7 Best skateboarding camps in the USA in 2021

Summertime is finally here and what’s one of the best ways to spend it? At a camp learning a new skill and having fun.

My article today is on the best overnight skateboarding (and some daytime) camps. Camps are a great way to build skills, meet new people, learn about new things and are simply a good way to spend time in summer. Read on below to check out my list of camps.

1.Camp Woodward

This Camp has locations all over the US (eg. Woodward camp in Tahoe, Pennsylvania etc.) and has been around for over 40 years. It is super inclusive, all skill levels and all children are welcome. They focus on a relaxed teaching style and let the campers learn at their own pace so they can learn safely whilst having the most fun possible.

It’s not just about skateboarding and there are a variety of other sports. They have open sessions each afternoon and allow campers the freedom to try something new. Rates are around $1300, but are cheaper earlier and later in the summer.

Camp Woodward is also ACA (American camp association) qualified, so campers can expect the highest standards of safety and quality.
The camp also has an youtube channel series which they feature campers on, check it out below:

2.The YMCA Element Skate Camp (California)

YMCA has been around for over 30 years and is seasoned in providing a great camp experience.

They have skilled coaches who conduct one to one skate instruction and host group sessions on obstacles or styles. Day to day, campers can choose which style or obstacle they want to focus on. Element skate camp focuses on providing a fun but safe environment for campers. They also include opportunities to skate and create, by providing art, music and ‘elemental awareness’ (survival skills) lessons besides skating. This Camp costs $799 for one week and $1400 if your campers stay for two weeks. Take a look at what a one week stay at Element looks like below:

3. Windells Summer Skateboard Camp (Portland, Oregon)

Skaters of all skill levels are welcome at this camp. They can expect a high standard of teaching from their experienced staff. Windells Campers can expect daily trips to skateparks in the Pacific Northwest (the area surrounding Portland) and access to the private skate campus built by Windell.

Other activities such as dodgeball, mountain biking etc. are available for campers to try out.

They have 24hour supervision, lodging, 3 meals a day and even shuttle rides to and from PDX airport.

They welcome girls and have optional-supportive all-girls programs, including skate clinics, video premieres and other all-girl activities.

They offer 8-day skate camps throughout summer, costing an average of $1250, but are cheaper in August (at $1,100).
Check out what their skateboard camp is like in the video below:

4. Ohio Dreams Summer Camp (Butler, Ohio)

This camp was built by ‘skaters for skaters’. They have lots of skateboarding facilities available; big ramps, rails, vert and have both an indoor and outdoor park available. They allow people to learn progressively, so a camper could learn a new skill and then take it to the highest level if they wanted to (or could). Ohio dreams help make that happen. There are also a lot of other activities available for Campers to try out.

Campers can expect 3 meals a day and to stay in a spacious lodge whilst they are at this camp.

The camps cost $799 and $1549 for one or two week sessions respectively.
You can get an idea of what their camp will be like from the video below:

5. Skatelab (Florida)

Originally a skatepark (and skate museum). Skatelab offers skate camps and skateboarding lessons geared towards beginners and people starting out.

Their camps are typically 4 days long and run on the last few days of June and July.

A day typically includes skating with an instructor and then open riding till 6pm in the evening.

They don’t include an overnight stay, so you will have to pick/drop your kid and make arrangements for accommodation if any is needed.

The camps only cost $200 and always sell out, so it’s recommended you book early.

6. Berkeley Skate Camp –  Cal Blue Camp (Golden Bear, California)

This program is open for beginners and advanced riders. It can teach the basics to those who’ve never stepped on a board before and it even accommodates advanced riders allowing them the chance to ride bigger obstacles and develop their skills further.

Skaters must bring their own equipment and they should be of high quality to ensure the best performance and a high standard of safety. I recommend you get some elbow pads.

The skate camps last a full day and are one week long. They is no overnight accommodation, so the drop off time is 9:30am and the pickup 4pm. It costs $465 dollars for the 5 days of skating.

Check out a brief overview of their camp in the video below:

7. Rye airfield – Ramp Camp (New Hampshire)

Offering both day and overnight clinics. This camp specialises in skateboarding & other park sports. They offer their sessions all year long.

They have an extensive skate park, with both an indoor, outdoor park, a plaza area, a vert ramp etc. They have it all. Their skatepark was designed by Jack Murphy productions, who designed the Vans Skatepark as well as a few other famous ones.

They have other programs available and campers can take part in riding bikes & scooters if they are fed up with skating.

Pricing (for non-members) for the day and overnight camps are $299 and $599. There are also cheaper alternatives and half day camps. Their overnight camps sell out quickly so book early.

How to get the most out of the summer skateboard camp?

I recommend that you (or your kid) start skateboarding before the actual summer camp. This way you can have a head start. It’s more worthwhile to start early and have a few tricks you’re already trying to get down. That way, a camper can troubleshoot with coaches and see where you’re going wrong and make some quick improvements.

Buy your own gear. It’s important to have your gear so you can keep the momentum going to keep learning and improving after skate camp finishes. You should also have your own safety equipment, like helmets and skateboard knee pads so you can practice safely.

Which camp works best for you?

I think skateboard camp is a great idea and will help develop your kid. There are more advantages to it than simply getting better at skating (i.e social skills, gaining independence etc.)

I think the most value for money skate camp is Ramp camp if logistics allow. Nonetheless, all skate camps mentioned on my list are of high quality, you can’t go wrong with anyway, simply pick the one that matches your needs.

William Thaddeus Baker

My name is William and I’m boardsports enthusiast. I’ve been skateboarding streets since I was about 9. Also I’ve experimented with longboarding & downhill. As to this site my goal is to help beginner riders to find the right equipment. Everything that I write here is my own opinion…