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Best Helmets for Longboarding in 2018?

Longboarders are twice as likely as skateboarders to suffer a head injury. Some of this disparity is a result of achieving greater speeds, though some of it is likely also attributable to skateboarders being more accustomed to falling. Regardless, longboarders should seek out, purchase and wear the best longboarding helmet they can afford that is […]

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The history of longboarding

The history of longboarding Welcome to our guide to Longboarding history. Throughout we will guide you through a brief look into the past, visiting various defining decades of a sport that is still not fully evolved and quite new to the sporting scene itself. 1950s-60s Longboarding originates back to streets of Hawaii. Between the late […]

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10 Best Longboard Bearings in 2019

No component affects the operation of a longboard quite as much as bearings. With lackluster bearings come lackluster rides, and there is no way around that. Whether building a complete component by component or upgrading the crummy bearings that came with an off-the-shelf complete, a good set of fast bearings will instantly change the way […]

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10 Best Penny Boards in 2019 & Buying Guide

In the 1970s, the diminutive injection-molded plastic skateboard stormed the world like pet rocks. In driveways everywhere, kids spun, slid and rode these little plastic boards till the wheels fell off. The trend was instrumental in the beginning the careers of many of the originators of early professional skateboarding. Nostalgia has brought the plastic skateboard […]

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10 Best Longboard And Skatboard Backpacks in 2018

You do not need to be a student or a world traveler to reap the benefits of a solid longboard backpack. Longboarders and skateboarders are unique, always mobile and always drifting. A pack which will hold belongings, valuables and necessities makes longboarding to far-flung destinations much more enjoyable. Modern longboard backpacks all have straps for […]

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Longboard vs. Skateboard: Which is Which

The history of skateboarding is getting rather long now, and its pioneers are beginning to move on to better sessions in the sky. Longboarding is the relative new kid on the block, and has only reached critical mass in the last couple of decades. As someone who is interested in both forms of skating, I […]

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