Sector 9 Dropper Review – A Freeride Machine?

 Sector 9 continues their long streak of providing the goods with their new versatile Free ride machine. The “Sector 9 Dropper”. But it is worth your hard earned cash?

Absolutely. This review outlines why this is a great board that’s worth your time and money.

You can check Sector 9 Dropper pricer on in here.

A Brief Overview

downhill longboardingThe deck is made from 9 ply cold pressed Maple, giving it a good amount of stability, decent durability and medium flex. The 0.625 inch drop rocker and “shocker mold” help lock in your feet to provide a comfortable and easy ride that makes it easier to push out those slides whilst free riding.

The board comes with a drop through mount that makes it easier to push for long distances and provides a lower centre of gravity. Therefore extra stability for those who love fast speeds.

The board is 41 inches in length and 9.625 in width, giving plenty of room for your feet and making it ideal for larger riders with bigger feet. Added in is the 29-inch wheelbase ( length between trucks)  giving riders greater stability, predictability, and control over their slides. Lastly the board features an eye catching colourful graphic making great use of the orange and blue colours to stand out of the crowd.

This board would be great for a beginner who wants to begin their journey into freeriding and downhill skating or an intermediate rider that would like to have a daily ride that provides versatility whilst pushing and crafting their current skill set.

What’s To Like?

good about pocket rocket

  • Great stability – The combination of the decks length, width, wheel base, construction and drop through mounting system give the board lots of stability especially at high speeds.
  • Good for Long distance pushing – The board is great to commute and cruise on as its drop through mount system allows the deck to sit lower to the ground. Making it easier to push and reduces fatigue.
  • Versatile – With rocker, a large wheel base and drop through mount it can pretty much do it all, downhill, free ride, cruise, commute or win a push race. The nose and kick tail provide the ability to do tricks as well which is a bonus.
  • Eye-catching graphics.
  • Value– The board comes complete but with necessary hardware. Included with the popular “Sector 9 Butter Ball wheels” that make sliding a breeze and gullwing charger trucks.
  • Wheel cut-outs– Reduce the risk of wheel bite, thus – falling.

What’s Not To Like?

bad about pocket rocket

  • Included bearings are not particularly fast. Get a better set such as “ Bones Reds”, or any other from our list.
  • Lack of Shock pads –  This could reduce the life of the board if it is exposed to large impacts.
  • Drop through mounting – this could increase the likelihood of cracks and stress fractures. Drop through mounted boards also have less grip, control and responsiveness compared to a top mount board.
  • Nose and Tail are prone to wearing, especially when doing tricks.
  • Heavy – Since it’s made of 9 ply’s of maple it can be heavier compared to other decks.

Other Great Alternatives?

Alternative options that might be a better fit for more advanced riders or simply cover the cons listed up below, other boards worth checking out include:

  • Sector 9 Green Wave Lookout II Drop – Thru – A 5 ply vertically laminated construction making a lightweight easy to ride around board. Comes With a 31.50 wheelbase, 74mm 78A Sector 9 top shelf wheels and Gullwing charger trucks this board also makes a great versatile setup that might be better for people who are more on the cruising side of things or want something that’s easier to carry. Check it out on Amazon here.
  • Sector 9 Natasha Downhill Division 40″ Drop Through Complete Longboard– Like the “Dropper” The “Natasha” is similar in a lot of ways although it may be better for riders who want something that is better for tackling bigger hills as it comes bundled with a set of “72mm Race Formula wheels” and Gullwing Charger II’s. Whilst also having a bigger wheel base. It also has a 8 ply maple construction and a drop through platform. View it on Amazon here.


Is Sector 9 a Brand You Can Trust?

sector 9 logoSector 9 are one of the most reputable and well-known skateboard companies, where its signature “nineball” logo is recognisable by skaters around the world and for good reason. Having a humble beginning in 1993 where it was started by simply a group of skaters and surfers, “Sector 9” continues to produce high quality skateboard decks, wheels, trucks, hardware and everything in between that are worth your time and money.

Whether you want to Free ride, bomb some hills or simply cruise and commute you are bound to find something you like.


So – should you get it?

Sector 9s “Dropper” is definitely great value for your money within its respective price range. If you are looking for a versatile, stable, comfortable and easy to slide deck to start learning longboarding on or simply something to help you refine your slides, get around and bomb some hills, this deck will not disappoint you with its solid features and value for money.

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