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Practical guide to electric skateboard batteries

Batteries are the heart and power of electric skateboards. Today I dive into finding out how they work, which are the best and what some numbers mean. I think it’s important to understand what is in our electric skateboards (“esk8’s”), it helps when we are repairing them, conducting maintenance and replacing parts. It is especially […]

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Best Electric Skateboards for Kids & Buying Guide

When I first saw Marty McFly and his hoverboard in Back to the Future , I immediately got hooked on skateboarding. Most parents who grew up in the 80s can relate to this. That said, our kids are luckier than us… they can experience that feeling on a real electric skateboard.. Thankfully, some recent advancements […]

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Is electric skateboarding dangerous?

Accidents happen and they are always unexpected. In general electric skateboarding is safe, but it’s important to be prepared for the worst. Therefore it’s  safe to say that electric skateboarding is unsafe for those who don’t take the necessary precautions. In today’s article, I go over the types of dangers you can expect and what […]

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