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Sector 9 Bamboozler Cruiser Complete comes up quite often as a suggestion when someone is searching for a sweet little longboard to start their cruising journey. The brand Sector 9 has been widely known for years as one of the best companies to make cruisers, freeride decks, and downhill longboard decks.

Combined with the trucks, wheels, and bearings you get for a pretty reasonable price, there’s no wonder why so many people choose to go for this board.

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With this complete cruiser’s setup, you’re getting Bamboozler longboard deck, Gullwing Mission 9 inch standard geometry cruising trucks and some great Sector Nine NineBall round lip wheels including Sector 9 Greaseball Bearings inside.

TOP Tier Board and Cruising Trucks!

The Bamboozler Cruiser features a 15.5-inch wheelbase length, which is sort of in the sweet spot if we’re talking about cruising. With this Custom complete, you receive pretty good Gullwing Mission Truck set which will help to increase your turning capabilities.

Gullwing makes some of the best cast longboard trucks on the market, and the  Mission Trucks happen to be one of their flagship models. The Gullwing Missions are 9-inch standard kingpin geometry cruising trucks with added ride height for maximum turning capabilities and zero wheelbite.

They also feature both old school and standard mounting holes so no matter what deck you choose to ride in the future, you’ll still be able to add Gullwing Mission trucks. These trucks come with some stock Gullwing bushings, to be exact, an 89a barrel on the broadside and an 89a cone roadside.

Fast Wheels And Bearings!

  When you order the Sector 9 Bamboozler Cruiser Complete included are pretty decent wheels pre-mounted for you. Sector 9 has always made top-notch wheels for cruising, sliding, and downhill. With this particular setup, you receive the Sector 9 NineBall 58mm 78a Centerset Nineball Wheel.

They’ll be good for cruising and can even be used for sliding. The center set core is very supportive and solid all the way until you get to it. Combined with the 58mm wheel and the Sector 9 GreaseBall bearings you could have one of the fastest accelerating boards in your neighborhood for sure!

Now we can talk about all of the other parts on this custom complete, but without bearings, you might as well just forget about riding. This setup includes affordable and fast rolling bearings –  the Sector 9 GreaseBalls! As the name implies these bearings roll pretty good for their price, I’m pretty sure, that you’ll enjoy the fast and smooth riding experience.

Things To Keep in Mind!

Some things to be aware of when purchasing the Sector 9 Bamboozler Cruiser are, if you are above about 180 pounds in weight then you will most likely get a wheelbite with the current bushings that come with the Gullwing Missions.

This problem is easily fixed with 2 different methods.

  1. The first solution would be to add aftermarket bushings which I highly recommend or for a super carvy setup.
  2. The second option would be to add ¼ inch riser pads to under the trucks. This would increase the ride height helping to eliminate wheelbite.

Now if you want to go with the aftermarket bushings i highly recommend Venom Bushings. Venom makes a nice freeride bushing setup for a reasonable price. With these upgrades to the Bamboozler Cruiser Setup, you should have no issues with this setup. But in the off chance you do have a few issues there are a few alternative options for you.

One of these alternatives is the Sector 9 Highline Complete Longboard. This setup features a lot of the same parts as the bamboozler but just few different additions. The Highline Cruizer deck is a slightly defined pintail shaped deck with, the Gullwing Mission trucks, and the same NineBalls wheels along with the greaseball bearings. This is definitely a good option if you would like a slightly different style cruiser.

Should you go with it?

In conclusion you are definitely getting your money’s worth when you order this custom complete. This Setup won’t let you down at medium speeds, rough terrain, and or wet pavement. (Although I don’t suggest riding in the rain) This is one of the best options if you’re are on a limited budget. I highly recommend this cruiser and for the price it is a  great setup!

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