Sector 9 Highline Review

  Every longboarder started off somewhere and no matter whom you ask whether they are a beginner skater or professional, pretty much every longboarder started off with a pintail.

With its simple shape and great maneuverability, it is the perfect starter board for any skater. And what better company than one of the OG’s of the industry. And with that, I bring you my review of the Sector Nine Highline pintail.

Who’s it for

longboard riderThis board is designed for people that are looking to get into longboarding who want a board that can get them from A to B and have fun while doing it.

It is also great for people who want something that they can pump around and cruise with their friends but are not really interested in going fast down a steep hill as its shape and setup make it unreliable at high speed.

This board does have a lack of concave although makes a good starter for people who are looking into the basics of longboard dancing.

You can check its price, user reviews and pictures on  in here.

What’s Good?

For me the pros of this board are that its small lightweight design makes is great if you want to get around town but don’t want to have to carry a larger board for when you are not skating. Furthermore, its narrow trucks and taller kingpin make it great for those wanting to carve and pump through busy areas and not have to worry about dodging people. 

What’s Bad?

This board still does have a couple bad things about it. Its lack of concave for me means that while you are pumping hard there is a low amount of grip to hold your feet in position meaning that if you are riding in wet conditions your feet have a good chance of slipping right off. Another problem I have with this board is that the type of trucks are not the best for its price as there are other companies that have better quality trucks for its use.

Some of the Features

  The Sector Nine Highline is a top mounted pintail made with 7-ply maple construction giving it a good flexibility which absorbs much of the vibrations for when you’re pushing and pumping around town over sketchy pavements and other rough surfaces.

It is constructed with a flat concave through the whole board and has a rounded tail to reduce any splitting and damage to the board when the tail gets scraped onto the ground.

It has a length of 34.5 inches, width of 8 inches and a wheelbase of 23.5 inches making it a smaller alternative to typical longboard pintails usually around 38-42 inches.

This means that for someone who’s just getting into longboarding or coming over from a skateboard length, they can easily get used to the feel of the longboard shape and style, without having to carry around a heavier, larger board and can easily be stored in a locker or at home. This makes it a great setup for the general commuter so that you can still carry it around when you’re off the board.

This board is also built with wheel wells reducing the chance of getting wheel bite when carving and pumping at higher speeds or with looser trucks.

It’s set up with 8-inch Gullwing Mission trucks giving the board a responsive turn and due to its narrower axel than typical longboard trucks make the board more agile while dodging pedestrians on your commute through town or weaving through traffic.

It also has a taller kingpin that standard trucks giving it a more aggressive turn to create a smoother yet quicker carve. 

  This board comes with 64mm 78a nineball wheels. These wheels are made from a soft gummy urethane and have a large contact patch and rounded edges giving a large amount of grip yet at the same time giving a smooth drift when carving and pumping.

Each board also come with two colour sets of wheels making it a colourful ride to impress your friends. This highland come in a choice of 3 different colours, green, blue and orange and has a simplistic surf style graphic to fit its simple shape.


Alternate products

If you were looking for something similar to this board but with more concave and a higher quality set-up I would recommend looking at the Mindless products such as the Marauder II or raider IV classic series as it has a lower amount of ply’s yet is constructed with maple, bamboo and fiberglass making it a stronger lighter for when your getting around, with a comfier concave and added flex to help with carving and pumping.

They also have a functional kicktail giving it more versatility. You check out the Mindless Marauder 2 on here.

Feel free to read our reviews of some cheaper alternatives you might like:

  1. Atom Pintail
  2. Quest Super Cruiser

Should You Trust Sector 9?

 sector 9 logo Sector nine is considered as one of the original longboard brands that provide a wide range of high-quality boards from your everyday cruisers to the specialized downhill boards.

Founded in 1993 in La Jolla, California in the backyard of a group of surfer/skater friends began their dream of starting a board company to bring high-quality custom boards. To this day they are one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality gear for all disciplines of skateboarding.


For me this board is great for those who are looking for a smaller alternative to more typical longboards that you can pump around town with your friends, have a quick carve to the shops or on your commute to school and still be able to carry it around town while having something that has a stylish look for everyone to see.  Or if you’re looking to get your first board, it makes a great starter for beginners too.

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