11 Best & Safest Skateboard Helmets for Kids in 2021

You can’t talk about skateboard safety without mentioning helmets. Helmets are easily the most important piece of safety gear. They protect the most valuable part of the body and ensure we can come out of crashes in one piece.

So when it comes to kids, especially those who are still developing motor skills (and are prone to falling over). They are extremely critical.

With that in mind, today’s guide will be focused on the best kids skate helmets you can buy. I’ve hand-picked some of the best for you and after reading my guide, you’ll know exactly what to pick for your kid.

11. JBM Skateboard Helmet

The first option on my list is both affordable and very safe. The JBM helmet comes in the simple, basic helmet designed. It has multiple ventilation holes, a basic color scheme, and adjustable straps. It also comes with an adjustable buckle at the back for a tighter fit on smaller heads.     

The helmet itself comes in the three basic sizes – small, medium and large. It doesn’t have Junior sizes, but it will fit kids with bigger heads, kids who are slightly older, or kids with loads of hair. Hair increases the size of the helmet you will need to use, so if your kid has dreadlocks, shaggy hair or a huge afro, this helmet might be the best for them.

You can check the helmet out here on Amazon. Take a look at all the color options and see what might work best for your kid.

Given the price, the helmet is great value for money. It comes with the necessary ASTM F1492 and CPSC certification so you know protection is guaranteed. That said, it is kind of basic and isn’t as colorful or comfortable – some kids may not like it because of this. The Little Nutty below is a nice, cool looking option.

10. Triple Eight Lil 8 Certified Helmet

Triple 8 is a well-known brand based out of New York. Their 8 logo is unique and instantly identifiable. Triple 8 knows their stuff and makes a variety of high-quality safety gear, including knee pads, elbow pads, and hip pads.

The Lil 8 is comfortable, safe and looks good – a triple threat.

The Lil 8 comes in one standard size but has 2 sets of pads to help you customize it to fit better. This toddlers skateboard helmet is appropriate for most kids around 5 years of age. It is designed to fit heads measuring 18-20.5in (46-52cm) in size.

The helmet is safe and has the dual ASTM F1492 and CPSC certification. It stands out from other helmets because its pads have a thicker lining and that it features a ‘pinch saver’ padded chin strap for more comfort. Check out this helmet on Amazon and take a good look at its features.

The Triple 8 is a great children’s skate helmet and will serve any kid well. That said, it is kind of expensive. The Flybar below is a similar but slightly cheaper option.

9. XJD Toddler Kids Helmet

Another affordable option, the XJD is as basic as it gets. It doesn’t feature anything fancy, but it doesn’t compromise on the most important bit – protection.

This helmet fits head sizes between 18.9 to 21.3in in diameter, meaning it’s a good kids skate helmet for children between ages 3-8. But be sure to measure your kids head in case it might be bigger or smaller.

It features an adjustable strap and a buckle which allows you to tighten the helmet down for an extra snug fit, especially at the back.

Finally, the helmet comes in basic block colors of pink, black, blue and light green. You can check the options out here on Amazon.com, as you find out more about the helmet too.

The helmet only comes with the CPSC bike and CE certifications, but not the ASTM F1492. So whilst the helmet will definitely protect your kids head, it won’t be as safe as those helmets with the ASTM F1492. If you want an affordable helmet that has all 3 certifications, take a look at the JBM above.

8. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

Our mid-priced option. The Razor V-17 is unique and stands out. It has a custom design, a unique color range and an excellent distribution of ventilation holes, with 17 in total.

This helmet was designed for kids aged 8 to 14 years. So it fits head sizes between 22 to 23.5in in diameter.
The helmet is quite flashy and features a lot of cool looking color options – this is key especially for kids. Majority of kids won’t want to wear a helmet that looks ugly. They want something with a good color that makes them look cool. You’d be able to pick with them a helmet from this selection that they’ll enjoy wearing. Check out the helmet here on Amazon.com and take a look at all the available options.

The helmet only features the CPSC certification so it is rated for cycling. It will work great for skating too, but it is not officially rated for that. For a skate rated helmet, check out the Triple 8 Gotham below for a similarly sized helmet.

7. ProRider BMX Bike & Skate Helmet

Another affordable helmet. The ProRider is similar to the XJD and JBM helmets, however, it has more sizing and color options.

The ProRider is a decent kids skate helmet. It is the most basic option on my list, and that is reflected in the price making it the most affordable and budget friendly.

It only features an adjustable strap (with no buckle at the back) but will fit snug if you get your kids head size perfect.

It comes in 3 sizes, with the X-small being best for kids. It fits head sizes between 20-21.25in, which is most kids around 3-6 yrs of age. The small/medium fits sizes between 21.5-22.5in, in case your kids head is slightly bigger. Find out more about the helmet here on Amazon.com and check out its cool color range.

This helmet is good if you’re on a tight budget. It has the CPSC bike certifications so protection is guaranteed, but not ASTM F1492. Check out the Flybar below for a helmet with all the relevant certifications.

6. Triple Eight Gotham Helmet

Another Triple 8 helmet, this time it’s a helmet from their Gotham series. It is one of the best skate helmets for adults and will make an excellent skate helmet for kids who are slightly older.

The helmet is unique as it features fewer ventilation holes. Meaning it keeps your head warmer than other helmets so it’s great for winter and cold weather uses.

It features 3 sizes, with XS/S being the tiniest. It will fit heads between 18.9 to 21.3in inches in diameter, so will be good for small kids too.

It has unique options and you can pick a color option that reflects light at night. This makes it safer for your kid if they skate or cycle in your neighborhood at dusk. The helmet reflects light back to the source, so cars and other cyclists will definitely see them. Learn more about it here at Amazon.com.

Though the helmet has all the bells and whistles and is dual certified (ASTM and CPSC), it is on the expensive side. Not everyone will be able to afford it. It’s especially expensive if you’re buying a helmet for more than one kid. Check out the Lil 8 above for something more affordable.

5. Nutcase – Little Nutty

The Little Nutty is easily one of the coolest looking helmets on my list. Designed specifically for kids, this helmet meets all the necessary regulations (CPSC, ASTM).

The helmet comes with a cool looking pirate design – a nice break from the basic colors the other helmets on the list have. You can also choose the other design with racing stripes and silver color, if your kid doesn’t like the pirate design.
The helmet should fit kids aged 3-7 years old and it works for head sizes between 18.9in to 20.5in in diameter.

It comes with extra sets of padding so you can adjust it for the perfect fit for comfort. You can even adjust it over the years, to suit your kid as they grow – a useful option!

You can check out this great helmet here on Amazon.com.

Though the helmet is great, it is one of the most expensive on my list. Your kid will definitely like it so it might be worth the price. If you need something cheaper, check out the Gotham above.

4. Triple Eight Junior Little Tricky

Another Triple 8 helmet. This is one of the best toddler skateboard helmets you can get. (I know it is the 3rd Triple 8 helmet, but they are simply great options).

The helmet is a signature creation of Mitchie Brusco – a skater who started off at the age of 3.

It features his signature (not that many kids will care) and it comes in a classic matte black color. Some kids may like it because a pro rider wears and uses it to compete. Nothing better than using the same gear as your idol.

The helmet, of course, complies with all the US regulations (ASTM and CPSC) and is fitted to head sizes between 19.25in to 22in in diameter. It is geared to kids 5 years and older, but make sure it’s right for your kids head.
Find out more about it here on Amazon.com

The helmet is a high-quality option and that is definitely reflected in the price. That said, it is worth the investment if your kid will use it frequently.

3. Mongoose Boys Street Youth Skull Hardshell

Easily the most unique helmet on my list with the coolest design. Mongoose have a put a great spin on this helmet for boys (it makes a great skate helmet for girls too).

This helmet comes with a skull shape at the back, with the eyes and nose holes acting as the ventilation ports for the helmet. It’s both quite cool and intimidating. A lot of kids will love this design because of this.

Apart from its shape, the helmet is high quality and features the necessary safety bits. It only comes with the ASTM F1492 certification for skating. However, given how strict the ASTM is, you can safely use this for other roller sports too.

Finally, the helmet comes with thick padding and will fit heads between 20.5in to 22in in diameter.

The helmet looks great, is comfortable and is also affordable. It would easily be the best on my list if it had a few more sizing options. You can find out more about it here on Amazon.com

2. Bell Hello Kitty Child and Toddler Helmets

Another unique helmet. This helmet comes from Bell whose bread and butter are making high-quality helmets. You can’t go wrong with any equipment from them.

This will be a great skate helmet for girls (and some boys too). It is based off Hello Kitty and it comes complete with painted on whiskers, a pink plastic bow, and 3D cat ears.

The design is great and if your kid likes it, it will make sure they use it even when you aren’t supervising them (though not guaranteed haha).

The helmet is dual certified with both the ASTM and CPSC certifications (all Bell helmets are). You can choose between two sizes for toddlers of 3-5yrs and older kids 5-8yrs. If your kid has loads of hair, the larger sizes will be better. The 3-5yrs fit is good for heads 18.8-20.5in in size.

Fortunately, if your kid doesn’t like the design, there are a few other Bell helmets they can pick from. Check out all the options here on Amazon.com.

1. Flybar Dual Certified Helmet

Last but not least, the Flybar helmet. This helmet comes from a brand that has slowly been increasing its piece of the pie in the helmet industry.

The first thing about this helmet you’ll notice is the number of ventilation holes. It has a whopping 12 vents to keep your kids head cool, meaning it’s perfect for those hot summer days (and warm climates).

The helmet comes with an adjustable strap and dial to ensure a perfect fit for your child. The smallest size fits kids with heads 20.8-21.6in in diameter (around 6-8 years old).

Finally, the helmet has a few colors and graphics options to pick from. The coolest of which imo is the splatter option. Take a good look at it out here on Amazon.com and look at the other options too.

The helmet is dual certified, decently priced and has nice features. It might be the best on my list if it was a bit more stylish. For something a bit more nice looking, check out the Triple 8 Lil 8 or Little Nutty above.

How to pick the skateboard helmet for your kid?

It’s difficult enough to buy something you don’t fully understand. It becomes even more difficult when you have to buy it for someone else – and when you also have to think about what they’d like, and if it will even fit right on them etc …

I understand how frustrating this is, so in my guide below I’ve tried to address all these issues. I’ve explained in simple detail what you should consider when getting a helmet for your kid and what precautions you should take. As much as falling is a part of skateboarding, head injuries do not need to be part of the equation.

Pick a helmet that your child likes (what to do if a child doesn’t want to wear a helmet)

The most important part of skateboard safety for kids is to make sure you get them the gear they like wearing. This is key because even if you buy your kid the safest helmet possible, it won’t be useful if they refuse to wear it. It might have all the bells and whistles, all the certifications and the most comfortable padding. But if it looks ugly and uncool to them, they will not use it. I’m sure we can all agree on how stubborn kids can be.

As such, it is important that you buy your kid a helmet they like. They could like it because of the design, the shape or how comfortable it is to have on their head. They simply need to enjoy wearing it.

The easy way to make sure you get the right thing is by involving your kid in the sorting process. You can easily identify a few helmets that have all the relevant certifications and then present the options to them to choose.

For example, I personally think the Mongoose, Lil Nutty, and the Lil 8 helmets are great looking. With the Mongoose with its skull design and the Lil 8 with its cool color selection, most kids would be happy to have those helmets on their heads.  

Your kid still doesn’t want to wear their helmet?

If your child doesn’t like the helmet, then they need to understand they simply can’t skate. Skating simply isn’t worth it if their safety isn’t guaranteed.
Head injuries can be life-changing in the worst ways. Though they may not understand this, they can understand that they won’t be allowed to skate without a helmet. Do not negotiate with (the little) terrorists.

In order to stop this from happening, you should introduce helmets to them as soon as possible. Basically, if they start skating tomorrow, they should be wearing a helmet before they even step on board.

By doing this, you normalize skating and wearing helmets for them. You also help them build a habit making it feel awkward for them if they skate without a helmet.

Finally, check if the helmet is comfortable and is the right fit for them. It could be they simply don’t want to wear the helmet because it hurts them (think of it as the way uncomfortable skate shoes can hurt and pinching your toes).

This can easily happen if your kid grows out his hair for a few months (or even weeks), making the helmet feel tighter and more uncomfortable on their head.

The same goes if the helmet is too hot to wear. In warm climates, you should go for helmets with more ventilation.

How to pick the correct sized helmet

Getting your kid a skateboard helmet that fits is another really important part. If it is too tight, it won’t fit on their head and will give them a headache. If it is too wide, it might slip off at the worst possible moment (for example when they crash).

Getting the right measurement

To get the right measurement you need to put a tape measure around their head. The tape needs to start from the middle of their forehead and finish in the same spot to accurately get the size of their head.

If you don’t have a tape measure, you could alternatively use a piece of string, mark where it meets itself and then measure it against a ruler to get the size.    

After getting this measurement, check it against the sizing guide of the helmet. Most helmet brands have their own sizing guide and as such, extra-small, small, medium and large sizes vary between brands. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they are all the same!

You want to pick a helmet that fits within the given range. Helmets can’t stretch out or shrink so you need the perfect size to make it work well. However, you can always use thicker lining pads for a more snug fit.

Finally, as you take the measurement, don’t brush your kid’s hair out of the way.  Hair actually adds thickness to the head and makes it bigger than it usually would be. This directly affects how the helmet will fit, so it needs to be considered in the measurement.

So yes, a kid with loads of hair will go down a helmet size if they go and cut their hair off.

Does pricing matter? What is worth the money?

Yes and no. Pricing doesn’t matter too much, but it typically reflects how comfortable a helmet will be and if its shell will be high or lower quality.

For example, a helmet like the Triple 8 Little trick will be very comfortable and have a high-quality, high-density ABS shell. However, our cheapest helmet the Prorider won’t have the nicest feeling shell and will just be comfortable enough.

Cheap helmets are ok if you won’t use your helmet too often – like every day or more than a few times in a week.

More expensive helmets are more comfortable and are more pleasurable to use day to day. If your kid will be using theirs frequently, it makes sense to go for the more comfortable, nicer feeling option.

The above said the bottom-line is that as long as it has the relevant certifications, a helmet is safe. The cost will not matter too much unless you are looking for comfort or a cool design.

Safety standards – The most important feature

Safety certifications are the number one feature you need to look for in a skate helmet. Whilst almost any pad will protect your elbows or knees, your brain needs something that absorbs the force of the impact.

Your brain is fragile and if your head is knocked, it sloshes back and forth in the skull. This sloshing damages the brain and is actually what gives you a concussion. A light knock can even do this, so you need to be careful.

Whilst your skull is strong and can take an impact, the brain cannot. Thusly we need helmets that absorb the force from falls and knocks. The safety certifications on helmets verify that they can absorb impact forces and keep your head protected. Bottom line, a helmet NEEDS to have them.

  • ASTM F1492 – The strictest certification in America and the world

This is the best certification a helmet can have. It is rated for multi-impact so the foam can protect you if your head bounces when you fall. It also means the helmet can take higher impacts if you fall from a great height. It is the only skate rated certification

  • CPSC – A bike certification, but good enough for skateboarders

This is a certification that all bicycle helmets sold in the use must have. It is required by law. It is not skate rated but will do if you use it when skating casually and not doing big tricks down ramps or stairs.

  • CE – The European certification

This is the European certification that guarantees that it meets the minimum safety requirements to be sold in Europe.

  • En 1078 – The UK certification

This is the UK requirements for a helmet. You will see it on helmets sold in the UK and EU, but not really on any helmets sold in the USA.

Which helmet do you think is best for your kid?

Finally, as we come to the end of the article, please remember that helmets are one-use only. If your kid falls in one, simply dispose of it appropriately. The EPS foam used expands on impact and cannot be used again. They simply become useless and dangerous to use again.

Helmets inspire confidence in both kids and their parents. To be able to skate safely and worry less about getting hurt is key to a fun time for everyone involved.

If you can’t settle on a helmet for your kid, you can’t go wrong with either the Triple 8 Lil 8 or the Little Nutty. Both high-quality options that look good!

William Thaddeus Baker

My name is William and I’m boardsports enthusiast. I’ve been skateboarding streets since I was about 9. Also I’ve experimented with longboarding & downhill. As to this site my goal is to help beginner riders to find the right equipment. Everything that I write here is my own opinion…