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7 Best Longboards for College Campus in 2020

Getting around on college campuses can be difficult. They are often huge, poorly planned and require a student to walk long distances. Longboards are the perfect way to overcome this.  The best decision I ever made was buying a cruiser board to get around my university campus. No more getting late for class or long walks […]

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5 Cheap Off Brand Penny Board Alternatives in 2020

Sometimes you really want to buy something but simply can’t afford it. This is true with the Penny board. While it is a classic and a great board, it is not wallet friendly. People ideally want the best cheap penny board.  Companies have decided to fill that gap with off-brand penny boards at lower price points. […]

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Penny Board vs Longboard vs Skateboard –  Which is for What?

For many nonskaters, the differences between the three seems nonexistent. But each of them suits its own purpose.  You NEED to understand them so you don’t get the wrong one. I’ve seen this happening…  By the end of this guide, you’ll know the exact difference between penny skateboards, longboards and regular skateboards. I’ll also be sharing […]

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Best longboards for Girls & Women in 2020

Girls and guys basically have the same requirements for longboards. However, there are nuances and girls benefit from longboards with certain specifics. These are how well they can turn, how light they are, how safe they are etc. These things matter. Having the right board for you will help you get better faster and enjoy longboarding more. I […]

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10 Best Longboard Wheels for Sliding & Buying Guide

Some longboarders are content to cruise. Others are satisfied with going fast down hills. For an intrepid few, though, the hiss of urethane when going sideways on pavement becomes an addiction. Freeride longboarding is riding on the edge of the envelope, pushing a board past the point of being safely hooked up and doing it […]

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7 Best Longboard Sliding Gloves in 2020

Longboarding gloves may seem like an unnecessary investment, and to riders who cruise on urban streets and seaside boardwalks they probably are. But new riders considering downhill longboarding, especially downhill freeride, should purchase the best longboard sliding gloves they can find. Longboarding sliding gloves have plastic pucks attached — usually to the palm but sometimes […]

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