Sector 9 Meridian Complete Review

Prepare yourselves for a series of reviews on products from Sector 9. This initial review is of the Sector 9 Meridan Complete a drop through platform which is a good choice for an eager new rider.

Stick around and take a deeper look with us at the pros and cons of this board.

You can check it’s current price on here.

So What Are The Features?

It features a 40-inch drop-through  platform, giving the rider a good all-around performance. The drop-through gets you a bit closer to the ground, allowing it easier to get a strong push. Its width comes in at 9.5 inches wide, that gives you nice foot coverage.

The width also allows for you to use the rails easily to help leverage slides. A wheelbase at 30.5 is great for new riders that needed a stable ride. It is still nimble enough to take corners, just gives you more room when leaning into the turn. It is pressed from their “taco” mold, which gives it an interesting radial concave throughout the deck. That about wraps it up for the features, let’s see what the pros and cons are.

What’s To Like?

good about pocket rocketThis longboard has a lot of pros for the aspiring rider. All of its features come together to offer something that can commute, as well as shred your local hill with your friends. Anyone can benefit from its features, allowing them to get more comfortable at speeds.

In additon, it has a lightweight construction that’s easy to commute with. It has a graphic that is scratch resistant, so it can take a beating while still looking nice. All in all a nice longboard to grow your abilities on. One place you should be able to find it is

What’s Not To Like?

bad about pocket rocketThe only cons to this set up is it might not be exactly right for very advanced riders. Its still enjoyable for all but may not be suited to some riders needs. Its 30.5 wheelbase while great for stability, has slight issues with super tight cornering. Be careful of curbs due to the drop through construction. Hitting a curb with the tail or nose can cause stress cracks to

Hitting a curb with the tail or nose can cause stress cracks to occure. This board will feel a little flatter than some more expensive models. Although for some riders that may be better suited for them. Make sure you skate safe and always wear safety gear.

Useful Upgrades!

The complete comes assembled with gullwing chargers, as well stock unbranded wheels.

These will be fine for most riders looking to start going faster.

If you are a more advanced rider, you will want to look into upgrading the stock parts.

For a wheel upgrade the Seismic speed vents 77mm (view them on here), will offer you lots of grip for race applications. Then look at Seismic tantrums, for lots of slides without losing all of its grip for when you need it.

Also for those that want better performance out of the trucks. Look into upgraded the bushings and pivot cups, with new ones from Riptide Sports. They offer a wide range of formulas and duros to cover almost every rider.

Who’s Sector 9, Anyway?

sector 9 logo  Sector 9 is a long-standing skate brand out of California, USA. Sector 9 has made a variety of skateboard products for over 20 years. A company that has been really involved in longboarding culture, sponsoring tons of great events and riders.

The make everything from soft goods to hard goods for skating. With a diverse line up of products to offer, Sector 9 has something for most riders. Let’s take a  look at their meridian model, and what it has to offer.

Should You Get it?

Overall this board is great for someone looking to get into the sport, without breaking the bank. It has a host of features to help you navigate your local hills, and streets. Featuring a very durable 8 ply construction, while still being lightweight. The Sector 9 Meridian Complete is a great addition to anyone’s quiver.

A very lively platform that even a more skilled rider can enjoy. Sector 9 has tons of experience in the sport of longboarding. Their experience shows through in shining colors with this setup. Put all this together with an awesome graphic, and you’ve got a solid offering from Sector 9.

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