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7 Best skateboarding camps in the USA in 2021

Summertime is finally here and what’s one of the best ways to spend it? At a camp learning a new skill and having fun. My article today is on the best overnight skateboarding (and some daytime) camps. Camps are a great way to build skills, meet new people, learn about new things and are simply […]

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7 PRO Girl Skateboarders That Are BIG in 2021

Girls shred too and that needs to be known. Normally, guys get a lot of the limelight and we don’t see much of anything else. You have to actively search for and dig up information if you want to find anything about girl skateboarders. The worst part about this is that it can sometimes discourage […]

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Longboarding Scene in Kenya, Nairobi

I think its incredible how sports bring together people from all over the world. Its heartwarming to imagine that someone who lives on the other side of the world feels the same way you do about something. It opens up avenues for people forge friendships and exchange experiences. Today we caught up with Kenyan longboarder […]

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The Canberra Outlaw Race: King of The Hill

For most people when  someone mentions  “King of the Hill”, their first association is the animated sitcom. Though for us, who shred it means an adrenaline dose, for which we’re willing to bleed, get  stiches and break our bones for. Today’s story comes from Julian. He’ll share his experience & impressions from his recent trip […]

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Skating in the Australian Alps in Victoria.

In my opinion the best part about long boarding is skating down through mountain roads, enjoying the scenery while living it up with a bunch of mates. This article is about my camping trip in March 2017 with the downhill skaters from Melbourne, hitting Bulla  & Lake Mountain roads. The drive I filled up with […]

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Skate Trip To Paradise – Julian’s Adventure

Today’s story comes from Julian,  one of the contributing authors here, at Heelsidechill. He’ll talk about he’s skating trip overseas to beautiful Hawaii, island of Maui. Why Hawaii? Well to put into simple words from a skater Hawaii, is one of the best places on earth. Especially if your a skater, from my experience it […]

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