11 Skateboard Decks with Ridiculously High Pop

Decks with little to no pop aren’t much fun to skate, and they make some tricks feel a lot harder than they are. If you’re struggling with skating, maybe it’s your deck that sucks?

Today’s article focuses on skateboards with most pop. After reading it, you’ll know which skateboard you need to get next.

Best Pop Skateboards in 2021

11. Baker Skateboard Deck

Coming in at 8.25inches in width and about 32inches in length, the Baker skateboard deck is a good choice if you’re looking for a deck with pop.

Though the deck is made with 7plys of maple, the pressing of the boards is questionable. I’ve heard some industry rumors that these guys press 10-14 boards at a time, which as I described in the guide below, doesn’t guarantee a high-quality deck. That said, a ton of skaters enjoy using their baker skateboards, but this is something good to keep in mind.

Check it out here on Amazon.com

10. CCS Logo Blank Skateboard Deck

CCS are a no-frills brand that sells premium products at a low price – so their not a ‘skate brand’ exactly. That said, their skateboard decks are super affordable and work well enough.

The deck is available in widths from 7.5 to 8.5inches, with a standard 32inch length – there’s also a good 7inch wide, 27.75inch long option for kids. Made from maple, these boards will have pretty decent pop.

I believe these decks are decent and are as good as ‘shop decks’.They are especially nice if you’re on a budget (and are a beginner). Find the deck here on Amazon.com.

9. Powell-Peralta Skateboard Flight Deck

The first composite deck on my list, the Powell Peralta flight deck comes in at 32inches length and various widths between 8 and 9inches.

The deck itself is made from a combination of maple, fiberglass and special epoxy. This combo keeps the deck lightweight, thin, and guarantees a ton of pop for high ollies.

The deck is a lot different from traditional decks but it is worth trying if you’re looking for something different. That said, it doesn’t come cheap. But might be worth the investment thanks to its durability. Check it out here on Amazon.com. (P.S if it’s not available on Amazon.com there’s another deck from the Flight series)

8. Bamboo Blank Skateboard Deck

Coming in at 32inches in length, the Bamboo deck from Bamboo skateboards is the best skateboard deck for pop. Bamboo is notorious for how much rebound and pop it has,

Made with 6plys of bamboo, these are decks are a bit thinner when compared to the traditional 7plys of maple. This means the decks are lightweight but aren’t any weaker thanks to the bamboo ductility. But this ‘thinness’ also allows it to flex quite a bit. Some skaters like this flex, but others dislike it. Find out more about this deck here on Amazon.com.

7. Bamboo Blank Short Board Deck

Very similar to the Bamboo skateboard above, this one is a hybrid of maple and bamboo.

With various decks in different options in both length and width, most skate styles are accommodated.

Given it is a bamboo-maple hybrid, this deck isn’t as flexy as it’s sibling above, but will still have a considerable amount of pop.

If you’re looking to experiment with a bamboo deck but aren’t sure about the flex, this is a stiffer option that should be your choice. It will feel more like a traditional skate deck. Find out more about this hybrid here on Amazon.com.

6. Almost Uber EX17 Black Skateboard Deck

The most unique board on my list, this deck was designed by Rodney Mullen (https://rodneymullen.com/) himself.

Coming in at 8inches in width and about 32inches in length, the outside of the deck is made of wood whilst the inside houses a layer of special carbon foam. Thanks to this, the deck is one of the most light skateboard decks. But given how stiff and strong carbon is, it feels as sturdy as a traditional 7-ply deck. 

This board certainly lives up to the hype and provides one of the best skate experiences. However, it is pricey for a skate deck. Take a look at it for yourself here on Amazon.com.

5. Toy Machine Monster Face Skateboard Deck – 8.0

Not fazed by the hype of the other decks and just want a high-quality traditional skateboard deck? This Toy machine deck might be right for you.

With a length of 31.75inches and a wide 8inch width, this deck comes made with the traditional 7 plys of Canadian maple.

Compared to the bamboo and composite boards above, the deck won’t have as much pop. But as traditional maple skateboards go, this is one of the best. Toy machine has a good reputation in the industry for its consistency in delivering high-quality decks. Check out the deck here on Amazon.com.

4. Cliche Skateboards Kris Markovich Skull Skateboard Deck

A brand discontinued in 2016, Cliche was/still is a respected name in the industry thanks to their high-quality decks. Based in Europe, many a skater was sad when this brand went defunct.

The Kris Markovich deck comes in at 8.5inches in width and 31.1inches in length. The deck is solid and is made from 7plys of hard rock maple. 

Like the maple deck above, this deck is high-quality too. Like Toy machine, Cliche earned its reputation by making sturdy, reliable decks. And as I said in the buying guide, well-made decks guarantee a ton of pop. Find out more about it here on warehouse skateboards.

3. Enjoi Whitey Panda Logo R7 Skateboard Deck – 7.75″

Coming at 31inches in length and 7.75inches in width, the Enjoi white panda is a reliable skateboard deck, made from traditional maple.

Enjoi is a reliable brand to buy a deck from. Their boards are distributed and made by Dwindle distribution (the same guys who make Almost and Cliche decks). Dwindle makes sure their decks are all pressed one at a time. Other brands that press their decks 5 or more at a time, resulting in lower quality boards. 

Check out the Enjoi panda here on Amazon.com.

2. Creature Skateboards Al Partanen Last Strike Skateboard Deck 

Coming in at 8.25inches in width and 32inches in length, the Creature skateboard deck is a great addition to the list.

Creature is distributed and made by NHS, the same guys who make Flip and Santa Cruz boards. NHS are well known for their high-quality products, so much so, that they have a 120-day manufacturer guarantee against defects. This deck is one of the best maple decks you can buy.

Made from 7plys of North American Maple, with steep concave, this will be a good option for skaters who want to feel more ‘locked-in’. Take a look at it here on warehouse skateboards.

1. Darkstar Skateboards Cameo Wilson Augmented Reality Multi-Colored Skateboard Deck Resin

Coming in at 8inches in width and 31.6inches in length, this Darkstar deck makes for a decent option.

However, as much as it is made from maple, I’ve found that this deck doesn’t have as nice of pop as other decks on my list. Which is surprising as it is made by Dwindle, the same company that makes Enjoi and Almost. 

What I have heard is because they sell to Walmart they may be cutting corners in their manufacturing process to lower costs. But even with that, some skaters still enjoy riding their decks, so it may be something someone has to decide for themselves. Check it out for yourself here on warehouse skateboards.

How to pick a skateboard with high pop?

Pick a high-quality board

Decks with high pop are well made and are pressed individually during the manufacturing process. This guarantees that there is enough pressure for the glue to properly stick to each ply. It also makes sure that each ply is molded perfectly to the concave of the press.

A properly pressed deck acts as one solid unit. Energy transferred from the ollie is not lost between plys, but is (almost) fully transferred into the ground. 

Pick a lighter deck

Pop is also about how easy it is to pick your deck off the ground. An easy way to guarantee your deck is light is to go for a composite one. One made from a carbon, maple, bamboo or fiberglass combination.

That said, composite decks are hard to get right, so go for ones from well-established brands like:

  • Powell Peralta 
  • Almost skateboards
  • Bamboo skateboards
  • Lithe skateboards

Other lesser-known brands can get the formula wrong and produce decks that feel off.

Get a deck made from maple

There is a reason maple is the go-to choice for most skateboard manufacturers. It has just the right density and is malleable enough to conform to the concave press. This density also makes it feel just right for popping ollies and doing tricks.

Get a deck made from bamboo

Bamboo skateboards have the best pop. This is because bamboo is flexible, strong and makes lightweight decks. The science behind this is that the bamboo veneers are more elastic than the maple veneers, allowing them to reflect more energy into the ground.

With the above said, bamboo decks are a bit too flexible for some skaters. So they’re not for everyone.

Which board best fits you?

My go-to pick is the bamboo/maple hybrid by Bamboo skateboards. As much as the bamboo deck might feel off for a lot of skaters, it is worth experimenting with if you’re truly looking for a lot of pop. The hybrid should feel more like a traditional skateboard and not as different as the full bamboo option.

William Thaddeus Baker

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