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Does skateboarding help with snowboarding? 

You have decided to pick up snowboarding and want to improve your riding, you wonder if skateboarding will help with your riding style. Are the basics of skating the same or in any way related to snowboarding? Let’s find out and see if skateboarding really helps with your progression in snowboarding. This post will also […]

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How to Practice Skateboarding When it’s Raining?

For those of us who live where it rains or even snows for days, sometimes skateboarding outside, seems like it’s the only option left. In these hard times, you have to wake up your brain and start thinking of alternatives to keep skateboarding and improve your skillset. So let’s see what options there are to […]

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Can you use surf wax for skateboarding?

We all know that skate wax can get a bit pricey and running out can be such a hassle. Now you are thinking about an alternative that you can use and surf wax seems to be a viable option. You are probably curious to know if surf wax will work; are they really the same […]

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11 Skateboard Decks with Ridiculously High Pop

Decks with little to no pop aren’t much fun to skate, and they make some tricks feel a lot harder than they are. If you’re struggling with skating, maybe it’s your deck that sucks? Today’s article focuses on skateboards with most pop. After reading it, you’ll know which skateboard you need to get next. Best […]

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