lot of their advertising through team riders, don’t have a physical store and don’t sell through skate shops. ReVive doesn’t have a lot of the same overhead costs other skate companies do. They don’t have to employ marketers, designers, distributors, and don’t have to deal with skate shops. They already advertise their products and simply need a warehouse where they can sort and ship what they produce.

The above said I would suggest they should employ a designer because some of the graphics on their boards do look kinda bland. 

All the cost-saving above allows ReVIve to sell their skate decks at wholesale prices. Their decks go for half the price of premium skate decks, making them some of the cheapest in the industry. You can pick one up for less than $40. ReVive completes are some of the most affordable options around.

ReVive Red Lifeline Skateboard Deck Review

This is one of the simpler ReVive decks. It comes in a standard shape and size. It is 31.5 inches long and you can get it in varying widths. It’s made from 7plys of maple and has the basic ReVive logo on the bottom. The price tag of this board is about $40. 

This is a solid deck and would work well for any rider. There’s nothing really special about it, and the graphic doesn’t make it stand out. But it is a decent deck. Check it out here on

ReVive X Braille Aaron Kyro Pro Model Review

Though sold and advertised as a Braille skateboard, this board is Aaron Kyros pro model. Aaron rides for ReVive but also runs the Braille skateboarding youtube channel.

The complete is pretty high-quality. It comes with a high-quality ReVive deck, Ricta wheels, and Independent trucks.

Because the components are high-quality, the complete is quite expensive with a price tag of over $150.

That said, if you’re looking for high-quality parts, it is a good option. You can check it out here on

I don’t like ReVive products, which other brands should I check out?

It’s hard to beat ReVive boards when it comes to their price. You won’t be able to get a board of similar quality elsewhere for the same price. If you don’t mind spending a bit more, some brands like:

  • Enjoi,
  • Toy Machine,
  • Blind,
  • Chocolate,
  • Baker, 
  • Creature

Will all have some decent boards for sale. Decks from these brands will have slightly more concave than what you’ll get on a ReVive deck. They’ll have a similar pop too. Though not as affordable as ReVive boards, some of them aren’t too pricey. For example, check out this Blind skateboards complete here on It has an affordable price tag, I think it would be a decent alternative.

Should you buy Revive products? What do you think?

ReVive decks and products are just as solid as any other skate companies. They’re just cheaper because ReVive doesn’t have the same overhead costs as the other brands. So if you see a product you like from them, buy it! Also, it’s a good way to support some of the best skateboarders on youtube and help keep them rolling.

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