Sector 9 Mini Shaka review – An Option For a Freeride Enthusiast!

Have you been eyeing out Sector 9 Mini Shaka?  It’s a Top mounted board with free riding and high-speed shredding in mind. How does it compare to other similar boards? And.. is it worth your money? Let’s find out.

Is this the right ride for you?

This board suits those who are intermediate riders who have a bit of money to spend. The board is suitable for those who would like to have a board that is good for a wide range of activities.

Whilst not entirely ideal for beginners since it doesn’t have a drop through mount option, it will still be a good fit for those who want to do some freestyle, cruising, high-speed free riding down the line.

But those who are simply looking for a commuting and cruising board may want to look somewhere else.

Anyhow, you can check its current price on here.

Reasons Why You Should Get It

The included rocker is a good feature as it helps pushing slides out easier and more comfortable. Suitable for high speed free riding.

 Whilst lots of completes come with cheap hardware, the “Mini Shaka skateboard” brings good value. This is because Sector 9 has decided to include their famous “Butterball” wheels. The combination of 70mm and rounded lips make a good cruising wheel and freeriding wheel.

The wheels will also leave large white thane lines. Letting you mark your territory. The trucks are decent as they are stable and comfortable, although are nothing special. It is recommended to change the stock bushings as soon as possible. Wheel cut outs also reduce the worry of getting wheel bite.

The combination of a top mount system and a large wheel base give riders a good combination of stability, control and responsiveness.

Also the small kicks help make it easier to perform tricks on the board and provide additional leverage.

Some Things To Consider

Limited mounting options:

The board only allows for the trucks to be top mounted. Therefore lacks the stability, lower platform and flexibility of a drop through. Although top mounts do provide better grip, control and are a livelier feel.

They are better suited for intermediate riders and can be a bit intimidating for beginners. Also only one wheel base is selectable as there are only 4 mounting holes. Reducing flexibility. The large wheel base will mean that the board will be slower to turn as compared to smaller wheelbases.

Bearings Could’ve Been Better!

Sector 9 “PDP” bearings aren’t bad by any means but they are only ABEC-5 rated. I would recommend replacing these bearings with a higher rated bearing at least ABEC-9 or some Bones Reds. To ensure a smoother and better roll speed. As these are not particularly fast.

We have listed what we think are the best longboard bearings in this guide.

Also you can check out Bones Reds on in here.

Mini Shaka Main Features

The “Mini Shaka” deck has a good range of features. Starting off with the construction of the deck, the deck features a common 8 ply maple construction. Making it a sturdy board, stiff and decently durable.

The mild concave helps lock you in but is still comfortable. Suitable for sending out those drifts, slides and keeping you locked in for faster speeds.

Wheel cuts outs are included easing out the fear of getting some nasty wheel bite and getting slammed. Grip tape is included and the deck has a slight kick in the nose and tail giving leverage for tricks. The board also comes with a “5/8″ drop rocker making it easier to push the board for some stylish slides and a lower stance. Lastly it features a 28.875 wheel base providing more stability.

The Gullwing Trucks and ButterBall Wheels


The complete board comes with Sector 9’s popular buttery “ButterBall” wheels. The wheels have a 70mm diameter with round lips and a 80a durometer.

PDP Bearings are also included as well as “50 degree Gullwing charger” trucks. All mounting hardware is also included.


Whilst sturdy, the common maple construction used here means it will weigh a bit more compared to boards made of other materials such as bamboo and fibre glass.

This can make it a bit more of a pain to carry around or push around. Maple is also prone to chipping and degrading over time. It can also be exposed to water logging.

Other Similar Options

Whilst the “Mini Shaka” is a good option there are potentially other options that may be a better fit for you.

For example the Sector 9 “lookout” (link to will be more suitable for those who might just want to cruise around. Since it has bamboo construction and more flexible mounting options compared to the Mini Shaka.

Another option, particularly for those who are intermediate riders who are looking for something to do more advanced riding with. I would recommend the Sector 9 Dropper. (Link to As it is a very similar board but has more mounting options. It also has bigger kick and nose tail.

Know This About Sector 9!

sector 9 logoSector 9 are a well-established brand with a reputation. Lots of skaters start out on Sector 9 and for good reason. Sector 9’s history starts back in 1993 where a bunch of surfers and close decided to start up a skateboarding manufacturing business.

Ever since they have been making good quality and value boards ranging to all styles from surf inspired city cruisers and classic pintails to free ride and downhill racing boards. Not only does Sector 9 make decks and completes. Sector 9 produces wheels, gloves, pucks and everything in between.

In The End?

In conclusion, the “Mini Shaka” is a good board however certain riders will find that they will get more out of other boards within the same price range. For example the Dropper.

Beginners who are looking to get into freestyle, dancing, free-riding are better off with the Dropperor for those who want to simply to commute should look into options such as the Sector 9 lookout. Intermediate riders will benefit the most from this board as natively top mounted boards are more suitable for more experienced riders doing high speed free riding.

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