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17 Skateboard Companies That Could Sponsor You

Getting sponsored is an amazing opportunity for any skateboarder – you get all the free gear you could want along with other awesome perks. But that said it isn’t an easy thing to get, you have to be both a smart and talented skater. So with that in mind, here are a couple of skateboarding […]

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11 Skateboard Decks with Ridiculously High Pop

Decks with little to no pop aren’t much fun to skate, and they make some tricks feel a lot harder than they are. If you’re struggling with skating, maybe it’s your deck that sucks? Today’s article focuses on skateboards with most pop. After reading it, you’ll know which skateboard you need to get next. 11. […]

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11 Best & Safest Skateboard Helmets for Kids

You can’t talk about skateboard safety without mentioning helmets. Helmets are easily the most important piece of safety gear. They protect the most valuable part of the body and ensure we can come out of crashes in one piece. So when it comes to kids, especially those who are still developing motor skills (and are […]

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