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Best electric skateboard under 300$ in 2019

A lot of people are trying to jump on to the esk8 hype train before it leaves. Unfortunately loads of these people are impulsive and end up buying cheap, low quality, Chinese “esk8” – electric skateboard knock offs. They use them for a few days before they get spoilt. Leaving them broke and unhappy. So […]

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Best mountain boards for beginners in 2019

Board sports have evolved a lot over the years. People can now travel over snow, tarmac, earth, over mountains, lakes all on different types of boards. Its quite interesting and each of them has their own unique feel, challenges, and rewards. Today I will be talking about mountain boards. This sport was invented due to the […]

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Best off-road electric skateboards in 2019

Its funny how new boardsports come to be, with skateboarding, it first started when surfers wanted to ‘catch the surf on land’.  With mountainboarding, it started when snowboarders wanted to board during the summer. Fast forward a few years and we’ve got people using electric skateboards (or “esk8s”) because they are affordable and easy last mile […]

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Best Backpacks for Electric Skateboards

As someone who commutes on their “esk8” everyday, I thought nothing could make the process more comfortable until I got a backpack to hold my board. It allowed me to free both my hands when I needed to. Anyone who skates has experienced the struggle of holding a grocery bag in one hand, and then […]

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Best Electric Skateboards Under 200$

When Henry Ford designed the model t (the first car), everyone around him thought that they were simply a fad and would not last a long time. Looking around today you can see they very were wrong. It’s not for me to decide if electronic skateboards aka “esk8s” are a fad or not, but one […]

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Best cheap skate shoes in 2018

There are loads of reviews and guides about trucks, wheels, and boards. But only a handful for shoes. This is crazy because it’s an important part of your skating. Having the right skate shoe can help improve your skating by a surprising amount. It might even be the reason why you might not be improving […]

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