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Best cheap skate shoes in 2021 (Under $60)

There are loads of reviews and guides about trucks, wheels, and boards. But only a handful for shoes. This is crazy because it’s an important part of your skating. Having the right skate shoe can help improve your skating by a surprising amount. It might even be the reason why you might not be improving […]

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10 Best Longboard and Skateboard Backpacks in 2021

You do not need to be a student or a world traveler to reap the benefits of a solid longboard backpack. Longboarders and skateboarders are unique, always mobile and always drifting. A pack which will hold belongings, valuables and necessities makes longboarding to far-flung destinations much more enjoyable. Modern longboard backpacks all have straps for […]

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Bamboo vs Maple Longboards – What you need to know

In the last few years, we’ve been seeing lots of different materials being used for skateboards and longboards. These typically range from carbon fiber to fiberglass to bamboo and even some plastics. These materials make good alternatives for traditional maple and are often cheaper, longer lasting and in some cases more environmentally friendly. However,  is […]

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11 Best Skateboarding Hardware kits in 2021

Often overlooked, skateboard hardware is an important component of your skateboard. If you use cheap parts, you could mess up how your skateboard performs. With that in mind, today’s article is a simple guide to the best skateboard hardware you can get. I also briefly touch on which ones to avoid.  1. Fireball Dragon Stainless […]

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