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11 Skateboard Decks with Ridiculously High Pop

Decks with little to no pop aren’t much fun to skate, and they make some tricks feel a lot harder than they are. If you’re struggling with skating, maybe it’s your deck that sucks? Today’s article focuses on skateboards with most pop. After reading it, you’ll know which skateboard you need to get next. 11. […]

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Are you too old to skateboard? It depends…

Is age just a number when it comes to skateboarding? Today, I’ll be going over how older people can get into skating. I’ll be giving tips for learning and I’ll be talking about what gear is most appropriate.  Does age matter? Yes and No. It only matters in your head and to non-skaters. It’s only […]

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Is longboarding hard? You’ll be surprised

Is longboarding hard? If you have a bad teacher or the wrong information, you might never be comfortable on board.  But today you’re lucky… Today I’ll be talking about whether longboarding is difficult or not, and what can make it easier to learn. Check it out below. Is longboarding actually hard? Like I said above, […]

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Are longboards easier to ride than skateboards?

Skateboards can be quite difficult to skate, especially if you’re a beginner. They don’t roll easily and don’t give you the best control. I always see beginners struggling to learn on skateboards – some of them even give up learning altogether. If you want a board that will be good for cruising and easy to […]

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Should you wear a helmet while skateboarding?

Are helmets really necessary for skateboarding? The majority of skaters don’t wear them and it’s a rare sight to see a pro with one. If anything, they are pretty hard to come across and some would say they aren’t needed. But, skaters who have had serious head injuries would argue otherwise. In today’s article, I’ll […]

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How much does a good skateboard cost?

Buying a skateboard can be tough, especially when it comes to cost. With cost, it’s hard to know if you’re getting your money’s worth or are buying something cheap. In today’s article, I talk about how much a skateboard should cost. I also talk about how much the individual parts cost on their own. How […]

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How much should your longboard cost?

When I first got into longboarding, I was overwhelmed by all the boards available. I didn’t know which was good for what. Worst of all, I wasn’t sure which prices were appropriate for some boards. With that in mind, today’s article will be a simple guide to which boards you can get for different prices. […]

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